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Muslims building dairy farm in Texas

By Jesse Muhammad -Staff writer- | Last updated: Dec 15, 2010 - 9:30:34 AM

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A shot of the 30 acres of land. Photo: Jesse Muhammad

WINNIE, Texas ( - When you turn the corner on a particular county road here, a huge two-story golden colored home, a pond, cows, chickens, and horses sitting on 30 acres will likely bring a smile to your face.

Following the program of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, several male members of Muhammad Mosque No. 45 have pooled their finances, knowledge, and skills to cultivate the raw milk dairy known as Pure Farms.

“Every time I come here to work on the farm I get excited because it is a great feeling to see a vision come into reality,” says Victor X, farm manager, as he operates one of the many tractors.

Pure Farm managers Victor X and Kelvin Muhammad Photo: Jesse Muhammad
Brother Victor stresses the importance of ownership and the need for people to grow their own foods. “There is nothing like seeing where your food comes from. There's nothing like eating from your own land or garden. That's the best food you can have on your table. We can't keep depending on others to feed us. We need to buy land,” he said.

Twice a day, farm manager Kelvin Muhammad milks over 20 cows to fill gallons of raw milk that is sold to consumers. He and his wife reside on the farm and he feels he has found his purpose in life.

“If someone had told me years ago that I would be a dairy farmer I would have laughed at them. But I love the farm life and I love doing a work that helps provide raw milk for our people and other pure foods,” said Bro. Kelvin.

Along with the raw milk, Pure Farm is also selling raw butter, cheese, eggs, and whey protein. Soon customers will be able to eat honey produced by their bee houses situated on the land. There are plans to further expand the dairy and to use the other 20 acres that the brothers own.

Black dairy farmer Harry Lewis from Sulphur Springs, Texas, shut down his dairy operation three years ago due to a spike in the cost of cow feed after over 50 years of operation. He's overjoyed by the moves being made by the Nation of Islam members.

(1)A few of the many cows on the farm. (2)Staff and students of The Elevated Places enjoy a fi eld trip at Pure Farm. (3)Victor X is operating one of the tractors. (4)Gallons of raw milk are ready to be sold. Photos: JCourtesy of Pure Farm
“It was just me and my son managing it so it became too difficult. Many dairy farms around me are being impacted today but it is encouraging to hear about these brothers of the Nation of Islam working together to build up their dairy. It can be done in unity and I am willing to help them any way I can,” Mr. Lewis told The Final Call.

Mr. Lewis, 65, was raised on a farm and was a recipient of the Agriculturalist of the Year award in his county. He said “my family always owned land dating back to the 1940s. It's important for my people to realize that land ownership is a must. You can be high tech all you want, but agriculture built this country. No milk is better than straight from the cow.”

The students and staff from The Elevated Places School saw the farm firsthand during a day-long field trip. Brother Kelvin demonstrated how the cows are milked and then how the milk is bottled. The free range chickens, which supplied the eggs for the morning breakfast, along with how bees produce honey was also explained to the children.

Dr. Akili Muhammad talked about the consumption of raw milk while Brother Victor demonstrated the use of heavy farm equipment as well as how to properly use a back hoe, tractor and shovels. The children also had fun—with a hay ride, a bouncer, games, and swing set.

To serve as further motivation, the walls of the garage are adorned with blown up images from the 1970s of Muhammad Farms and the vision of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Other brothers who have made this farmland possible are Danny Muhammad, Isaiah Muhammad, Sylvester Muhammad, Jefferrey Muhammad, Durce Muhammad, Bryan Muhammad, Kenneth 3X, Lester X, and Jeffery Rector.

“It was great for the children to see where their food is coming from. Many of us just go the grocery store without thinking about the work it took to produce what is on the shelf. We're building this so our children can see that it can be done,” said Brother Victor.

(For more information about Pure Farms contact Durce Muhammad at 832-752-8699 or farm manager Victor X at 832-385-7245 or [email protected])