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Thousands prepare for Nation of Islam's national convention and major address by Minister Farrakhan

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Asst. Editor- | Last updated: Feb 15, 2012 - 4:26:31 PM

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Saviours’ Day 2011 capacity crowd at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL. listens to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's keynote address.
CHICAGO ( - The billboards and posters have gone up, flyers are being distributed, and the Nation of Islam’s event management staffs, broadcasting crews and internet social networking teams are in full throttle.

Ticket sales are brisk for the keynote address by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, which is the highlight of Saviours’ Day weekend. This year, Minister Farrakhan’s subject: “What Will 2012 Bring to America, The World, and Black and Oppressed People” is scheduled to be delivered February 26 at the multimillion-dollar United Center.

“Saviours’ Day has been the platform from which Minister Farrakhan has been able to tell the world, what we can expect to see in that current year and he has been precise and accurate and right on point,” said Student Minister Ishmael R. Muhammad, Min. Farrakhan’s assistant at the international headquarters of the Nation of Islam, Mosque Maryam.

This year’s Saviours’ Day convention marks 82 years of the Nation of Islam’s existence in North America, and in addition to the fellowship and spiritual renewal, the workshops and plenary sessions provide massive amounts of information for the conference attendees. With Saviours’ Day only a week away, more exciting details are being released.

Events begin Thursday, Feb. 23 at 7 p.m. in the Plenary Room, Level 2N where all are invited to come and be a part of the live studio audience for the broadcast of Dr. Ava Muhammad’s popular talk show “Elevated Places.” Dr. Muhammad will delve into the subject of “Separation” with Student Minister Nuri Muhammad, Dr. Ridgely A. Mu’min Muhammad, Manager of Muhammad’s Farms in Dawson, Georgia and others. Audience members will have a chance to ask questions and join in the discussion. Family night on Thursday will also include games, a competitive chess tournament and other activities.

(L)Plenary sessions, workshops and special events February 23-25, 2012 at The Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. (R)Minister Farrakhan’s keynote address is scheduled to be delivered Sunday, February 26 at the United Center in Chicago, IL.

Dr. Ava Muhammad said in addition to participating in the workshops, she is looking forward to this year’s Saviours’ Day message, a message in which she says Minister Farrakhan “is going to further guide us into the actual Exodus that it is written will take place.”

“It is our destiny to part from the slave master’s children, and Minister Farrakhan is leading us in that promised Exodus that in the Bible dates all the way back to the Book of Genesis where Abraham was told that his seed would go into a land—a strange land that was not theirs—but that they would come forth from that land with great substance. That’s speaking of the Black man and woman in America. So at Saviours’ Day we will experience the actual beginnings of the concrete manifestation of prophecy,” she added.

Imam Abdul Malik is scheduled to deliver the khutbah (sermon) at Jumu'ah prayer Feb. 24.
On Friday, Feb. 24 Jumu’ah prayer will be held at the Stephens Convention Center at 1 p.m.. Delivering the khutbah (sermon) for this year’s Jumu’ah prayer is Imam Abdul Malik, according to organizers.

Taking place right after Jumu’ah, those in attendance will hear from researchers from the Nation of Islam’s Historical Research Department during the information packed plenary session titled “Business is Warfare: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.”

Recent data compiled by the Corporation for Enterprise Development determined the median net worth of White households in the U.S. was $112,647, while the net worth for what they termed “households of color” was $8,803. Their studies also showed 43.6 percent of “households of color” nationwide are “liquid asset poor,” meaning they lack enough money saved to cover basic expenses in case of a job loss or emergency.

Dr. Leonard Jeffries is a panelist for the Feb. 24 Plenary Sesson "Business is Warfare: The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews." (Final Call file photos)
Through investigative research and careful examination of the historical record, it’s been discovered that the dire economic conditions found within Black America are directly tied to the Trans-Atlantic slave trade via the exploitation of Black labor, and the repressive Black Codes and Jim Crow laws enacted immediately after. Dr. Ava Muhammad is a scheduled panelist, along with the wise and scholarly Dr. Leonard Jefferies.

Last year, Minister Farrakhan announced to the world that he found something in the technology of auditing developed by Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Many members of the Nation of Islam embarked on the journey to study beneficial aspects of Scientology with hundreds becoming Certified Hubbard Dianetics Auditors.

Many have said they have become better Muslims while at the same time, increasing their ability to improve existing conditions within their communities, a core objective within the mission of the Nation of Islam. All are invited to attend a Feb. 24 graduation ceremony recognizing newly certified auditors from across the country and abroad.

Word is spreading globally regarding the major plenary session scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 25 titled “9/11: What Really Happened and Why?”

The Feb. 25 Plenary Session: “9/11 What Really Happened and Why?” is highly anticipated.
“9/11 is so important and what happened and what were the forces that were arranged for that thing to take place that allowed for everything in these last ten years of the American government’s national and international policies to be reshaped? It is all based upon this attack on 9/11,” said Ishmael R. Muhammad.

Despite movies like “Third Jihad” being shown to law enforcement officials, and Islamophobe Rep. Peter King’s hearings focused on “radicalized Muslims,” a recent report by the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security found the terrorist threat presented from Muslims to be miniscule.

The plenary session, hosted by Southwestern Regional Representative of the Nation of Islam Robert Muhammad, will separate fact from fiction answering tough questions such as: “Was 9/11 an inside job?” and “Does America have a history of false flag operations?”

Information will be presented by members of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth as they deliver historical narratives, and technical knowledge to those at Saviours’ Day and watching throughout the world via internet.

Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth told The Final Call he is looking forward to presenting the fact regarding 9/11 to those gathered.

“We’re excited to bring this information to a group of people who have already been primed for it by in this case the Minister,” said Mr. Gage. “He’s taken some very courageous stands for 9/11 truth and so we’re honored to come and speak to what I understand may be up to three thousand people at one time, which is about five times larger than any group of people we’ve ever spoken to. So we’re delighted that the information will get out all at once to that many people and live streaming as well to many times that many people.”

The group’s 15-minute documentary titled “Architects & Engineers: Solving the Mystery of WTC 7,” is already being circulated throughout the Nation of Islam’s online social media networks.

Queen Yonasda Lone Wolf always brings together prominent community activists and leaders for the “Bridging the Families” workshop. The session is always enlightening and there are plans to show a preview of a documentary being developed capturing events taking place during a recent tour of the Indian lands in Pine Ridge South Dakota.

“This year’s workshop will highlight how our unity can strengthen our economic development,” Queen Yonasda told The Final Call. “We will have panelists from the Latino and Asian community as well as elite tribal members from my tribe, the Oglala Lakota Nation. It’ll be a workshop you don’t want to miss!” She also mentioned that details were being finalized for a hip-hop oriented event taking place Friday evening.

Books, DVDs and other items will be available at the SD2012 Vending Expo.
For the youth, Mother Khadijah Farrakhan’s Children’s Village, will be available for all children who register during Saviours’ Day. The 2nd Annual Saviours’ Day Essay and Art Competition is also taking place, with the theme for this year’s competition being “My Idea of Heaven on Earth.”

The Nation of Islam’s Historical Exhibit containing documents, clothing and photos providing a rare glimpse into the storied history of the NOI will be available in Hall G. New “Table Talks” featuring recorded words directly from the mouth of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad will also be available during the weekend. The Table Talks Project is an oral history initiative to preserve and promote community-led research, preservation, and documentation of the Nation of Islam’s rich cultural legacy.

On the evening of Feb. 24, the stars come out as Newell Apparel presents “A Rising Woman: Giving Birth to a New Way of Life” fashion extravaganza. Seating is limited however tickets are still available for the event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel ballroom.

Those competing in the Saviours’ Day 2012 Drill Competition have been practicing day and night ready to display the discipline and precision that has for decades been the hallmark of the Nation of Islam’s Fruit of Islam and Muslim Girls’ Training and General Civilization Class. The drill competition is Feb. 25 at the Rosemont Theater, just a short walk from the Stephens Convention Center.

The Vending Expo will be available throughout the entire conference with friendly hours and affordable deals on many goods and services that can only be found during Saviours’ Day.

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