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Farrakhan delivers divine guidance for a troubled world, addresses Ferguson and Gaza

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Assistant Editor- | Last updated: Aug 19, 2014 - 1:17:38 PM

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The Muslim community, guests and community leaders from across the country filled Mosque Maryam at the Nation of Islam’s National Center, to hear Minister Louis Farrakhan’s power packed message: The Troubled World: What Should We Be Doing?, Aug. 17. Photo: Tim 6X

(L) Guests view sound bites of news out of Ferguson, MO, a St. Louis suburb that’s in turmoil after the death of slain youth, 18-year-old Michael Brown. (R) Police seen here in video wearing riot gear as their presence antagonizes angry protestors in Ferguson,MO.

CHICAGO - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan mounted the marble rostrum at Mosque Maryam with a very serious look on his face, to deliver a very serious message, at a very serious time.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan mounted the marble rostrum at Mosque Maryam with a very serious look on his face, to deliver a very serious message, at a very serious time. Photo: Michael Muhammad
“Black men are being shot down, but the courts don’t give us justice.. The shooting of this young man has triggered a response that has been building.”
—The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

“I come to you this morning troubled,” said Min. Farrakhan. “You’ve got to know that at the highest levels of government, they have plotted our demise.”

Speaking from the international headquarters of the Nation of Islam August 17, the Minister said he felt “anguish and torment” as he observed events taking place nationally and internationally over the past two months.

“Whether you believe it or not, you Black people in America—the despised, the rejected, the unloved, the unwanted, the suffering people of God—you are his choice and that is what the trouble in the world is all about,” said Min. Farrakhan. “There can be no peace in Gaza, there can be no peace in the Ukraine, or in Korea, or Japan, or China, or Europe, or Central and South America until the problem of the Black man and woman of America has been solved with justice!”

Prophecies are being fulfilled, as there are unusual weather happenings, civil unrest and conflicts raging all across the globe, and Chicago has been positioned to experience the fullness of what is being seen as the world  witnesses the  heavy handed use of force by a militarized police force in Missouri against protesters.

“There’s so much death in Chicago that they call it Chiraq! Our children live under gunfire. They are traumatized,” said the Minister.

“I’ve watched our moral conduct spiraling down, and I see the fratricidal conflict where Chicago is the epicenter of Black on Black murder,” said Min. Farrakhan. “Your killing each other will be the predicate for their action, coming in to kill us all,” he said.

At the same time, God has created this present generation for a particular purpose despite their flaws.

“In this audience today is the most precious group of young people that are the target of a wicked conspiracy that has emanated from the government of America itself,” said Min. Farrakhan. “You are under attack because the future of Black people is really in the hands of these courageous, dynamic powerful Black youth and all they need is right guidance,” he said.

Only a united outreach effort across religious and organizational lines will prevent what is on the way.

“They have a desire to kill us wholesale,” he noted. The police are not armed and equipped to “serve and protect,” they are armed and equipped to kill, he explained.

“The flashpoint in Missouri—what is it leading to?” he asked.

For decades, Minister Farrakhan has repeatedly warned that Black youth are being targeted. Many are unaware  that by their actions, they are functioning as conspirators in the plan to destroy Black people, he said.

“You are the people of God, but you are acting like agents of the devil and that has to stop,” he warned.

Compounding the problem is the fact that many Black leaders are afraid to go amongst the youth to hear their thoughts about what really is going on. As a result, a dangerous gap has formed between the youth and their elders. The elders would be incorrect to judge the youth, said the Minister.

“You are only seeing the repercussions of something that didn’t start with them,” he said.

He was critical of religious leaders who stay inside their houses of worship never stepping out to serve those in need. All the prophets of God showed the courage to deliver the word of God, despite being mocked, threatened and scorned.

“The message of Elijah Muhammad and the prophets is not for cowards,” he said.

The killing of Michael Brown under suspicious circumstances is one of many that has taken place in cities and towns across America. It is not that the Minister has not been saying this day was coming; it is just that many who have heard him speak have not taken heed to his warnings and guidance. He is aware of the violence in the inner cities of America, but that is an effect of that which has been caused by hidden manipulators. The Minister said he will not allow the president, both the executive and legislative branches of government, the National Security Administration, the Central Intelligence Agency nor the Federal Bureau of Investigation to escape responsibility for the environment their policies have created.

“Violence doesn’t just pop up! There is an underlying cause and context in which the violence is taking place,” he noted.

Gaza and Ferguson  

The Minister said his great anguish began as he watched the slaughter of the people of Gaza. The armed might of the Israeli military with weapons supplied by America showed the world the Israelis are the real terrorists. Using helicopter gunships, F-16s, armored tanks and an arsenal of armaments designed upon explosion to rip human bodies apart; the Israeli military has murdered over 1,930 people in what they call “Operation Protective Edge.”

“It was and it is the failure of the United States administration to be an honest broker for peace with her closest ally Israel, that has caused the current crisis in Gaza to reemerge today,” said the Minister. “How could the Muslim world remain silent in the face of such slaughter?” he asked.

All human beings should feel empathy for suffering people when innocent women and children are being killed. The resistance, led by Hamas has decided that they would rather die than live under the Israeli Occupation and many Palestinians feel the same way. Those who were slain died as martyrs, he said, but guidance related to this is found in the Holy Qur’an, which reads: “And speak not of those who are slain in Allah’s way as dead. Nay, (they are) alive, but you perceive not,” he explained further.

“Every child in Gaza that died is a martyr. Every male or female that was slaughtered is a martyr,” said the Minister. “When the breath left their bodies, their death and the pain of it went into the hearts of those that remain to continue the struggle,” he said.

The laws of war have been repeatedly violated by Israel, and now, just as it reads in the Bible, armies now surround Jerusalem, which is also a sign.

(L) Dr. Wesley Muhammad and hip-hop artist Jay Electronica pay close attention to Minister Farrakhan’s words. Photo: Haroon Rajaee (R) Long-time friend of the Nation of Islam, Ali Baghdadi sits in audience. Photo: Michael Muhammad
“Israel has exceeded the limits,” said the Minister. “These are war criminals.”

The blockades imposed on the Palestinians by Israel prevents basic food and medical supplies from reaching the suffering people. As a result, a human rights crisis has been created, according to the findings of many international watchdog groups.

Ferguson: The tipping point?

Ferguson is the microcosm of the macrocosm, and it has now reached “the boiling point,” he said.

“Black men are being shot down, but the courts don’t give us justice,” said the Minister. “The shooting of this young man has triggered a response that has been building.”

When he spoke with the father of Michael Brown and the attorneys working with the family, he reminded them to keep the focus on the death of the teenager, which is the real issue, not the damaged property and looting that took place. That was an emotional response by Black people in Ferguson to a perceived injustice. There is hatred for Black people in America that has always existed, but now, the mask of civility has been removed from their open enemies, and the people are responding to targeted violence and suppression.

“Injustice brings about a response, whether justified or not,” said the Minister. “The need for justice is in the eyes of those who feel deprived of it,” he added.

Youth applauds during the Minister’s message. Photo by Mustiqqir Muhammad

The same equipment used in the Occupied Territories and theaters of war across the globe in far off places like Iraq and Afghanistan is now being used in the United States of America. Although no one wants to see the people slaughtered in the streets, it does appear that many are resisting rule by militarized police units. The street scenes in Ferguson have erupted looking similar to what is often seen in foreign lands where the United States government typically champions the cause of protesters said to be “striking back” against repressive regimes in their pursuit of justice and freedom.

The Minister received a report that members of the Fruit of Islam joined arms with Black people in Ferguson when confronting an approaching armored personnel carrier. He said he was proud of those standing on the front lines willing to give their lives.

“We have come forward to offer our lives for our people,” said Min. Farrakhan. “We don’t run from death, we run to death because we know that our death will be answered by God!”

(L) The Aug 17 speech attracted activist Wallace “Gator” Bradley and other Chicago residents. Photo: Haroon Rajaee (R) Men who came to hear Minister Farrakhan speak were moved by his words. Photo: Mustiqqir Muhammad

Reactions to a thought-provoking message

Comedian and motivational speaker Michael Colyar was is in town producing a video with members of the Hip Hop community to bring an end to gang violence and to produce unity and pride amongst Black men.

“It was excellent, correct, right on point, well needed, overdue and something that we need to be telling brothers,” said Mr. Colyar of Min. Farrakhan’s message. “We need to remind brothers who they are and uplift them and remind them that we are a great people and that we come from kings.”

Hip Hop recording artist Twista said the bridging of the gap between the youth and the elders is key. Being from Chicago, he has seen many changes  and said that he believes the current situation can change for the better and must.

“I think it was a beautiful message and the part that I wanted to hear the most was the part at the end where he told all of the brothers that they have to stop the bloodshed, stop fighting each other, and we’ve got to band together or the wrath of God is going to come down on us, and I believe that,” said Twista.

An overflow crowd sits outside as they look on the mosque’s marquee to hear the Minister’s lecture.

Reyes, a Latino spoken word artist cancelled a scheduled show in Philadelphia so he could make it to Chicago to see Min. Farrakhan. As someone interested in history, prominent historical figures, and leaders with positive messages, he felt he had to be here. He said issues like police brutality, militarization from the police force are issues that affect Latinos also.

“Having an invitation to come see Minister Farrakhan speak, you don’t get that many opportunities,” said Reyes. “There are certain folks who speak truth to power, and when you speak truth to power there is a universal message within that and I think his message also speaks to Latinos and there is more solidarity in Chicago to be built between Blacks and Latinos.”

Amara Enyia is a candidate for mayor of Chicago running as an independent. She said the message was “timely and powerful” and about bringing people together to work beyond differences to move in the direction of making progress.  

“It is the message that we need to hear—particularly for the younger generation,” said Ms. Enyia. “A lot of what we hear is so negative that there is a sense of hopelessness, but his message about unlocking the power we have to transform communities, it is essential that we internalize that message and take it back to the community,” she added.

Community activist Afrika Porter, said it was the first time she had heard about NBA player Dwight Howard having to backpedal on his Palestine tweet.

Mosque Maryam, the Nation of Islam flagship mosque, was the scene of thousands of visitors who came to hear Minister Farrakhan’s speech titled: The Troubled World: What Should We Be Doing? The Minister spoke on the recent murder of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.
“It is important that we know that we don’t need to apologize today, especially when we have a brother like Minister Farrakhan who will back you and sisters like us that come together. You don’t have to apologize,” she said.

Educator Tara Stamps, of the Chicago Black Teacher Caucus said it really felt good to be treated with reverence by the men of the Fruit of Islam in terms of “the patience,  due diligence, and respect” they demonstrated.

“I think there is a divinity to everything that Minister Farrakhan speaks,” said Ms. Stamps. “It also felt good to be a Black woman today in this space. It was precious. Too often Black women are vilified. We are the least, the last and the left out. But today, it felt like coming home.”

Hip Hop activist Jasiri X said Min. Farrakhan delivered solutions to the issues facing oppressed people nationally and internationally.

“The question then becomes whether we are going to take his guidance and advice that he has been giving us for the many years he has been a watcher on the wall for our community. That is for us now as Hip Hop artists to come together, figure out any beefs we have and squash those, and then begin to get into the work of putting that message in the minds of our people that is going to inspire them to do something differently.”

Chuck Creekmur CEO of called the Minister’s message “expansive” and said people are waking up.

“He gave everybody something they could grab on to,” said Mr. Creekmur. “I think what’s going on is that people worldwide are beginning to connect the dots and connecting struggles with each other.”