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Project MXODUS: Establishing trade and educational ties in Mexico

By Andrea Muhammad | Last updated: Mar 9, 2010 - 9:31:56 PM

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Mother Tynnetta Muhammad Photo: Andrea Muhammad
( - Saviours' Day 2010 hosted a workshop on the scope and mission of Project MXODUS. Founded by Mother Tynetta Muhammad, wife of the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad. Project MXODUS provides avenues for individual and organizations to embark on a cultural exchange in the country of Mexico. What makes Project MXODUS unique is that the cultural exchange serves as a foundation in establishing international trade and commerce.

MXODUS Organic Coffee is one venture to that effort. Workshop participants were treated to samples MXODUS Organic Coffee as they were educated about the health benefits of coffee. Presenter Dr. Darnita Muhammad cited the Hon. Elijah Muhammad in How to Eat to Live about the beneficial use of coffee during fasting.

Dr. Callie Muhammad shared with the audience that MXODUS Education Tours are for all ages. Workshop moderator Steve Muhammad gave a video presentation highlighting what tourists encounter while on a MXODUS tour. Tourists not only get the chance to experience landscapes consisting of lagoons, a canopy of lush greenery, they also visit many archeological destinations while interacting and living amongst the indigenous people of the land.

Also among the panelist was, Mr. Gregg Brown, CEO of the Southside Federal Community Credit Union. His credit union is a partner with the Project MXODUS Economic Prosperity Plan. Anyone interested in becoming an member or investor can do so by opening an account as a MXODUS member.

Among the dignitaries in attendance were Mr. Reies Tijerina and wife Esperanza. Tijerina, is a well known and respected activist in the Mexican and Latina community. Also in attendance were members or a Russian delegation consisting of raw food specialist, Denis Zorotosikh, and tea expert Nadeska Bugazova possessing extensive knowledge in cultivating teas with holistic healing properties.

(Project MXODUS will be embarking on its next tour in August, 2010. For more information visit Anyone interested in becoming a MXODUS investor or becoming a member of the South Side Community Federal Credit Union please call 1-877-262-9520.)