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No justice without justice for the Black and the Red!

By Richard B. Muhammad - Editor | Last updated: Jul 14, 2015 - 3:31:38 PM

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Minister Farrakhan teaches about necessity of unity, harnessing power of two peoples inside America during a passionate and historic interview on Native American and Black issues

ARLINGTON, Va. ( - As momentum for the Justice Or Else! gathering in October grows, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan called the demands for justice and the grievances of Blacks in America and Native Americans the most pressing of all demands.

Speaking to radio host Jay Winter Nightwolf of radio station WPFW-FM, located just across the bridge in the Nation’s Capital, the Nation of Islam minister said all of those who hunger for justice—Latinos, women, soldiers among them—are welcome at the Million Man March 20th anniversary gathering Oct. 10 in Washington, but the cries of the Black and the Red nations ring loudest.

Radio host Jay Winter Nightwolf interviews the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.
The Black and the Red must come together, the Minister declared. “You have a legitimate grievance to put before the United States government. We have a legitimate grievance to put before the United States government. All other matters of justice are small in comparison to the Red and the Black,” he told the radio host, who is descended from Native Americans. The nearly 90-minute interview was taped July 9.

“Even though our Latino family must have their grievances addressed, there is no grievance that anybody has that’s more difficult to solve than the problem of the Black and the Red,” said the Minister. “In whose interest is our division? It is in (White) interests, because as long as we are not united, they can continue to do as they have been doing,” he said later in the interview on “The American Indian’s Truths—Nightwolf—the Most Dangerous Show On Radio.” The show airs on WPFW 89.3 FM, Pacifica Radio, and live streams at

While the grievances are major, unity will require overcoming negative attitudes and propaganda fostered by Whites, said Minister Farrakhan. Some Native American tribes offered shelter to slaves fleeing their masters, the two groups intermarried and today many Blacks have Native American ancestry, the Minister noted.

“We have to get through all of the propaganda, all of the lies, to build trust with each other,” said Min. Farrakhan. He pointed out that from its inception in the 1930s, the Nation of Islam’s teachings promoted the unity and inter-relationships between the Original People and the indigenous people in America and throughout the planet. For entry into the Nation of Islam, a Student Enrollment, which includes questions and answers must be recited. One question asks about the population of the Original Nation in North America and the answer given is “17 million with the 2 million Indians,” denoting a deep divine connection and need for justice for both groups. 

Whites mixed their blood with the Blacks and Native Americans as conquered people and then elevated the lighter ones within both groups, observed Min. Farrakhan.

“When the Phoenicians came, you say 50,000 years ago, a White man wasn’t on the planet then. So it was easy for us to intermingle with one another because we are blood of each other’s blood and bone of each other’s bone,” the Minister told the radio host.

Radio host Jay Winter Nightwolf

“But now when we look at our native family, my God you are powerful. My God the native family is rich, but so are we. We are poor individually, but this year alone they say we will have $1.3 trillion coming through our hands, but we are consumers and so are our Native American brothers and sisters. So the enemy makes us consumers where we used to depend on ourselves before he came.”

Blacks have tremendous spending power and the native people have some of the last and most valuable mineral and oil deposits in the United States, the Minister observed.

Native Americans reportedly own 58 million acres of land in the United States, but much of it is held in trust by a federal government that is not trustworthy and while there are leasing agreements, the agreements are not the most beneficial for the native tribes, the Minister said.

It is estimated that over $1 trillion in wealth is under the earth on Indian lands and should be harnessed for the good of the Indian people, not non-Indians who exploit and benefit from those resources, he said.

About one-in-four American Indians and Alaska Natives were living in poverty in 2012 and for those who identify as American Indian or Alaska Native as their only race, the poverty rate was 29.1 percent in 2012, according to a Pew Center survey.

According to the National Indian Child Welfare Association, there are 5.2 million American Indians and Alaska Natives living in the United States—making up 1.7 percent of the total population. Just over a third of the populations is under age 18 with American Indian children suffering high rates of maltreatment; suicide is a leading cause of death for Native American teenagers and young adults and Indian youth suffer higher rates of anxiety, substance abuse, alcoholism and depression. These youth also are more likely to be involved with gangs, the association reported.

According to one estimate, since the inception of the United States, some 1.5 billion acres of land has been taken from native peoples.

“We are dealing with a people that broke every treaty with the native people and told every lie and made every promise to us—none of which has been fulfilled. And if you go down into Haiti or the Dominican Republic, he’s done the same thing. So today why should we trust a liar? Why should we trust a deceiver and allow a deceiver to come between us?” Min. Farrakhan asked.

We knew how to treat one another absent Caucasian people based on our nature, which includes the natural law of justice, he said.

Radio host Jay Winter Nightwolf interviews the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Photo: Hassan Muhammad
Mr. Nightwolf shared the constant fight that Native Americans have to hold on to their lands, water rights and combat hazards left behind by corporations in mining and uranium operations that leave toxic environments behind.

These realities are all the more reason for us to have a brotherhood to overthrow and force the land back into our hands, break leases and have power to force the U.S. government to do what is right, said Min. Farrakhan. “The gun that I am talking about is not a pistol, it is the cannon of our unity and they cannot, listen to me good, they cannot keep hold of that when we are united. We can force America to do right by us. They cannot afford to see Black, Brown, Red and poor White unite for justice that would end the tyranny of a government that is not for ‘we the people’ but an oligarchy that is for the rich and the powerful and to hell with the Black, the Brown, the Red and the poor White.

“That’s why I am asking all of us to come to Washington together as a unit to speak to this government and then there is an ‘Or Else’ clause there. God never sends a prophet that he speaks to a government and a people and there is not a threat in the speech of the prophet.”

 “The God that we serve that is on the scene today is the master of all of the forces of nature and every one of those forces he’s bringing to play now on America. Mark my words, after this program watch for the weather again, watch for more calamities and destruction and if I am a false man God will not answer me. Watch and be there on 10-10-15 and I will introduce you to the power that backs me and us,” said Min. Farrakhan.


Within days, severe weather and flash flooding struck the Midwest, with severe thunderstorms over the upper Midwest and the Ohio Valley. Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued in southern Indiana, northern Kentucky and southern Ohio, according to the Associated Press. Juneau, Wis., reported a midday total of 3.72 inches of rain and Kewanee, Ill., recorded 1.00 inch sized hail, AP said. Warm, muggy air continued to impact the Plains, the Mississippi Valley and the Deep South. Excessive heat warnings were issued in eastern Kansas, Missouri and southern Iowa, the Associated Press reported July 13.

Close to Final Call press time, severe weather was rolling through the Chicagoland area, including huge hail pounding homes, cars, buildings and people. Final Call General Manager Fontaine Muhammad captured some of the storm and posted the video on Facebook.

 It is in our interest to knock down every artificial barrier and take control of land to feed, clothe, shelter, create  and produce jobs, said the Minister. And, he said, we have to be willing to pay the price to free the land, freedom has never come without bloodshed. 

 “We should make that decision: It’s over! We’re not taking it anymore and we will not pass on to another generation the legacy of our cowardice, when we know the problem and won’t move to erase the problem,” he said.

“It’s better to be dead than to live under tyranny all of the days of our life,” said Min. Farrakhan. That thought moved the colonists to separate from the British Crown and declare “liberty or death.”

What kind of future will we give our children with stories of the past but living under oppression? he asked.

Min. Farrakhan has worked for over 40 years to build Black and Red unity, including his friendship and work with the late freedom fighter Wauneta Lonewolf, a full-blooded Lakota woman and Chief Ernie Longwalker as well as his stand in 1986 with the Navajo and Hopi tribes in Big Mountain, Arizona as the federal government tried to force Indians off of the land. Native American activists and groups have been part of the Nation of Islam Saviours’ Day conventions, participated in the Million Man March in 1995 and Min. Farrakhan spoke to about 1,800 Native American youth during a plenary session of the UNITY (United National Indian Tribal Youth) gathering in Washington, D.C., on July 10. Some 1,800 young people along with advisors, trainers and other adults gave the Minister a standing ovation and cheered his message. (See full coverage next week in The Final Call newspaper.)

In addition to his radio show, Mr. Nightwolf is founder of the National Congress of Black American Indians, which Black people with Indian blood and Native people with Black blood who are able to come together and not feel ridicule. His nationally aired program is 15-years-old and reaches more than 1.9 million listeners in the mid-Atlantic region alone.

If Native Americans and Blacks were united, we could eliminate poverty in our own communities, we could stop the desecration of Mother Earth and end pollution that comes from production of oil and coal, said Mr. Nightwolf. We could use alternative energy sources, he added.

“I see an historical coming together of Black people, Native American people and the ones that we consider Latinos—but there is no country named Latin, they are only Spanish speaking Indians that were invaded by the Europeans the same time we were invaded,” said Mr. Nightwolf. “I see a new awareness coming about. I see it every day in the young people I talk to. There is something brewing and it’s really going to be brewing this October 10, 2015. I want all my brothers and sisters to be there because it’s time to stand up and take a personal stand as well as a collective stand for the betterment of our people.”

The Minister’s words that no demand for justice was greater than the demand of the Black and the Red was like coming out of a “terrible dark storm but those words showed me a great magnificent sunrise over the hills of reality that something is coming,” he said.