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Down with Santa - Put Christ & Justice First This Christmas

By Starla Muhammad -Assistant Editor- | Last updated: Nov 25, 2015 - 2:03:32 PM

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Minister Farrakhan talks to clergy about uplifting Jesus, rejecting Santa, rejecting holiday spending and importance of a Xmas buying boycott

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
CHICAGO - For Pastor David Woods of Mt. Pilgrim M.B. Baptist Church, the commercialism, symbolism and customs associated with the holiday season, particularly Christmas, are intertwined into his annual tradition and practice.

But after listening intensely to an address, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered to an ecumenical gathering of clergy at Life Center Church of God in Christ, Pastor Woods was inspired to think more deeply about what is acceptable at Christmas and in the name of Jesus.

Min. Farrakhan is calling on Black America to make 2015 a “Sacrificial Christmas” in the continuing fight for Justice Or Else!. That means rejecting the commercialization for Christmas and embracing the life, the work and the words of the Messiah this year.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called for Blacks to “redistribute the pain” endured under the hammer of White Supremacy in 1968 through boycotts and economic withdrawal. Medgar Evers spearheaded a successful 1962 Christmas boycott in Jackson, Miss.

This year’s #justiceorelse, #Redistributethepain campaign focuses on having Blacks forgo frivolity, pagan rituals and unnecessary spending linked to what is supposed to be a time to honor Jesus. The campaign called for by Min. Farrakhan is sending a message to the American government and American society: If the lives of Blacks in this country are not valued, then neither are Black dollars.

A large multi-denominational group of pastors enjoyed a prayer breakfast and keynote address outlining strategies for the upcoming boycott of Black Friday and Christmas by Minister Louis Farrakhan. Photos: Richard B. Muhammad

Clergy has an important role and responsibility in this movement, Min. Farrakhan explained Nov. 17 during a monthly Pastor’s Prayer Breakfast sponsored by the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC). It was a message Pastor Woods heard loud and clear despite some admitted internal hesitancy.   

“A part of it I enjoyed, a part of it I have to think about it because when we were growing up we didn’t hardly know any better but things have changed,” Pastor Woods said after the Minister’s message. “I do agree with him and I’m kind of the old school but I kind of believe in it,” he said, in reference to Christmas traditions. 

Rev. T.L. Barrett
“It’s true and we need the truth though. He spoke the truth. I really enjoyed the message and it really inspired my heart dearly,” he said.

Following the morning program that included prayers, spiritual songs and fellowship, Min. Farrakhan began by explaining why and how clergy must be prepared to deliver the uncompromising word of God and positively impact the lives of the people they are commissioned to serve. The ultimate example of service is the life and ministry of Jesus, said the Nation of Islam minister, who delved into the scriptural texts of Muslims and Christians.

“Now Christmas is coming and many of you as pastors are preparing for Christmas. See Satan has misused the name of Jesus. We say Jesus is born on December 25, how do we honor his birth, drunk? The liquor store is happy because the pastors lead the way to the liquor store because you are going to do it in Jesus’ name,” said Min. Farrakhan as he broke down the need to reexamine what Black people have been observing for generations.

Pastors stand and acknowledge a point made by Minister Farrakhan.

Using bits of humor and levity to get his point across, the Muslim leader explained why he wanted to deliver this message to clergy.  

“I’m in love with you, because I know you are the people that can make a difference and if my words stimulate thought that turns on a light that exposes a defect then thank God because we can’t be perfected unless our defects are manifested and we deal with them,” said Min. Farrakhan.

The process of perfection starts not with the “little believer” but with those at the top charged with calling people to the way of God, he continued.

In many instances the understanding of scripture is on a shallow level, the Minister added.

If you’re a disciple of Christ he’s giving you a degree that exalts you above everything, Min. Farrakhan explained. God is offering you his will but you have to bow down and come out of this world, he said.

Black communities are like colonies run by preachers, business people and politicians that are controlled, Min. Farrakhan said. “What is a colony? It’s a group of people in a separate condition but segregated where the power is from the outside ruling that colony, extracting the wealth of the colony for the master.”

Min. Farrakhan greets clergyman.
You are not God’s man unless you can stand up like a man in his name and free your people from outside control, said Min. Farrakhan. Black leaders cannot be like Lazarus in the Bible who was satisfied with the crumbs from the master’s table, he warned.

“You’ve got a people that’s hungry, a people that’s thirsty but for the crumbs that government gives you, you sell out the aspirations of your people?” said Min. Farrakhan. Those who do this are not disciples of Christ, but are hirelings, he said.

If Jesus is the truth, way and life why would you lie on his birthday, and tell your children that a fictitious big, fat, White man from the North Pole is responsible for giving them gifts? Min. Farrakhan asked. “I’m going to take all excuses away for foolishness today, because we do all of this in a pagan ritual in Jesus’ name,” the Minister continued, breaking down some of the history of lights, wreaths, yule logs, Christmas trees and other symbolism.

He told the audience to look up Jeremiah 10 verses 1-5 in the Bible that talks about going not in the way of the heathen by chopping down a tree, nailing and fastening it down and decorating it with silver and gold.

“How did you get heathen practices in your Christianity?” he asked.

Min. Farrakhan masterfully shared how many current practices stem from pagans such as the Babylonians who were sun worshippers that observed the Winter Solstice.  All kinds of filth is going on in the name of a holy man who was one with God, he said.

“Now look at how many of you have told lies in Jesus name. Lying to your children on Christmas on a Santa Claus and it’s gotten so bad now they take Christ’s name off of it and put an ‘X’ there. We don’t know what we’re doing, who we’re worshipping but it sure ain’t Jesus; let’s take his name off of it.”

“They make us think we are following Jesus when in reality we’ve become agents of Satan in Jesus’ name. So every businessman waits for Christmas not every Christian waiting for the day to give proper honor to Jesus but we’re waiting to see what somebody is going to give us.”

Don’t misuse the people in Jesus’ name, the Minister said, laying the base for clergy support of the economic boycott. According to freedom fighter and great abolitionist Fredrick Douglass, enslaved Blacks were usually given a day off for so-called holidays to work off anxiety and engage in foolish behavior, play games and get drunk which kept them more in control of the White slave masters and less likely to uprise or rebel, he explained.

“So every holiday, that’s our pattern, get drunk, have a good time, have a lot of sex, orgies if you will, in Jesus’ name. I’m not making mockery. When did a bunny have an egg? What does that have to do with the resurrection of Christ?”

Americans spend $750 billion a year on these holidays, the bulk, $601.1 billion coming in November, December and January, said Min. Farrakhan.

These holidays are manufactured by powerful Whites for the sole purpose of making money at the expense of the ignorant Blacks, Whites and Latinos, the Minister continued. The call is not to boycott Jesus but to reject the commercialization of his birthday and making the rich richer. “If you believe that that is the day that he was born, shouldn’t we show more respect?” said Min. Farrakhan.

“Up until now, they have made the dollars, but if we follow this program we make sense,” Pastor T.L. Barrett, longtime friend of Min. Farrakhan whose church hosted the program, said at its conclusion.

“The Minister’s message was on cue and poignant. He was encouraging, uplifting and he roused our consciousness. He made sure that we understood the weapon of the enemy,” said Pastor Michael A. Harrington of New Life Church of the Harvest in Dixmoor, Ill.

Imam Gha-is F. Askia of Ministry of the Faith of God on Chicago’s Southwest Side said he was very impressed with the Minister’s message. “I agree with what he’s trying to do because we put so much money into Christmas and it’s a pagan holiday and if we put money into our own community, it would help us and people would respect us more.”

Dr. Patricia Williams and her husband Dr. Raphael Williams of Greater Faith Assembly Outreach Ministry traveled from Detroit, Mich. to hear the message. 

“He’s telling the truth. It’s not about religion. It’s not about denomination. It’s about that we are a people and we need to come and have some type of unity and we need to tell the truth to our children. I never told my children about no Santa Claus or anything like that. So he’s on point. We as a Black people have to come together. We’ve got to break down these denominational walls and we’ve got to come and support our own businesses,” said Dr. Patricia Williams.  

Minister Farrakhan really let everybody know where we stand, added Dr. Raphael Williams.

“We have to come together and learn how to not get caught up into the pagan holiday. That really resonates with me and how it’s actually taking advantage of the Black communities and we’re celebrating a holiday in the name of Christ, when it’s not in the name of Christ. It’s falsehood, it’s erroneous and it has nothing to do with Christ.”

He is glad there is action taking place in terms of the economic boycott. “When I get back to Detroit, I’m going to actually stress the point that we as a community and a Black church as well, we have to open our eyes to the truth and realize that this is really important if we’re going to make it because like he said, if Black lives don’t matter then our dollars shouldn’t matter,” added Dr. Raphael Williams.     

Dr. Patricia Williams said she hopes one day Min. Farrakhan will speak at their church because a lot of people listen to what others say about him instead of hearing him for themselves. She encourages people to continue watching the Muslim leader on T.V. and other media platforms. Minister Farrakhan is a man of God that people should hear, she said.

“They don’t know what’s really going on and we’ve got to get that news out. We’re going to be boycotting Christmas. I’m going to let all my family (know). I’ve got six children and I have children that go all over the world. We’re going to do this.”

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