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Separation and White fear of genetic annihilation

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Asst. Editor- | Last updated: Oct 8, 2013 - 4:48:19 PM

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CHICAGO ( - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan used logic, facts and scientific proof as he continued to lay out the case showing that Black people have arrived at the time in which separation from their former slavemasters and their children must take place.

In now the 39th week of his planned 52-week lecture series, the Minister discussed “Why the Transgenic Seed and the Natural Seed Cannot Coexist and Why the Grafted Human Being is Disagreeable to Live with in Peace.” This message was delivered during the broadcast, which aired October 5.

“Co-existence is impossible because the transgenic or grafted seed will contaminate and eventually overcome the natural seed,” said the Minister. 

He immediately referred to “What the Muslims Want and What the Muslims Believe” which has appeared on the back page of the Muhammad Speaks Newspaper since 1962, and in every edition of The Final Call. He said the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told him, “What you find on that back page is the constitution of the Nation of Islam.”

The principles are universal and extend to all people, said the Minister. 

“You will find that what the Muslims want is what every human being on our planet wants for themselves,” he added.  

He pointed out that the first three “wants” are freedom, justice and equality. Black people do not have freedom because their actions are limited according to the desires of their enemies. Black people clearly have not received justice under the laws of this land under the governance of its present rulers. This is demonstrated almost daily as Blacks are regularly subjected to extrajudicial executions and wrongful imprisonment. And finally, with Black people suffering from high levels of unemployment, lack of quality education and living conditions, there is no equality of opportunity. 

Since none of the first three “wants” have been achieved, then the fourth point—separation—is now what is required.

“Unfortunately, race relations will continue to get worse because the government just cannot provide enough food, clothing, shelter, jobs or justice for us.  And as we sit around waiting for somebody else to do this for us and demanding what we feel are our basic rights as so-called citizens, we are making our former slavemasters and their children more angry with us and thus, they are becoming more disagreeable to live with in peace,” said the Minister.

Genetic annihilation

The natural death of the White race and declining birthrate in America and Europe has caused alarm among social and political scientists. Additionally, the growth of the religion of Islam and the influx of immigrants from Muslim lands has Whites feeling threatened. Despite depopulation efforts, the birthrate of the Original people of the planet continues to grow.

According to statistics used by the group America Working, 2.11 children per family are needed for a culture to maintain themselves. No culture has ever reversed a 1.9 fertility rate and a 1.3 fertility rate would take 80 to 100 years to correct itself. In France, the birth rate is 1.8, in England, 1.6, in Greece and Germany, 1.3, in Italy, 1.2 and in Spain 1.1. In the European Union which consists of 31 countries, the birth rate is 1.4. In Canada, 1.6. The Muslim birth rate is rapidly outpacing the birthrate of Whites in France, in Great Britain and the Netherlands according to America Working.

This has also accounted for the large spike in Islamophobia as many attempt to link Islam in general—and the Nation of Islam in particular—to terrorism, despite the fact that there is no history of any Nation of Islam members engaging in terrorism, unless exposing liars is considered terrorism, he said.

“The only thing that might terrorize you—especially if you’ve lied to the American people and deceived them—it might terrify you that someone is bold enough, courageous enough, fearless enough, righteous enough to stand up and tell the truth,” said Minister Farrakhan.

The Minister briefly discussed the origins of the White race. Characterized as a “genetic mutation” which resulted in lack of melanin in hair, eyes and skin color, this condition  manifested 6,000 plus years ago, according to scientists. In fact, many geneticists have published findings corresponding to the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Scientists are still unable to account for what they called a “dramatic genetic convulsion,” however it is no mystery to those who have studied Mr. Muhammad’s teachings on the making of the White race which can be found in his book “Message to the Blackman in America.”

In the Bible it says that their womb will be cursed and their land will be cursed, and the prophetic words written in the bible are happening now, the Minister noted.

“This is like a warning to White people to get them ready for a change that they are not in control of,” said the Minister. “Will you, as a White person, be able to survive?” he asked.