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Time for weak leaders, Western lies is up!

By Richard B. Muhammad and Ashahed M. Muhammad Final Call Staffers | Last updated: Aug 17, 2011 - 10:24:42 PM

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The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan addresses the crowd gathered for the Millions March in Harlem on Aug. 13. Photo: Mikal Veale

Strength to oppose dangerous plots against Africa, Black people is needed now, says Nation of Islam minister

HARLEM, New York ( - “We must speak truth to power or die! We must not be afraid to tell the truth even if it means we lose our lives because there is nothing more precious in this universe than truth,” said the Nation of Islam's leader while delivering a keynote address at the Millions March in Harlem, where a crowd stretched for blocks down Malcolm X Boulevard.

The gathering in the historic Mecca for Black culture and political thought was organized by the December 12th Movement to demand an end to the U.S.-NATO military assault on Libya, to denounce imperialist moves to recolonize Africa and oppose Mayor Bloomberg's policies activists complain are hurting Blacks.

Rally participants march down Malcolm X Boulevard. Photo: Arthur C. Muhammad

Activists, anti-war advocates and political leaders Aug. 13 decried U.S. designs on Africa and Black suffering in New York before the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's message punctuated their call for an end to war and devious plans to misuse Africa, alongside demands for justice inside the “world's greatest democracy.”

While America and Western nations use noble words, their intentions in Libya and Africa are evil and their promises made only to deceive nations and acquire their resources, Minister Farrakhan said. Today's leaders must not compromise or sugarcoat truth to gain an advantage or benefit from governments whose world is on its way out, he warned.

Libyan supporters of Col. Gadhafi now in the U.S. pictured with A. Akbar Muhammad. Photo: Ashahed M. Muhammad
“We are in great trouble as we speak and if our leaders will not tell us and guide us properly then they're going down and they'll take us down with them. This is why the Bible says ‘if the blind lead the blind both fall in the ditch' and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said the ditch represents hell and destruction. Right now as a people we're in hell and we are being destroyed and there are forces that are planning our destruction,” said Min. Farrakhan.

The Minister warned U.S. involvement in Libya, in North Africa, and other parts of the Motherland is designed to keep the continent weak and open to outside control. “When Africa rises, when Africa shows the world what she can do and contribute to the onward movement of world civilization, when Africa takes her rightful place, all Africans in the Diaspora, nearly 500 million of us will rise in every society where we are. So the threat to Africa is a threat to every son and daughter of Africa wherever they may be found on the planet,” said Min. Farrakhan.

Harlem youth wave the red, black and green Pan-African flag. Photo: Richard B. Muhammad
Regaining complete dominance over the Motherland requires removing Libya's revolutionary leader, who has supported development on the continent and acted as a leading force for a united Africa, and crushing leaders like Robert Mugabe, of Zimbabwe, for taking back land that rightfully belongs to Black people, he explained.

Despite being targeted by the two most expensive assassination attempts in world history, Col. Muammar Gadhafi is alive and his ideas and actions are threats to Western plots, said the Minister.

“Why would America want him (Col. Gadhafi) dead so bad that they would use the power of their military and the military of NATO to destroy this man's country? Bombing his infrastructure, destroying his communications, destroying the Man Made River Project, doing everything they can do to destroy the infrastructure of the country,” he said.

If Libya's leader survives and must use resources to rebuild his country, he will not be able to financially support the creation of a United States of Africa, the Minister noted.

Under the cover of United Nations Resolution 1973, Western nations are pursing assassination of a head of state and regime change, which are violations of international law.

America and her allies took $30 billion held in foreign banks from the Gadhafi government, giving it to the so-called rebel National Transitional Council, which is “an illegitimate government that they set up—a puppet regime to do the bidding of America and the West and not true service to the Libyan people,” said Min. Farrakhan.

(L-R)Muslim women arrive to assist at Aug. 13 march. Photo: Arthur C. Muhammad | Abdul Hafeez Muhammad of Mosque No. 7 in Harlem. Photo: Lem Peterkin | Fruit of Islam report for posts at demonstration. Photo: Arthur C. Muhammad

He urged the rebel groups headquartered in their de facto capital of Benghazi to opt for elections and a negotiated settlement to curb bloodshed and end fighting prohibited by Muslims in the current month of fasting and prayer called Ramadan. The U.S. and her allies will never make good on their promises, the Minister warned the rebels, who America, England, France and Italy have declared Libya's rightful government.

Hypocrisy and plots against Gadhafi

The Minister noted the United Nations was prepared to give Col. Gadhafi and the Libyan Jamahiriya, his revolutionary government, a humanitarian award. A UN report praised Col. Gadhafi's government for protection of human rights, political rights, economic, social and cultural rights, the Minister said. The Gadhafi regime was also praised for treatment of religious minorities but before a March vote on the award, NATO forces started attacking Tripoli, Libya's capital, and hitting pro-Gadahfi forces with missiles in February.

The UN-authorized peacekeeping operation, which was put in the hands of NATO, turned into one-sided support for rebel forces deadlocked with forces loyal to Col. Gadhafi. NATO initiated a “no fly” zone against Gadhafi air forces and then directly attacked Gadhafi troops, though the UN resolution was supposed to simply protect civilians. Western leaders twisted the mission by saying civilians would not be safe so long as Libya's leader remained in power.

But while the media has mis-portrayed Col. Gadhafi as a tyrant, Min. Farrakhan told the truth of a man despised by the West: With the oil wealth of Libya, Col. Gadhafi raised the standard of living for his country, educated his people and upgraded infrastructure. He invested $33 billion in the Man Made River Project because he wanted the Libyan people to be agricultural scientists and not be held hostage by high food prices from Europeans.

Videographers capture historic protest. Photo: Mikal Veale

Before Col. Gadhafi came to power, the life expectancy for Libyans was 44. It is now 75. Prior to Col. Gadhafi, Libyans had a 20 percent literacy rate, now it stands at 83 percent, and there is free education and medical care for all Libyans. Col. Gadhafi is also the only leader who has apologized for the Arab role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, noted Min. Farrakhan.

Col. Gadhafi prefers to live in tents, not ostentatious palaces, and unlike many Arab rulers has declined to enrich himself off of his nation's wealth, he continued. While Arab states have seen protests calling for greater freedom, Libya's leader introduced participatory democracy known as the “Third Universal Theory,” which puts leadership in the hands of the people.

Instead of using oil wealth to carve out a personal fiefdom, Col. Gadhafi put $70 billion in an African Development Bank, which meant that African nations could borrow money without exorbitant interest rates and/or debt bondage to the International Monetary Fund or the World Bank, said Min. Farrakhan.

Col. Gadhafi invested $400 million, and with $100 million invested by other African nations, launched a satellite that allowed direct calls to Africa, bypassing European routing of calls, which meant $500 million in lost European revenue, he said.

Col. Gadhafi is neither a dictator nor the president, he is the guide of the revolution, said Min. Farrakhan.

“Muammar Gadhafi is dangerous to Western hegemony; he is dangerous to imperialists; he is dangerous to monopolists; he is dangerous to Western oligarchies. He is so dangerous that they feel he must be destroyed.”

A warning for Africa

“The African governments must not accept the false promises of America,” cautioned Min. Farrakhan. “What have they promised you that they delivered on their promise? So if you trust their empty promises then you deserve the hell that you get because they are liars and deceivers!”

The African Union must reject Western domination and calls to support the overthrow of Col. Gadhafi's government, he said. The African Union's refusal to honor an International Criminal Court arrest warrant for Col. Gadhafi was a good start, but the African Union must tell European powers to stop bombing Libya, or Africa will stop trade and no longer allow access to her natural resources, Min. Farrakhan said.

“So Africa, tell Hillary Clinton and all her representatives that come to you—tell them go to hell and drive them out of Africa! They think that you are the same lackey, the same flunkey, the same Uncle Tom that some of your predecessors were!”

Minister Farrakhan recalled that on two occasions during his world tours, when President Robert Mugabe was “the darling of the Commonwealth nations,” the Minister's delegation was not even allowed to land in Zimbabwe. On the third occasion, the delegation was allowed to land, but President Mugabe was no longer the friend of the West.

Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe led the revolutionaries against the racist minority White government of Ian Smith, when Zimbabwe was known as Rhodesia. But as the revolutionaries were going to take the capital city Harare, they were summoned to England, where the U.S. and UK promised to buy back the land from the White farmers, who owned millions of acres of the most productive land, so land could be returned to Black people. In a short time, America and England reneged on the agreement and after two decades President Mugabe began to seize land from White farmers in 2000 and return the land to Zimbabweans. He has been branded a dictator and a pariah for his land reform policy.

Plots against Libya sign on assault on Nation of Islam

The plots against Col. Gadhafi and Libya are signs of plots at home against the Nation of Islam, which has suffered from negative propaganda and sanctions, with vicious opponents trying to cut off anything that might support the movement, said Min. Farrakhan. When privately owned Muslim security companies brought peace to public housing projects in the late 1980s and early 1990s, New York Republican Peter King, with the backing of the Anti-Defamation League and other Zionist groups, forced cancellation of contracts and held federal hearings. Rep. King has conducted hearings condemned as anti-Islamic witch hunts and is pushing a ban on lectures by Min. Farrakhan and Nation of Islam literature in federal prisons. The Justice Dept. recently agreed to probe NOI prison activity at the urging of the lawmaker.

Min. Farrakhan did not own any part of the security companies and did not receive any money from their contracts, but the intent was to hurt Min. Farrakhan regardless of the lives lost and violence suffered by public housing residents.

Describing many of America's powerful government officials and politicians as “robbers, thieves and cutthroats of the poor,” the Minister said they care nothing about the conditions of the Black, Brown and poor Whites suffering in the United States. It is hypocrisy to speak of a Libyan “humanitarian crisis” while ignoring massive suffering inside America, he said.

“I say to the government of the United States as the prophets of old said to the wicked of their day—come against me with all you've got! Come against me with all that you have and give me no respite and in the end, I will be standing because I'm standing with Allah and Allah is standing with me!” Min. Farrakhan said as the crowd cheered.

“But if you don't believe or half believe, then you will fear what they have visible power to do, but I know that they don't have what you think they have, and what they've deceived themselves into thinking that they have. Allah is sufficient for the Believer,” he said.

“So those of you that want to lead our people, if you say you believe in God or Christ, then demonstrate that by fearless, uncompromising, unwavering steadfastness in the pursuit of justice, freedom and equality. Otherwise you should sit down and get out of the way for those of us who know God will lead this struggle and we are the overcomers!” he said.

Illusion of democracy, progress in America

President Obama's perceived upward mobility is designed to deceive the masses into holding onto a system that is not designed to give Black people freedom, justice and equality, said Min. Farrakhan.

“I want to say to all of you, because you have a Black president does not mean that America is the home of the brave and the land of the free and everything is all right now because a Black man is taking care of the affairs of White people,” he said.

Urged on by wicked advisors, President Obama has ramped up drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia and now presides over the bombing of an African nation, the Minister noted. America is a “rogue government” with a president “surrounded by criminals” manipulated by unseen powers that impact global realities, he said.

“These are robbers and thieves in suits and ties and our brother (Obama) is the front man,” said Min. Farrakhan. “Sorry Brother Barack, you're trusting Satan and he will never give you the right information. You need to come sit with your brother, and I will not lie to you.”

Minister Farrakhan said he will never be a politician and will never compromise principles and truth for political progress.

And to those in the Zionist controlled media and organizations who continue the campaign to malign his character and try to create a misperception of the Minister in history, the Minister addressed directly: “We don't need you to write my history. You won't even be alive when my history is told,” said Min. Farrakhan. “When my history is written down in the generations you won't even be here to smell the heat from the pen. Now a man that talks like me is either crazy or he knows God and you can choose whatever one you want. I don't sound like a madman except to the weak and cowardly among you. I have God with me and what I speak from my mouth He answers.”

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