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Bearing witness to the heart, spirit and works of Minister Farrakhan

By Jesse Muhammad -Final Call Social Media- | Last updated: Aug 5, 2013 - 2:32:15 PM

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Rashad Muhammad speaks at Muhammad Mosque No. 46 in New Orleans, L.A.
NEW ORLEANS, La. ( - When most members of the Nation of Islam and the general public see Rashad Muhammad, he’s most likely not stationary and not talking much.

Other times you won’t even see him because he’s working behind the scenes as a member of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s security detail.

However, to the surprise and joy of Muhammad Mosque No. 46, he visited the Crescent City to mount the witness stand and give a testimony of his personal walk with Minister Farrakhan for nearly 30 years.

“Can’t no one tell me of Minister Farrakhan’s love and work. He works tirelessly,” said Rashad Muhammad during a lecture titled “God So Loved The World.”

The packed audience frequently applauded as Bro. Rashad delivered a message that intertwined his personal upbringing and challenges, his early Muslim days, the value of living the word and the importance of recognizing God’s love.

“As a young Black man, I was a victim of a lack of self-love. I did not know myself. Many of us act out of our insecurities and begin to act in a way just to become acceptable by others,” said Bro. Rashad.

“Since we don’t think much of ourselves, we don’t think God loves us. There is nothing that you can think of that God hasn’t already prepared for you to receive. Minister Farrakhan taught me to love myself so I can love others. The more we love ourselves, the more we love the God who created us.”

Bro. Rashad, who is 49, became a registered member of the N.O.I. in Chicago at the age of 19. He has crisscrossed the country and the globe with Minister Farrakhan for the past 28 years; witnessing the love of the respected leader in countless public and private settings.

“Minister Farrakhan is the same in private as he is in the public. I bear witness! The man you read of is the man I know,” he said. “You don’t have to keep looking back for a Jesus. Read your book and examine the works of Minister Farrakhan.”

A packed house listened as Bro. Rashad Muhammad delivered his testimony. Photos: Jesse Muhammad
“We could all be made whole if we would just apply the principles of Jesus,” he continued. “What renews you is not a new outfit. What renews you is the mind of God.”

“I loved how he spoke not only to Muslims, but Christians as well and brought us into the picture. I really enjoyed it and aspects of his message I wrote down and I am taking back to my church,” said Martha Turner, who was in attendance,

“One thing I like that you all do at the mosque that we don’t do in the church is you all go after and pay attention to youth, particularly the young men. And then you all make them into responsible men. I love that,” she said.

Kevin O’Neal of the Uptown area said, “I can honestly say I felt better hearing him. I’ve never been more inspired to walk a better path and give praises to God at all times.”

“I enjoyed the testimony of how he travels with Louis Farrakhan and his firsthand experience. It was a very comforting message,” added Artesia Mashia.

Tony Muhammad of Miami said, “I believe this should be a national tour because when we get a firsthand testimony from those who have walked with the Minister, how he genuinely loves us and wants the best for us, then more people will come to know the Minister through that love that they have experienced firsthand.”

“The Minister has a witness in Bro. Rashad. His credibility is unimpeachable, his experience unassailable,” tweeted Student Minister Jamil Muhammad of Baltimore.

Believers treated to Q & A session

“Don’t be shy about asking questions,” are the words Bro. Rashad spoke during a special afternoon meeting for Believers.

“I have a duty to the Believers to come and share with you all what Allah has blessed me with as it relates to the Minister’s service. His life has been a life of service,”  he said.

“His (Min. Farrakhan’s) character is impeccable and that comes from what he does. You don’t get character by saying good things. Character comes based on how you serve and what you do. That’s the type of man we have.”

He first shared how he grew up in the Windy City with very fond memories of Islam. “Minister Farrakhan used to speak in the building across from where I grew up.”

Abdullah Muhammad, who presently serves as the student Prison Reform Minister, invited him to the mosque. After becoming a registered member, he was trained by then Supreme Captain Frank Muhammad (now Ali Muhammad) in security.

“Security is not necessarily a physical reality; it’s based on a spiritual reality. Most people think that security is based on being big and bulky. But it’s also based on the principles of your ability to think,” said Bro. Rashad.

In response to a question about how it feels to be constantly in the Minister’s presence, he said, “I am still not comfortable where I take certain advantages or leeway. I’m very respectful and mindful of who he is and his presence among us.”

He fielded questions about the Minister’s battles with the Jews, the late Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gadhafi, witnessing the Mother Wheel, Khallid Muhammad, the Minister’s near death experiences and major surgery, balancing the mission and family life, behind the scenes travel experiences, and more.

“I have watched Minister Farrakhan, in excruciating pain, come to the mosque and speak for four hours because of his love for us,” he said. “If you ever want to see God’s heart in the flesh, I can assure you, you will see it in that man.”

“Brother Rashad came to the city determined to serve the Believers and testify of the love of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan. We believe he did just that and more. During this weekend I believe we only scratched the surface of what brother knows from his travels and experience with the Minister,” said Student Minister Willie Muhammad of New Orleans.

“We know the Minister from what we read, see and listen to. I believe that many on the team know him from that standpoint as well, however, that view is deepened by their personal witness of the divinely guided life of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan,” he added.