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Farrakhan speaks on Trump - Clinton & Election 2016

By Final Call News | Last updated: Oct 25, 2016 - 11:11:44 AM

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CHICAGO— The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will deliver a powerful, honest, insightful and spiritual assessment of the national presidential election, the plight of Black voters and important choices Black America must make if she wishes to survive the fall of the United States. His address will come with days left before voting.

The Minister will be speaking at 10 a. m. CST from the headquarters for the Nation of Islam, Mosque Maryam in Chicago. The title of Min. Farrakhan’s subject is, “If Satan Cast Out Satan, He is Divided Against Himself; how then will his kingdom stand?”


His message follows an incredible lecture delivered Oct. 16, on the 21st anniversary of the Million Man March, “Come Out of Her My People: A Declaration of Independence.”

The message Oct. 30 will be available via national webcast and viewings at Nation of Islam mosques, and through, and via Min. Farrakhan’s official Twitter page Farrakhan to speak Oct. 30 on Trump, Clinton and election 2016 (follow @LouisFarrakhan) and his official Facebook page.

The 2016 presidential election is one of the most acrimonious and most important elections in recent years and perhaps in the history of the country. On Tuesday, November 8, Americans are being told vote for “The Lesser of Two Evils” as part of a recognition of the reality of politics in the United States.

“No politics of this world can bring about The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth,” said Min. Farrakhan. Mr. Trump calls Hillary Clinton, “Crooked Hillary,” and from the other side, he is called “Lying Trump,” the Minister observed.

It was reported that some fact-checking found over three days Mr. Trump told 87 lies in three days, he noted.

The Bible teaches (Matthew 12:26): “If Satan cast out Satan, how then can their kingdom stand?” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, patriarch of the Nation of Islam, warned in the 1960s, in his book The Fall of America, “The National Election”: “Injustice, crooked politics, and the breeding of corruption under crooked politics have been practiced ever since Adam to the present-day rulers.” Unfortunately, he continues, “there are Black politicians who would like to use their Black people for selfish greed and will throw them behind any crook with money. Black politicians of this type have sold their Black brothers to suffering and shame for self-elevation with the crook.”

Many feel it is time for a sober assessment of Black politics and what the Lesser of Two Evils strategy has produced. Critics say it has gotten evil, and little to no justice despite Blacks voting largely for the Democratic Party while the Republican Party often ignores us and scapegoats the Black community.

Mr. Trump has tapped into the vein of the common White man, observed Min. Farrakhan. When Mr. Trump said, “Let’s make America great again,” they say he means “Let’s make America White again,” he added.

Meanwhile Mrs. Clinton is a dangerous woman, unpopular, distrusted and a hawk, with more war likely regardless of who wins the White House, Min. Farrakhan added.

“We must recognize that we are living under colonial status,” the Minister continued. “What is a ‘colony?’ It’s a separate condition where there is one group of people with similar language, culture, history controlled from the outside. The Black community is controlled from the outside,” he said.

Whites control the Black community through those politicians, preachers and business people who will sell out our people for favor with the people of power who want to control our community, the Minister added.