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DISCLOSURE: Revealing the Truth about UFOs

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Assistant Editor- | Last updated: Mar 12, 2014 - 3:09:05 PM

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Cover-ups, lies and misinformation must come to an end, say activists

Many organizations active in UFO research generate composite aircraft illustrations based on case files, some of which were displayed at the 2014 International UFO Congress. Research into drone, satellite and stealth aircraft technologies by defense contractors and the U.S. Government runs into the trillions of dollars.

FOUNTAIN HILLS, Arizona - The visual accounts arrive daily. The discussions are endless. Although a vast majority of the American population believes they exist, not much information is forthcoming from the U.S. Government and military regarding the reality of what are commonly referred to as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).

The ranks of those pushing for official disclosure and an end to the high level secrecy which surrounds their existence is growing. What has for nearly seven decades been considered “Above Top Secret” is now being revealed by authors, investigative journalists, and former political and military officials who are writing books, articles and speaking out about what they have learned or experienced.

Many of them convened recently in Fountain Hills, Arizona nestled beneath the beautiful mountains that surround the Fort McDowell Indian Reservation for the 23rd Annual International UFO Conference sponsored by Open Minds Productions.

Open Minds Magazine is a leading publication with interesting articles and high level sourcing related to investigation of extraterrestrial, UFO and other aerial phenomena. They lead the charge in bringing information related to such topics to a global audience by taking issues that have been marginalized and creating a professional and informative conference for enthusiasts and researchers to share knowledge.

Theologian Ted Peters, author of the book “UFOs: God’s Chariots?” spoke on the subject “UFO Abductions: Are they spiritual?” on the first day of the conference.

It is quite interesting that most of those who have what are called “abduction experiences” say what happened to them elevated them or brought them into a higher level of existence—an increased sense of self. They often speak of entering into other dimensions, as well as an increased connection or unity with nature and the things around them. Mr. Peters said the abduction accounts are “often dripping with spiritual valence.”

Many gathered in Fountain Hills, Arizona for the 23rd International UFO Congress. Photo: Hilario Alexander

Private sessions at the conference were held for those who have had sightings, visitation or abduction experiences. Although the sessions were closed to the media, there was no shortage of volunteers to tell their stories.

One was acclaimed author Timothy Good, who wrote the landmark publication “Above Top Secret” and over a dozen other books on the unexplained aerial phenomena and extraterrestrial (ET) encounters.

“On three occasions I have met ETs who clearly were very telepathic, and they could read my mind and they were very, very interesting experiences,” said Mr. Good. Two of his encounters were in America and the other was in the central European country of Poland. “The last one was about nine years ago in Poland—which is a long story. I won’t go into detail. It was quite disturbing in some ways, but at least I had witnesses,” he added.

His most recent book “Earth: An Alien Enterprise” deals with information he has received from highly placed government and military sources dealing with what he referred to as a “one hundred year plan”—which began in the 1940s—in which ETs will have completed their hybridization program—the creation of a new people  consisting of a genetic mixture of the technologically, psychically, and dimensionally superior ETs and selected humans.

During his presentation, “UFOs: Science or Science Fiction?’ Col. John Alexander showed a photo (shown above) of Min. Farrakhan speaking during Saviours’ Day 2011 to make the point that interest in UFOs is growing, and though the IUFOC is great, he said the Nation of Islam’s gathering was much larger with the Minister bringing UFO truth to over 17,000. Photo: Hilario AlexanderPhoto: Hakeem Khaaliq

It is a foregone conclusion that the technology being displayed by those piloting these aircraft are using advanced technology. Cloaking technologies, jet propulsion advancements and inertia displacement are demonstrated by most UFOs. This world’s scientists are still trying to gain the knowledge of what makes those movements possible—and spending billions to do so. Although opinions appear to be mixed regarding whether those operating the aircraft are friends or foes, one analyst believes discussions on that particular matter are pointless.

“If they are not peaceful, we can forget it,” said Robert Powell, Director of Research for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the largest UFO investigation organization in the U.S.

To further illustrate this point, Mr. Powell described what it would be like taking a computer microchip and asking the finest scientists back in the mid-1500s to reverse engineer the technology then explain what it was. They would not have the technological tools, nor the arc of knowledge to even begin to describe or interpret what they were looking at.

Timothy Good

“Do we believe that we are so unique that just because we don’t know how to do it, a civilization hundreds of years more advanced than us doesn’t know how to do it?” asked Mr. Powell. “If UFOs are extraterrestrial, they are at least hundreds of years more advanced than us, and a technology that is hundreds of years more advanced than us, to us is magic. What you would see would be magic—you would not be able to explain it. An Air Force would not have any hope of trying to understand what this phenomenon is,” he added.

This tallies with the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad related to the science and technology on the Great Wheel also called The Mother Plane, which he described as “a masterpiece of mechanics and engineering.” The 1,500 smaller wheels that emanate from it have displayed the same type of maneuvers and are also designed for military purposes. To those who have mastered atmospheric and multi-dimensional travel defying the known laws of physics and gravity, Western civilization would be considered “primitive.”

Mr. Powell said because of the arrogance of the American people and government, there is an “Anthropocentric” view that what exists on Earth is the only civilization, but there are others out there, in fact SETI  researchers (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) were commissioned to conduct investigations for that very purpose.

“We’re just not as important as we think we are,” he said.

A Scientific Analysis

In 2011, the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviours’ Day convention was themed ‘A Scientific Analysis of the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.”

Some of the best minds in the field of  Ufology came together at the call of Minister Farrakhan to discuss “The Truth About the Existence of Unidentified Flying Objects.” International experts discussed the phenomenon and its relationship to the teachings of Elijah Muhammad and the divine judgment of America. The plenary session alone held 5,000 people. The presentation was also shown in overflow rooms as well as carried live via internet webcast. By all accounts, it was the largest gathering to deal with the UFO phenomenon ever in the U.S.  

(L-R) Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group, author Timothy Good, Robert Powell of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and Col. John Alexander following their panel discussion titled “Government Cover-Up?” Photo: Ashahed M. Muhammad
Recently, Minister Farrakhan called on President Obama to open up the area in Roswell, New Mexico, known as “Area 51” to scientists for a real thorough examination, and many highly placed UFO experts agree with him. Area 51 is famous for a very well-known and controversial UFO incident. Don Schmitt was one of the presenters at that 2011 gathering who met with Minister  Farrakhan. He is one of the foremost researchers on the suspicious circumstances surrounding Area 51 and was a presenter at the IUFOC.

As an investigative journalist and five-time best-selling author, one would be hard pressed to find someone with more information regarding the situation than Mr. Schmitt. Schmitt is the former co-director of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), where he served as the director of special investigations for over a decade co-authoring three books, “UFO Crash at Roswell,” “The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell” and “Witness to Roswell.”

During his presentation at the IUFOC, he discussed cryogenically preserved remains, the testimonies of those who claimed to have seen “child-size beings” and how certain areas of military bases have been classified as “off limits”—even to the actual base commanders. The crowd listened to details of what he described as “self-healing metal” which returns to its original shape even after being altered involved in a crash. There is a nonmagnetic alloy of titanium and nickel that after being deformed returns to its original shape upon being reheated, which is called Nitinol. (nickel + titanium + -nol from Naval Ordnance Laboratory, where it was created). Its first known public use is listed as 1968, however, the Roswell incident took place nearly two decades earlier.

“You have what the government tells the public, and then you have what the government does,” said Mr. Powell.

Stephen Bassett, who leads the Paradigm Research Group (PRG) and spearheaded the 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure which Min. Farrakhan attended, believes there has been a UFO cover-up for decades. The Government is so deeply buried in lies after nearly seven decades of high-level secrecy that it does not know how to dig itself out, said Mr. Basset.

“It is the skill of disinformation that the U.S. government has perfected,” said Mr. Bassett. “This is not just the most important subject facing governments and the military, but the entire planet Earth,” he added.

From April 29 to May 3, 2013 researchers, activists, military and political officials representing ten countries gave testimony in Washington, D.C. to six former members of the United States Congress about events and evidence indicating an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and the unprecedented manner in which it was conducted is considered a watershed moment in the UFO disclosure movement. According to Mr. Basset, the result was over 30 hours of testimony from 40 witnesses over a five-day period. Information made available the press and the general public.  

The PRG’s Congressional Hearing Initiative is scheduled to launch on March 31 with the shipping of 535 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure DVD sets to the House and Senate offices. PRG also plans to send copies to select ambassadors at the United Nations. The goal is to get military officials, political officials and those from multiple cross agency committees to appear before members of the House and/or Senate to deliver truth regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters. Currently, Mr. Bassett is the only registered lobbyist in the U.S. representing UFO and extraterrestrial related phenomena research/activist organizations.

What is known?

Minister Farrakhan has stated on numerous occasions that the U.S. government and its top scientists have known about the presence of The Great Wheel since the 1940’s, when they raided the home of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and confiscated his and Master Fard Muhammad’s writings about and drawings of The Wheel. The government has been hiding this knowledge not only from the common American people, but they’ve also classified it as “Above Top Secret” keeping it hidden from even the nation’s presidents, said the Minister.  

Mr. Bassett, also the co-producer of the documentary “Truth Embargo” said he would continue pressuring the U.S. government to share all that they know. He consistently investigates Black Budget operations, the existence of underground facilities, and evidence that is kept from the general public.

Col. John Alexander, author of the book “UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities” gives an insider’s account of what he did while still on active duty in the U.S. Army during the 80s.   He created an interagency group to explore the topic of UFOs bringing together personnel from the Army, Navy, Air Force, CIA, NSA, DIA, and the aerospace industry. He believes UFOs exist, however, he believes neither those who believe they don’t exist nor those who see a total global conspiracy have an accurate picture.

“I have a problem with both the true believers and the skeptics, and both of them come in with preexisting views and don’t want to hear anything that varies from what they already believe—no matter what the facts (are). Neither side is interested in facts.  And so, when you try to present them with facts, they get upset,” he said.

Although many in the “UFO Movement” tend to get angry with him, he says he believes UFOs are real, and knows the interest is there. During his presentation, he showed a photo of Min. Farrakhan speaking in 2011 at Saviours’ Day to make the point that interest in UFOs is growing, however when analyzing the so-called “cover-up” he believes many lack the knowledge of governmental systems—which includes bureaucracy—and lack of critical thinking. With regards to the U.S. military, he believes at times it is ineptitude and even disinterest rather than an omniscient strategy of deception.

“The military’s job is to provide security, not to answer interesting questions,” he said.

(Look for more coverage of the 23rd Annual IUFOC in future editions of The Final Call.)