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Calamities pound America nonstop

By Starla Muhammad -Staff Writer- | Last updated: Feb 15, 2013 - 10:59:01 AM

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( of the Northeast have begun digging themselves out from under a record setting winter storm that dumped over three feet of snow in parts of Connecticut, Feb. 8-10. States of emergency were issued in New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut as Winter Storm Nemo dumped tons of snow, spawned hurricane force winds, coastal flooding and rendered hundreds of thousands without power.

Downed trees in front of University of Southern Mississippi’s campus.

According to the Weather Channel, a record-breaking 31.9 feet of snow hit Portland, Maine with Hartford, Conn. and Concord, New Hampshire both receiving their second heaviest recorded snowfall.

At presstime, 15 deaths in the U.S. and Canada were blamed on the storm including a report that a teenage boy tragically died from carbon monoxide poisoning as he tried seeking shelter and warmth in his father’s car. Snow had covered the exhaust pipes of the vehicle as his dad shoveled.

Nearly 270,000 were still without power. Airlines cancelled more than 7,000 flights during the weekend storm and fuel prices for heating oil and gasoline also increased.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the clean-up in his state alone, is one of the largest mobilizations in history, reported an NBC affiliate.

One state representative of Massachusetts was quoted as saying, “It looked like a war zone”.

Another large winter storm, named Orko began pounding parts of the Midwest, Feb.10-11 bringing with it snow, high winds, freezing rain and sleet to North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota with projections it too could veer toward parts of the Northeast.

Severe thunderstorms also pelted Southern and Gulf Coast states, Feb. 10-12 including Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and West Virginia. The weather system spawned a tornado that wrecked homes, uprooted trees and injured dozens in Hattiesburg, Miss.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad called snow “the most dreaded plague when it comes in great drifts from five to thirty-five feet,” in his book, The Fall of America. Mr. Muhammad consistently prophesized of the weather calamities that would strike America.

Snow is one of the weapons Allah (God) would use against America as punishment for its wicked machinations against the Black man and woman the Nation of Islam patriarch taught.

Massachusetts National Guard Soldiers assist the state police and the Stranded Motorist Recovery Team as a part of relief efforts in the aftermath of the blizzard that hit Connecticut, Feb. 10. The storm, which hit on Feb. 8-9, blanketed the state with 24-40 inches of snow. Photo:

“Snow looks pretty because of its clean look. Almost everything of nature is beautiful, but it can be turned into death and destruction against man,” wrote Mr. Muhammad.

Keeping in line with his teacher, Minister Louis Farrakhan has continued to warn America there would be increased calamities for those who contend with God over the “lawful captives”, who are the real Children of Israel, the Black man and woman of America.

In the fourth installment of the Muslim leaders lecture series, “The Time and What Must Be Done”, that aired Feb. 2, Min. Farrakhan again warned how God turns nature against man.

“You haven’t seen snow like you’re going to see it! He’s bringing hail and snow and floods and tornadoes and hurricanes! He takes the air that you breathe and brings the temperature down so low that when we breathe it in our lungs, it freezes our lungs and death approaches! He will take the temperature all the way up in the summer, into the 90s – and in the “twinkling of an eye,” drop the temperature down in the 30s’ so while your pores are open for “summer,” winter comes, and you die from disease!,” said Minister Farrakhan.

For critics and outright enemies of the Minister who have hatred and malice in their hearts despite his unblemished nearly six decade track record of working fearlessly and tirelessly for the upliftment of downtrodden people worldwide, the weather bears witness that he is the manifestation of mercy backed by Allah (God) and his Christ.

“You don’t like what I am saying, and you wish I would stop. And some of you will try to stop me! That is entirely up to you … But remember! When you plan against me, The Plan is already against you. And to prove it: He’s going to increase the calamities shortly after you hear this message,” warned Min. Farrakhan.