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Voices of the Youth: Angry, outraged, and committed

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Assistant Editor- | Last updated: Sep 3, 2014 - 8:43:39 AM

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Many gathered at the Canfield Green apartment complex, where unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown Jr., was killed by White cop Darren Wilson. Photos: Cartan X Moseley

FERGUSON, Mo. ( - During times like these, the voices of the youth are often ignored by mainstream media outlets and opportunistic leaders who appear to be more interested in gaining media attention than doing what’s right.

However, in Ferguson, members of a vocal and committed young activist group called Lost Voices, have been camped out since Michael Brown Jr., was killed. These young men and women faced the might of the militaristic police force directly, and lived to tell about it. They say they were in the streets before the cameras arrived, and they will be present after the cameras leave.

Dontey Carter is an extremely passionate and vocal leader of the youth.

“We’ve been out here since day one! When I say day one, I mean since they’ve been throwing tear gas at us. We were trying to peacefully protest! All we’re trying to do is get our voices heard and  that’s how we came up with Lost Voices,” said Mr. Carter. “The people that surround you, the law enforcement (officials), are out to hurt you—out to kill you! It is a brotherhood that they live in, it don’t have anything to do with religion, it don’t have nothing to do with no gang, it is about a new system!”

Dirty Boy Montana wore a shirt with the word “Global Thugs” on it. He said the shirt represents brotherhood and unity.

“It don’t matter what gang or what you’re on, we on some all around the world brotherly love to unify,” he said. At 33, and born and raised in St. Louis, he knows some of the youth want to take it to another level, and appear at times to be somewhat frustrated by the strategies of the established community leaders,  but it’s nothing to be concerned about, he said, because all are working towards a common goal.

“That’s that warrior in our blood. That’s cool and there’s a time and place for everything. I can understand both sides and everything. When it comes down to it, you got conflicts of methods going on and they’re both needed,” he added.

Near the Canfield Green Apartments where Michael Brown Jr. was killed by White police officer, Darren Wilson, youth activists held a sign reading “Smash Racist Police Murder” and listed the names of several Black men who have lost their lives at the hands of overzealous law enforcement officials.

“As youth we need to look at our brothers and sisters.  As youth we need to take care of our nephews and nieces. We need to not sit up here and be selfish,” said Marcita Harris. “This is the time to claim our unity. This is the time to bring our village together. This is the time for all our Black women to stand behind our Black men. I kept asking the question where are the women, where are the women and now we are here! We have been the voices, we have been the ones that have been chanting, grabbing our brother’s hands! This is the time we need to be here!” said Ms. Harris.

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