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Farrakhan warns against U.S. war on Libya and major quake headed for U.S.

By Richard B. Muhammad Editor | Last updated: Apr 7, 2011 - 11:17:03 AM

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The Honorable Minister Farrakhan speaks at press conference at Mosque Maryam March 31. Photo: Michael M. Muhammad
CHICAGO (Mosque Maryam | - America will reap a major deadly earthquake as consequence of her evil and murderous ways against Blacks and President Obama has been turned in a dangerous way by Satanic forces inside and outside of government.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke these bold truths March 31 during a press conference at the flagship mosque of the Nation of Islam. His subject was U.S. policy toward Libya and the Middle East and American and Western warmongering against the North African nation.

“I love Muammar Gadhafi and I love our president. It grieves me to see my brother president set a policy that would remove this man not only from power but from the earth,” said the Minister.

This press conference initially had nothing to do with Libya but was spawned by the recent Japanese earthquake, tsunami and damage to nuclear plants, but God showed me a deeper meaning, Min. Farrakhan explained. He spoke to a bank of television cameras and still photographers in the mosque for the open press conference. Other journalists sat in the second row to ask questions.

“Death and destruction is at the door of all of us and we are worse prepared than the Japanese and the arrogance to think that our nuclear reactors are secure,” said the Minister.

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi and President Barack Obama are shown on a monitor during Min. Farrakhan’s press conference at Mosque Maryam. “I love both of these brothers,” said Min. Farrakhan in offering guidance and words of warning to the president about war on Libya and a defense of Col. Gadhafi.
America has nuclear reactors “sitting on major fault lines, much death, I'm going to say it again, much death is on its way,” he added. The threat is not from Black Muslims but from an angry God and angry armed White people, Min. Farrakhan said.

“Now the reason that judgment is on America is not because of bad policies and what she has done to other nations of the earth. But the reason that his anger is kindled against America and his threat to destroy America is because of what America has done, is doing and plans to do against the people that God has chosen. The Black man and woman of America whom I have declared to the world of religion … that we are the Children of Israel and we are the fulfillment of God's prophesy and promise.

“In other words you don't have a future in this political-economic system. You can't carve out a future for 45 million Black people in the economy of America, and this is why God is asking for separation in a state or territory of our own,” said Min. Farrakhan.

America is under the four great judgments of rain, hail, snow and earthquake as taught by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Minister said. And, as the Qur'an teaches America's wealth is dissipating and she is deeply in debt, he added.

“Open your eyes and look at the increasing rain, hail, snow. There are several hundred earthquakes that have already come to America, little ones. God when he sends a warner, the Qur'an says he seizes the people with distress and affliction that they might humble themselves,” said Min. Farrakhan.

America can't win war

Phil Rogers of NBC News Chicago, left, and In These Times writer and WVON-AM radio host Salim Muwakkil.
America has made an error in attacking Libya and using noble words like humanitarian mission to hide evil plans against Col. Gadhafi and his country, said Min. Farrakhan, who called the press conference one of the “most difficult” media events of his life.

With a screen projecting their images, the Minister showed President Obama, former British prime ministers Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, French President Nicholas Sarkozy and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon embracing, shaking hands or greeting Col. Gadhafi.

When French prime minister Sarkozy came out in support of the rebels, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi threatened to reveal “details of bank transfers and was ready to make them public in a move designed to punish Sarkozy for throwing his weight behind opposition forces,” the London-based Guardian reported in mid-March on its website.

With cover from the United Nations Security Council and NATO involvement, these nations are engaged in bombing runs and military acts against Col. Gadhafi, whose compound was hit by a missile March 20, the day after UN authorized air strikes led by the French and the United States started.

“All of a sudden he (Col. Gadhafi) was killing all these people, all the time, and you (Western leaders) were in bed with him? … You wicked hypocrites. You were lulling him to sleep. That's why I told him in our last conversation in 2005—I said, ‘Brother they will never forgive you for what you've done to destabilize their access to wealth. They'll make you think that they're your friend, but they will only come in and destroy you and your revolution,' ” said Min. Farrakhan.

Manya Brachear, reporter from the Chicago Tribune, asks a question.
With Libya's high quality sweet crude and business dealings with Europe, stand against Al-Qaeda, renouncing of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, and making amends for the alleged bombing of a Pan Am airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland, Col. Gadhafi came in fully out of the diplomatic cold during the George W. Bush administration—and opened his country to the U.S. government and companies. Lobbyist Richard Perle, the former assistant secretary of state known as the “Prince of Darkness,” went to Libya, Min. Farrakhan said.

According to media reports, the neo-conservative Perle was supposed to help improve Col. Gadhafi's image while working as a senior advisor to the Monitor Group, a Boston-based consulting firm. According to, the firm charged Libya $250,000 per month and $3 million a year, plus expenses. Ironically, it was Libyan opposition groups who were complaining in February about Monitor Group and Perle involvement. They were upset that Mr. Perle, who also served in the Reagan administration's Defense Dept., was among those “helping” Col. Gadhafi.

Whatever potential “reform” seen with the lifting of sanctions against Libya in 2004 by President Bush or perhaps business opportunities appeared to have changed by March 2011. Speaking to conservative website, Mr. Perle blasted the White House for waffling on Libya's rebels. It was “just an embarrassment” to hear the U.S. didn't know who the rebels were—many formerly held senior positions in the Gadhafi regime, Mr. Perle said, according to

“We have a big stake in the outcome of this … If we are not there influencing the course of events in the rebel command structure, we should be,” said Mr. Perle in the March news report.

The swift change in Western attitudes toward Libya after protests in the eastern part of the country beg the question, what happened? America and the West did nothing in response to protesters recently shot and killed in Bahrain and Yemen, two U.S. allies—and in the past watched Israeli Defense Forces kill men, women and children and Israeli warplanes destroy the area and looked the other way when Israel invaded Lebanon and civilians died. The United States has supported and supports dictators around the world, Min. Farrakhan said.

The problem is that Col. Gadhafi in 2009 was talking about nationalizing the oil industry to increase revenue, which would have affected the profits of corporations doing business in his country, said Min. Farrakhan.

President Obama has called for Col. Gadhafi to step down and called his rule illegitimate, but how does America know this? he asked. “Did you poll the Libyan people? No, you really didn't. So why not, then, in the ceasefire prepare time for a referendum on Muammar Gadhafi? But you know you don't want that. Because if you believe he's that popular in a referendum, nobody in the eastern section can show one thing that they did for the Libyan people more than what Brother Muammar Gadhafi has done. The truth is you want him dead,” said Min. Farrakhan.

The true picture of Libya's leader

Despite media claims of brutality by the Gadhafi regime and mischaracterizations of the revolutionary leader, the man is not a mad dog or crazy, said Min. Farrakhan. Under the Reagan administration, Col. Gadhafi was referred to as the “Mad Dog of the Middle East” and sanctions were imposed against Libya in 1986 under the claim of terrorism—but Libya was a supporter of revolutionary movements opposed by America.

As Americans are losing homes, losing jobs and Republicans try to kill health care reform passed by the Obama administration, Libyans enjoy free housing, free health and free education, the Minister noted. The oil wealth of Libya has been used build the country and bring water from the Sahara Desert across the country nearly to Tunisia, Min. Farrakhan said. Millions have been spent on hospitals and housing in the country, he said.

Since taking power in a bloodless coup 40-years-ago, Col. Gadhafi has raised the per capita income in Libya from the lowest in the world to the highest in Africa, Min. Farrakhan noted. He has also promoted education and opportunity for women, said Min. Farrakhan.

Libya's leader has made huge investments in Africa and was a major supporter of the United States of Africa, the Minister continued.

Brother Gadhafi has also been a friend and supporter of the Nation of Islam, lending $3 million in the 1970s to purchase the Nation's headquarters mosque and in the 1980s Libya loaned the rebuilding Nation of Islam money, including $5 million for the People Organized and Working for Economic Rebirth (P.O.W.E.R.) line of personal care products as part of Min. Farrakhan's effort to create jobs.

Brother Gadhafi facilitated and financially supported World Friendship Tours and opened doors for meetings between Min. Farrakhan and leaders in 53 African nations.

“It's a terrible thing for me to hear my brother called these ugly and filthy names when I cannot recognize him as that. So even though the current and the tide is moving against him, what kind of brother would I be if a man has been that way to me, and to us, and when he is in trouble, I refuse to raise my voice in his defense?” asked Min. Farrakhan as the audience exploded into cheers and applause.

A changed president

Min. Farrakhan did not endorse Mr. Obama in his campaign for president but spoke kindly of him in a 2007 Saviours' Day address. Eventually with pressure from Jewish groups and opponent Hillary Clinton in a debate, Mr. Obama denounced Min. Farrakhan.

“Many Black people said they were not going to vote for him, but I told them: ‘It's bigger than Louis Farrakhan, brother.' I did the same when Rev. Jackson repudiated me. It's not ‘personal' with me. It's about what's in the best interest of our people,” Min. Farrakhan told the press, guests and public at the press conference.

President Obama initially tried to steer America in a moral direction and apologized during a speech in Egypt for wrongs committed by the U.S., the Minister said. But the GOP and others attacked him, saying America didn't need to apologize and didn't need an apologist for a president.

“Now this man, Barack, he had a good heart. We all fell in love with him during the campaign—not the same man today. He's got problems and pressure that he didn't have then,” said Min. Farrakhan. The “chorus started building around him against a moral consciousness in Barack. But gradually, the people that surrounded him engulfed him,” he added.

“Who's Timothy Geithner? Larry Summers? Paul Volcker? Ben Bernanke? Who are these people that were his economic advisors? All of them came from Goldman Sachs and they encouraged Obama to take out a second stimulus package. He wanted to benefit all of the people that were losing their homes. Did they benefit? He wanted to open up monies so that small businesses could begin to generate jobs. What happened? Poor brother, beginning to be swallowed up,” Min. Farrakhan said.

The Zionists that control the U.S. government and powerful Jewish forces have opposed and attacked the Nation. These same forces have wanted a Black man to counter the influence of Min. Farrakhan. All the leaders of the 12 major Jewish organizations recently met with the president to talk about Israel but Louis Farrakhan was also the subject of that meeting, said the Minister. He showed and read from a letter to the president from the Zionist Organization of America. ZOA's national president Morton Klein called on the president to “publicly condemn Louis Farrakhan's latest anti-Semitic outburst and threat to all American Jews.” The letter was sent the day after a major speech by Min. Farrakhan in Atlanta, which included the release of “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Part 2,” and where he proclaimed to the world that Blacks in America are the true Children of Israel.

“They are frightened at being exposed and they see that Farrakhan's mouth gets more and more ears to listen. So as the book says of Jesus: We have to stop him before the whole world will go after him. So the Jews of that day pushed Pontius Pilate to come after Jesus. In 1942, Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued an Executive Order taking Elijah Muhammad off the streets while America was prosecuting a war with Japan. It's not farfetched that when I speak as I speak that they're not thinking: ‘How do we stop him?' ” said Min. Farrakhan.

“I hope brother Barack that you won't give them that. Because if you do, believe me when I tell you, it's like Martin Luther King sitting in the White House with Lyndon Johnson … If they charge me with sedition or treason … I can't go along with this. I don't care what Gadhafi has done wrong, he's not the mad dog of the Middle East. The mad dogs are growling and biting in Washington, D.C.”

Min. Farrakhan urged the president again to be careful, asking if defections from Col. Gadhafi's inner circle could be signs of moves to destroy the president's reputation and set up an assassination plot against President Obama.

“The stupid mistake we make is to think that the president is the supreme power. Never was—money is the power in America,” the Minister said.

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