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A celebration of family

By News | Last updated: Jul 1, 2014 - 9:33:58 PM

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Muhammad’s Study Group of College Park in Georgia, hosted student Minister Nuri Muhammad and his beautiful wife, Sister Terri Muhammad, as a part of its Mosque fundraising weekend of events titled, “How to Build A Happy Family Life.” 

Over 300 people from New York, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Jersey, Atlanta and the City of College Park were welcomed by student Study Group Coordinator, Brother Stanley Muhammad and the Believers of College Park.

The weekend began with Sis. Terri speaking at the Southern Regional Headquarters M.G.T. & G.C.C. Class. Later that day, all convened at the Holiday Inn to hear Bro. Nuri share a few of the jewels the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches on how to build strong families.  The spirit was high among all that attended the fundraising banquet who were eager to learn, fellowship, dine and dance. 

“The enemy has known that the male and female are not independent entities that can reach their full potential operating in the universe by themselves. But that the male and female are ‘inter-dependent’ entities that can only reach their full potential when they are in cooperation with one another,” Bro. Nuri pointed out in his remarks. He explained that to be independent means that you exist for yourself, by yourself, where you can be all you can be on your own.  But to be inter-dependent means that we need one another.

“You need me and I need you. So ever since the enemy made contact with us in the homeland, in the Motherland, in East Asia that they now call, Africa, they have always been working to destroy the family unit,” Bro. Nuri continued.

The words shared by Bro. Nuri couldn’t have been more poignant being delivered in College Park, a city where 77 percent of households are headed by single females and 23 percent by single men. The city population is roughly 14,700.

The evening concluded with a Youth Concert featuring local artists promoting positive messages such as Bro. Nasir who performed his hit song promoting Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint.  The audience was eager to follow the hook of the song inspiring them to ‘wave and throw their nickels in the air.’ Other artist included, Bro. Yuseph, poetess Victoria, songstress Karriemah and the comedic talents of Bro. Sahmir.

Bro. Stanley thanked the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for blessing the weekend’s events and allowing one of his best student ministers, Bro. Nuri to come to the City of College Park and address the community.  On Sunday after delivering the main message in College Park, all attendees caravanned over to the Southern Regional Headquarters in Atlanta and were welcomed by Southern Regional Student Minister Sharrieff Muhammad and the Believers of Muhammad Mosque No. 15. The weekend concluded with a beautiful message by Bro. Nuri addressing the importance of strengthening the relationships among the Believing family. The room filled to capacity with guests and Believers from both College Park and Muhammad Mosque No.15 radiated a spirit of  love and unity’, a representation of the South at its Best!

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