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The persecution of the righteous, and the protection of the faithful

By Brian E. Muhammad -Contributing Writer- | Last updated: May 24, 2011 - 8:36:43 AM

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Abdul Akbar Muhammad
( There was strong disbelief and doubt in reaction to the arrest and false accusation of terrorism and drug trafficking against Abdul Akbar Muhammad, international representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, by authorities in the South American country of Guyana.

Mr. Muhammad was detained, questioned and subsequently released while on a humanitarian visit there to address various sectors of the Guyanese people.

The scriptures say that “no weapon formed against the righteous shall prosper” and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught the “persecution of the righteous” is a reality in the work of the resurrection, restoration and liberation of oppressed people.He also maintained that God is against oppressors and grants “protection and victory to the faithful” in a time of trouble.

“The message I bring is not for the cowards,” wrote Elijah Muhammad in his enlightening book “Message to the Blackman.”

“Those of you who follow me must be ready to withstand the barbs and the insults of those who come to investigate, pry and claim that our ultimate aim is to undermine the American way of life. We have no such intentions, and our critics know it,” he wrote.

Upon hearing the allegations, responses like “outrageous,” “asinine,” “bogus and ridiculous,” came from people who know and have worked with Mr. Muhammad over his 51 years of public service.

For friends and supporters of Minister Farrakhan and Mr. Muhammad, the failed attempt of mischief making was clear harassment and the charges were false and out of character.

“I was appalled at the distortion of Bro. Akbar's character. I believe they're gauging how we respond to this hideous act of these perpetrators,” said Shahid Muslim Muhammad, longtime friend and aide to Akbar Muhammad. He said the move on Akbar Muhammad is a play in the attack against Minister Farrakhan.

Ali Baghdadi, who was an advisor on Middle Eastern affairs for Elijah Muhammad, worked with Minister Farrakhan and has been a regular travel companion of Akbar Muhammad, called the arrest “orders of the U.S. government” and derided the charges as political attacks and false allegations as contradictory to the religious and social standard of the Nation of Islam.

“Akbar, an international representative of Minister Louis Farrakhan, strictly adheres to the principles of the Nation of Islam thatteaches and propagates non-violence, no drugs and even no smoking,” wrote Mr. Baghdadi in an e-mail he circulated defending his friend.

“Akbar and I traveled together worldwide and visited more than 80 countries.I know the man and I can testify to his innocence and good character.Akbar is a Black nationalist and strongly opposes US policy in Africa and US military invasion of Muslim lands and mass murder of Muslims.Washington's attempt to silence a champion of the Palestinian cause, a great fighter for freedom, justice and equality, has failed.”

“Akbar follows the tradition of African internationalism or Pan-Africanism,” explained Dedon Kimathi, political analyst and Pacifica Radio host in Los Angeles. “He's an historical figure given his age and his commitment goes back to the 60s, to the liberation of African people globally,” said Mr. Kimathi, adding, “people have gone to jail in the 50s and 60s, because they were thought to be members of the Communist Party.” Mr. Kimathi described historical efforts in counter revolutionary plots that were similar to what happened to Akbar Muhammad.

It was “reflective of the McCarthy period of time in American history,” opined Zaki Baruti, head of the Universal African Peoples Organization, adding “though it was Guyanese authorities that did it, understand that the United States have a working relationship with the government of Guyana.”

“It's an effort to intimidate progressives such as Brother Akbar, defame his name and try to seriously wound the movements that are teaching progressive change,” he said. Mr. Baruti and Akbar Muhammad go back 32 years working together on local and international issues.

At the end of the day the move on Akbar Muhammad is an example of the price of freedom, justice and equality. But it also demonstrates that those who stand for justice will be the winner if honesty is at the center of their work. In past speeches before members of the Nation of Islam, Minister Farrakhan has stressed that in this day and time, it is “righteousness that will sustain you.”

“His integrity is impeccable in how he represents us overseas,” said Robert Muhammad, a regional student minister for the Nation of Islam based in Houston. He has traveled to Africa with Akbar Muhammad on two occasions. If these actions were politically motivated, Guyana should extend an immediate apology to Minister Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam and Akbar Muhammad for “impugning his character,” added Robert Muhammad.