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Petition launched in support of former radio host Warren Ballentine

By Starla Muhammad -Assistant Editor- | Last updated: Nov 12, 2014 - 8:17:42 AM

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Warren Ballentine
( - An online petition on White is calling for President Barack Obama to pardon embattled former nationally syndicated talk radio host Warren Ballentine. Mr. Ballentine, an attorney, was convicted last month on six counts of mortgage fraud stemming from what federal prosecutors said was a scheme involving Mr. Ballentine and others.

Mr. Ballentine took to his Facebook account, the day of his conviction and posted: “They have written these articles about me like I was the head. Like I did the loans. Like I made all this money. I made $350 a closing over a three year period, I made $9,600 total. The other people made millions. This kimjnews guy is a straight LIAR at the Sun-Times. We will appeal this, trust that.”

Media reports have focused on Mr. Ballentine, who pled not guilty, but the federal indictment also names Bobbie Brown, Wanda Rivera-Burton and Brenda Tibbs and “others” as “co-schemers.” The indictment against Mr. Ballentine which came down in 2012 said between December 2004 and May 2006 the group was involved in presenting false information on mortgage documents to lenders for people applying for home loans among other charges. They are accused of defrauding lenders of nearly $10 million. A 2010 federal indictment lists Wanda Rivera-Burton, Brenda Tibbs, Lynnette Johnson, Viktor Blanks, Dina Dunn and Nathaniel Maxwell as defendants. 

Mr. Ballentine is scheduled to be sentenced January 21, 2015 and faces up to 30 years in prison on each count, a $6 million fine and restitution of nearly $10 million, according to reports. He is now free on bond.

Known for its Black empowerment format and broaching a variety of topics including politics, U.S. government plots, economics and social justice the Warren Ballentine Show was broadcast daily via Radio One in dozens of cities around the country. He often permitted his show to be used as a platform  for a variety of voices and views in the Black community.

Activist and comedian Dick Gregory, National Urban League President and CEO Marc Morial, political commentator Armstrong Williams, CNN anchor Don Lemon, top advisor to President Obama, Valerie Jarrett, the Nation of Islam’s Minister Louis Farrakhan, activist Rev. Al Sharpton, members of the Congressional Black Caucus and President Barack Obama all appeared on the Warren Ballentine Show. His show broadcast live from events and conventions including the NAACP, Democratic and Republican National Conventions, Black Enterprise conference, the Nation of Islam Saviours’ Day convention and other meetings and gatherings. He was a consistent voice during the 2006 Jena 6 controversy in which six Black teens were charged with attempted second-degree murder of a White teen after a fight at school in Jena, La., between Black and White students. The incident stemmed from a noose found hanging on a tree where Black students at the school gathered.   

The online petition states the following:

Per the lawyers here is the facts about Warren’s case.

1. This is from closings that happened in 2004 and 05.

2. Warren opened his law office in Dec. of 2004.

3. Prior to that Warren had never done anything in real estate.

4. In Illinois the buyers’ attorney does none of the paper work.

5. All the closings that the witnesses testified to happened within the first 3 months of Warren opening his office.

6. Warren had been a lawyer for 18 months prior to these closings and arrived at least 35 mins. late to all the closings in which paperwork had already been signed.

7. Everyone who testified against Warren got 40 percent off their jail time.

8. Not one person testified Warren knew what they were doing.

Supporters of Mr. Ballentine posted sentiments and prayers for him on his FaceBook page.

“Man stay strong because that is the person you are. I am going to constantly pray for you and appeal everything that is not right. You are a voice for our people and misery loves company. Don’t be that person that give up. Faith of a mustard seed will get you through!” posted Tyrone D. Lofton.

Linda K. King-Blount wrote, “When you tell the truth it shames the devil. They are coming against you because of the truth you spread. Exposing too much they don’t like it.”

And Al-Nisa Shaheed posted, “Stay positive Warren Ballentine! They would rather see a monkey with a diamond ring than a Black man with anything! Including his freedom!

The online petition for Mr. Ballentine is available through