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More snow, more trouble for Pa., East Coast

By AP | Last updated: Mar 3, 2014 - 12:59:41 PM

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A woman ducks under a utility line next to an ice covered downed tree that landed atop a minivan, after a winter storm Feb. 5, in Philadelphia. Icy conditions knocked out power to more than 200,000 electric customers in southeastern Pennsylvania and prompted school and legislative delays as well as speed reductions on major roadways. Photo: AP World Wide photos
PHILADELPHIA - The National Weather Service said a recent winter storm prompted speed restrictions on Pennsylvania highways and the turnpike and brought several additional inches of snow to the commonwealth.

Forecasters say observers reported 4.5 inches of snow in Mercer County in Western Pennsylvania and 3.5 inches in Berks County in Eastern Pennsylvania.

In Philadelphia, between 2 and 3 inches was reported. Allegheny, Butler, Venango and Lehigh counties are each reported 3 inches of snow.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike reduced speed limits to 45 mph along the entire turnpike system Feb. 18 due to heavy snow and icy conditions, and the same speed limit was in effect on many commonwealth interstates and other roads.

Temperatures were above freezing Feb. 18 and were expected to rise to the 40s to mid-50s, he said.

Coastal areas in Maine and Massachusetts saw blizzard-like conditions with more than a foot of snow during a storm on Feb. 15, and thousands on Cape Cod were left without power. Maine was expected to get another 4 to 8 inches of snow. Boston expected 1 to 3 inches but Worcester, located west of the capital, was looking at 6 to 8 inches.

On Feb. 17, several inches of snow fell across the Great Lakes, causing Chicago’s two airports to cancel more than 1,000 flights.

In Michigan, crashes closed portions of Interstate 96 in Grand Rapids and the Muskegon area saw whiteout conditions.

The previous week, snow, sleet and ice that bombarded the Southeast brought its ferocity into the East Coast a day later. About 1.2 million utility customers lost power as the storm moved from the South through the Northeast. Schools, businesses and government offices closed.

The recent storms have been blamed for the deaths of at least 25 people. (AP)