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Blacks remain a colonized people

By Richard B. Muhammad | Last updated: Dec 17, 2013 - 5:12:54 PM

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CHICAGO ( - The time of separation is at hand and holding on to former slavemasters and onetime colonizers will not bring the success and freedom Blacks worldwide need, warned the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“Many colonies in Africa, the Caribbean and in Central America were gifted their freedom, except Haiti. So when your former slave master gifts you something, you better be careful that it’s not a Trojan horse. Is it something that has in it something that will overcome you, and eventually keep you in colonized state?” he asked.

“Black peoples’ condition in Africa, the Caribbean and Central America is nothing more than a colony of Blacks subjected to the whim or will of outside forces. So, you are separate, but very, very unequal … So now, your desire is to integrate into the major colonial power—not completely separate from them?” asked the Minister in part 49 of his 52-week series The Time and What Must Be Done. The weekly broadcast airs Saturday evenings at 6 p.m. CST. The Minister’s message was delivered Dec. 14 . See edited transcript.

Instead of being free people, the Black former colonies in Africa and the Caribbean remain tied to their former masters through the systems of education, law and international affairs and agencies, he noted. But these countries remain underdeveloped and export raw materials only to import expensive finished products, whether food, clothing or other manufactured goods like computers and cell phones.

The International Monetary Fund and others also force these nations to embark on programs that involve selling off of natural resources and land in exchange for loans or as loan guarantees. Despite decades of theories of structural adjustment and demands for political reforms and changes that suit Western interests, these “independent” nations find themselves struggling to survive—hurt when commodity prices drop, when tourism wanes, when disaster strikes or when political instability rears its ugly head.

A current example is seen in the Central African Republic where France has intervened to protect her commercial interests in the country, under the guise of ending violence, with help from African forces and transportation by the United States military.

In America,­­­ Blacks are confined to areas that they do not control and areas lacking in resources and economic opportunity. Every time Blacks seek or believe they are gaining political independence or a measure of autonomy, areas are gerrymandered to limited Black power and maintain White control, Min. Farrakhan added. The Black areas of the country remain nothing more than colonies, he said.    

Blacks were never properly outfitted with what was necessary for true independence but separation was a solution broached by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, continued Min. Farrakhan. “Mr. Lincoln said that it was morally right that we be separated; and, it was in the best self-interest of America to do so! And what President Lincoln was looking for then were those strong men and women in government who would recognize and have the will to do this! As it was then, so it is now. In fact, it is more morally correct that we separated. In fact, it is more in America’s self-interest to help us to go for self,” said Min Farrakhan.

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