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Farrakhan: Radical change needed to save U.S.

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Asst. Editor- | Last updated: Oct 16, 2012 - 8:56:56 AM

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Sacrifice and truth key to America’s survival

Minister Farrakhan warns radical change and candor are needed if the United States wants chance to avoid falling into an abyss as internal division, global conflict , God’s judgment are plaguing country

CHARLOTTE, N.C. ( - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan told a near capacity crowd at the Bojangles Coliseum here that radical solutions and sacrifice are needed to save the country during his important and timely keynote address marking the 17th Anniversary of the Million Man March and Holy Day of Atonement.

His remarks were delivered at a critical time, just three weeks before a closely contested election for president of the United States.

“It’s important to the extreme right, that President Obama is not reelected for four more years. They may say that its economics, it’s about jobs, but we sense that there is a deep racial undercurrent that is found in the Republican Party respecting Brother Obama and this election. Ever since he has been elected, the Republican right—with Rush Limbaugh, (Andrew) Breitbart, FOX News—members of the Senate and the Congress, many in state legislatures, their whole idea has been to get this man out of the White House and nullify any policy or position that he might come up with that might bring success to his Presidency, and might possibly give him a second term,” said Minister Farrakhan.

Min. Farrakhan offers guidance to U.S. Leadership during his address at Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, NC. Oct. 14, the 17th Anniversary of the Million Man March. Photo: Mikal Veale
“It started like an undercurrent, but now it is so overtly hateful and racist in nature that it is polarizing America on the basis of race.”

The Minister also warned the president to fight for his vision for the country and reject advisors who fear any perception that Mr. Obama is an angry Black man will doom efforts to attract White voters. The president’s performance at his first debate with Republican opponent Mitt Romney was lackluster and low energy. It was as if the champion didn’t come out to fight, said the Minister. Mr. Romney lied throughout his presentation, reneging on positions held for a year and a half, Min. Farrakhan noted. Some have said the “Myth” Romney who showed up threw the president off.

But, the Minister said, “If you lose the first round or two, you go to your corner. It’s called adjustment time. Every good fighter knows how to make an adjustment, you don’t get lost.”

It appears as if the president was trying not to offend White sensibilities by challenging Mr. Romney and was trying to be non-threatening based on strategy given by advisors like David Axelrod, said Min. Farrakhan. The strategy didn’t work, won’t work and the president needs to come out strong in the Oct. 16 debate against Mr. Romney, he said.

“Mr. President you’ve got to realize you’re fighting for your presidential life,” the Minister said.

If the Democrats offer a clear difference and vision for America, articulate that program and vision, he advised. “You aren’t going to win anymore White votes by being kind and gracious,” said Min. Farrakhan, pointing out relentless attacks from the right wing and Republicans and racial animus inside America.

The day after the Minister’s message Jason Thompson, the son and spokesperson for Senate candidate Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin, was criticized and the campaign issued an apology after the younger Thompson urged voters to reject Mr. Obama and send him back to Chicago or Nairobi, Kenya. The president’s father was Kenyan and questions about his birth and citizenship have spawned a movement dedicated to his removal—and has many Whites declaring him an illegitimate president.

Problems will vex whoever leads U.S.

The Minister noted a coalition of the president’s supporters who believe that a second term would give him the freedom and leverage to enact policies that would be for the long term good of the country.

Crowd listens and cheers as Minister Farrakhan explains that radical solutions and sacrifice are needed to save the country. Photos: Mikal Veale
“There’s a problem with both views,” the Minister said, no matter what President Obama does for America’s benefit, those on the racist right will oppose him and will always play down his accomplishments, and even from the Democrats, nothing has been proposed that would “radically alter the condition of the masses of the Black and the poor.”

The focus, from both sides of the political spectrum, has been mainly on the middle class, said the Minister.

“What happened to the poor of this nation? Who will speak for the poor? Don’t the poor need to be recognized and represented and thought about?” he asked Oct. 14. “The scripture says that the poor heard the message of Jesus gladly. Is that the reason why the scribes, the Pharisees and some of the Jews of that day hated him? Could it be that when you speak for the poor, the rich feel left out, the rich feel that you’re troubling with that from which they get their riches? The rich people get their riches from sucking the lifeblood of the poor!”

Future generations have already been saddled with America’s debt. America is losing many of its friends across the globe, its own citizens are challenging its foreign policies, and dissatisfaction is growing. The old ways of governance are no longer working, said the Minister.

“Will the impatience of Americans, and unforeseen challenges of the future, cause there to have to be a new government rising out of the ashes of this one? For this nation is now being sent to the depths of hell by the inordinate greed and lust for power, and the wealth and resources of the peoples of the world in the hands of a few to the detriment of the many,” said the Minister. “In this election, it really doesn’t matter who wins, the problems that person, and those around that person, have to solve are so great that if radical thought is not put before the American electorate, this nation will fail. America is at a point where radical solutions must be applied and a keyword that has been missing from the standard bearers of both parties is a word called sacrifice,” he said.

He defined sacrifice as: “The surrender or destruction of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim.”

If the problems of America are to be solved, sacrifices are going to have to be made throughout all levels of society, Min. Farrakhan continued. The American people, government, corporate America, labor unions, bankers will all have to sacrifice, and so will Black America, he added.

“What are you, Black America, willing to sacrifice?” he asked.

Economists found $1.1 trillion flowed through Black America last year, yet Black communities nationwide are underserved and outsiders often own businesses and take the money back to their communities. With such great wealth, Black people could unify and accomplish much in America, if they would only heed the divine guidance being given at this time, said Min. Farrakhan. The Minister said Black people should see America as their country also, for their ancestors built all that is seen.

“This is our country! The possessive pronoun our! This is our country!” said Minister Farrakhan emphatically. “In fact, because of the contributions we have made to America, we have more right to a say-so about the future of the country, since it is we who built America! Even though we were slaves at the time, what we have given to America in terms of wealth and service, gives us the right to offer guidance to our nation!”

No matter how badly Black people have been treated, they have never responded or retaliated against those who enslaved them, nor have they ever been enemies of America, he noted.

Lines of people wrapped around Bojangles Coliseum to see and hear Min. Farrakhan. Photo: Lens of Ansar

“We claim the unfettered right to give guidance. We claim the authority of God to give guidance. We have no other country to go to. We live here, we’ve suffered here, we’ve died on every foreign battlefield to preserve this for you, not necessarily for ourselves!” said Minister Farrakhan. “But now we are maturing, we’re rising up from the shackles of slavery by the permission of God to offer guidance to the only country we have known, from the best of motivations. Allah, God has visited America to raise us up, not to be your worst enemy, but in spite of how badly we have been treated, in the time of your greatest trouble, in the time of your greatest suffering, in the time of your greatest dilemma, we’re here to offer you divine solutions to your plethora of problems. You sing it in your song: you say ‘This land is your land, this land is my land.’ But this land is definitely our land and we have every right to guide this president and anybody else who wants to lead America!”

The Minister said Black political leaders are plotted against by “a racist system that wants to keep America White” but despite their devious schemes, their plans are failing.

“You’re dying in your Whiteness,” warned Minister Farrakhan. “If you want to stay White, it’s okay, but you’ll just die White. But the future of America is that we are here now! It’s not a place of just White people. The whole human family lives in the borders of America. So if America really cannot open the heart and the mind and get a new attitude to receive what God has sent into these shores then you will die but you won’t take us down with you, you will die alone!”

God’s choice of Black people today

The scriptures say that God would choose the despised and the rejected to be His people and the stone the builders rejected would eventually become the headstone of the corner. It also says God would vex you with a foolish people, and that he would search the earth for his lost sheep, Min. Farrakhan said.

“He would raise one to open the eyes of the blind, make the deaf hear, make the dumb to speak, raise the dead to life!” the Minister continued. “This would prove the powerful wisdom and guidance of the God Who found us, and the God Who has now chosen us to be a guide for you.”

The Minister said God’s pattern has not changed. God has never selected his guides from among those whom the society had educated, he noted. God selects his guides from the meanest of the people—not mean spirited—but from the abject, from those thought to be nothing, he said.

Farrakhan’s divine guidance to America’s political leaders

Master Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi and founder of the Nation of Islam was a guide and warner. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, without the physical presence of his teacher, Master Fard Muhammad, acted as a guide and warner for 40 years, and the Minister continues that divine work, teaching that Blacks are the chosen people of God and real children of Israel referred to in scripture. The Minister has been consistent and never backed down from telling the truth.

“After 40 years Elijah Muhammad made me his khalifah, to sit in his seat, by his and God’s authority to continue to teach, guide and warn a nation, a world and a sleeping people,” Min. Farrakhan said.

There have been numerous times throughout history that Minister Farrakhan has delivered guidance to the world’s rulers that has been prophetic and events have borne witness to his divine insight and vision.

“The clearest warnings that were sent down were given to me by God to give to George Herbert Walker Bush as well as his son, George W. Bush. I warned them of what God had shown me of what was in their minds,” said the Minister. “And I know you are wise people, but I don’t think God showed you what was in the mind of (Ronald) Reagan, but He showed it to me and I didn’t hold it to myself! He showed me what was in the mind of Bush, He showed me what is in the mind of Barack, you can take it or let it alone! I’m opening up everybody’s mind today!”

In 1984, the Minister was invited to the National Press Club while withstanding a relentless assault from the Jewish community. During his talk, the Minister said America was losing its democracy to special interest groups.

“The more I fought the more you (Black people) rose. See a punktified leader cannot raise up a scared to death people. I am born from a fearless leader Elijah Muhammad! No Black man has ever said what Elijah said, and did among us what Elijah did and never backed down. How could I say I am from that man and then not represent the fearless, courageous man and leader that he is?”

“I pointed out that the people that we have elected to public office are no longer our representatives, but they are the representatives of the corporatocracy, the oligarchy, the rich and the powerful, and because they can be bought by the lobbyists that are exercising sway in Washington D.C. they are gradually eroding democracy for the American people.”

Then in 2010 the Supreme Court approved the formation of Super PACs, political action committees, which allowed corporations to sink unlimited funds into political campaigns, and create views of politicians and others who corporations see as enemies. There is no substance, only slick media campaigns and sloganeering. The Minister gave examples of financiers like the conservative billionaire Koch brothers and casino owner Sheldon Adelson who have given millions of dollars to influence elections.

“The wicked manipulate your ignorance,” said Min. Farrakhan.

In 2007, the Minister was interviewed by CNN, and asked about Barack Obama. “He’s a young man with fresh ideas that could be good for the country, but I am under no illusions that he’s going to be able to accomplish what he has in his heart to do,” said Min. Farrakhan.

After Mr. Obama got elected, the Minister warned America that the new president reminded him of the parable of a she camel in the Holy Qur’an, the Muslim book of scripture. The president had the potential to help America across a desert, but the wicked in ancient times hamstrung the camel, in disobedience to God’s order to leave the she camel alone, he said. Likewise the president has been assaulted constantly from all sides, Min. Farrakhan added. Consider Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, who said, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”

Then, citing New York Times writer Robert Draper, on the night of President Obama’s inauguration, Republicans met and began plotting ways to take political power and to stymie his legislative platform, said Min. Farrakhan. The meeting lasted four hours, included about 15 “ruffians,” including Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), and right wing ideologue Newt Gingrich, he said.

“What is it that has blinded you Republicans?” asked the Minister as he struck the podium. “It is race. Your hatred of a Black man rising after you thought you had destroyed us totally, now, we are rising and no power in the heavens above or in the earth beneath can stop the rise of the Black man and woman of America, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Africa and the isles of the Pacific, we are on the rise and there is no turning back!”

Then, after the tragic events of 9/11, Minister Farrakhan was among the first to make statements at a press conference on September 16, 2001. While other Muslim leaders were afraid to speak, the Minister led the way delivering prophetic guidance.

The Minister has consistently stated that the so-called “War on Terror” is really a “War Against Islam.” Wars of aggression have now enveloped nearly all of the Muslim countries, he said. The Minister also wrote a letter to President George W. Bush on December 1, 2001 saying Afghanistan was only a preliminary to a much wider war already planned—and a war against Islam that also had home front.

“Should you persist in this, you will do what no Islamic Leader is able to do. No leader of any Muslim nation can call for Jihad or Holy War and cause the Muslim world to obey that call … You will force the more moderate Islamic regimes either not to side with you, or to side with you at the risk of being overthrown by growing Islamist forces within their countries. The coalition that you are gathering will fall away from you and you will have to pursue this war alone,” the Minister warned in the letter.

This year France announced a pull out of its forces ahead of U.S. and NATO. At the start of the invasion of Iraq 38 nations provided troops. By 2009, 14 nations had withdrawn ahead of America. And the Muslim world now perceives America as using the war on terror as an excuse to attack Islam. According to the Pew Research Global Attitude Project the favorability rating of the United States, while once high, has plummeted. Additionally, Islamists are growing in power throughout the Muslim world, including Egypt, Libya and Syria.

President Bush did not heed the Minister’s advice, and when President Obama came into office, he started out delivering a speech in Cairo, Egypt about improving U.S. relations with the Muslim world, and in the Minister’s view, did everything he could to try to better relations. However the “arrogant, racist, greedy element in America set out to destroy it, destroyed themselves, destroyed him, and made him now an agent of their wicked policies against the Muslim world,” said Min. Farrakhan.

He also reminded the audience of his warnings to watch the weather, and that a record number of disasters have occurred costing millions of dollars.

“God fights with the forces of nature,” said Minister Farrakhan. “You can’t win in a war against God!”

“If we just look at the distress and affliction that America is under as we speak, the result of that distress is how you’ve handled the warnings from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his faithful minister to you. You’ve done everything you could and you’re still plotting to destroy me and the Nation of Islam. All that I have said you would do you have done,” said the Minister. “You’ve killed (Muammar) Gadhafi, he’s no more. You’ve killed Saddam Hussein, he’s no more. You’ve killed Osama bin Laden, he’s no more, but your problems are greater now than they were then,” he said.

“Don’t come here expected me to be no watered down Farrakhan. Don’t come here for that! Come here because you are interested in hearing truth from a man who is not afraid to tell the truth even if it’s at the cost of my own life!” said Minister Farrakhan as the crowd stood and cheered. “We’re not afraid of death. We love death like you love life because we know we will never die!”