Advocates seek national Vaccine Safety Commission

By Barrington M. Salmon -Contributing Writer- | Last updated: Apr 5, 2017 - 11:28:01 AM

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WASHINGTON—Jose Ramirez and Marijo De Guzman of Ferndale, Wash., carry the weight and sorrow of their son’s death in their faces and demeanor.

The couple is struggling to come to terms with the way six-year-old Daniel died. They remain convinced that a series of vaccines administered to their son led to his death.

“In September 2016, we received a letter of expulsion from Daniel’s school. It said he could not come back to school unless he had an appointment or went to get vaccine injections,” Jose Ramirez recalled. “My wife called the doctor’s office and we went in the same day.”

“He was given nine vaccines. He had a fever, runny nose and he didn’t want to eat. He was also very tired. We treated it as flu. He got better then he got worse.”

Ms. De Guzman said no one at the doctor’s office gave them a pamphlet or offered an overview of what the effects of the vaccines might be,” she said. “They said he’d probably get a cold. We didn’t think anything of it.”

The couple said that about two weeks after receiving the shots, Daniel started complaining about headaches and stomach pains and they treated it with children’s medicines and Ibuprofen. When the symptoms got worse with Daniel walking unbalanced, drooling, and being unable to keep any food down, they decided to take him to the emergency room. Hospital officials said they didn’t have the means to treat Daniel and he and his mother were airlifted to Seattle Children Hospital in Seattle 90 minutes away.

Daniel was in the hospital for two weeks and died while there. Ms. De Guzman said she was able to wash her son, give him a bath and dress him in his Ninja Turtle outfit.

Robert Kennedy, Jr.
The grieving couple were in Washington, D.C., on the weekend of March 30 to support the efforts of other parents, scientists, journalists and others who are gravely concerned that the pharmaceutical companies, the medical community, scientists and the government are hiding the truth of the effects of vaccines on their children and are demanding answers. More than 275 medical doctors, individuals with doctoral degrees, scientists and organizations, submitted a letter to President Trump asking him to form an independent Vaccine Safety Commission.In January there was a stir when Robert Kennedy, Jr., a vaccine safety advocate, told the media President Trump asked him to chair a commission on vaccine safety. The Trump administration said later that the two men met but no appointment or commission was in the offing.

“President Trump’s call for a Vaccine Safety Commission has largely been derided by those who profit from vaccines and by the mainstream media,” said Dr. Paul Thomas, an AAP board-certified pediatrician in a statement. “We came to Washington to talk directly with the media in hopes that they will recognize and report that many doctors and scientists support this commission.” 

Those gathered in the press conference are demanding the truth from pharmaceutical companies and doctors about the ingredients of vaccines, the dangers inherent in contaminated vaccines and the impact of such vaccines on children. Investigations into the ingredients have revealed neurotoxins, anti-freeze, mercury, aborted fetal tissue and a variety of cancer-causing materials, among others, doctors and scientists told the audience.

“They are adding so many different vaccines. There are many more unknowns than knowns and there are rhetorical questions that do have answers,” award-winning science journalist and author Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D. told the audience at the National Press Club. “Thousands of parents are reporting harm to their children. We can’t continue to call thousands of stories false.”


“It’s inaccurate for journalists to frame this as a pro versus anti-vaccine debate. We’re asking questions about the vaccines’ safety and efficacy. We don’t want our children to suffer infections and other illnesses. We want children with healthy bodies and healthy brains. We want more balanced and accurate reporting. The media must start telling the truth.”

But several speakers, including moderator Del Bigtree, spoke of the fierce pushback by big pharmaceutical concerns with deep pockets and millions to lobby Congress who they say have effectively been silenced. Writing about these stories are often career killers, he said.

“There are doctors who have told us, ‘I’d be Ninja-kicked out of my profession if I talked about that,’ ” said Mr. Bigtree, a TV producer and co-producer of the documentary “Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe. “And there are journalists who want to follow and write about what this is but you risk your career every time you try to write it.”

Student Minister Tony Muhammad
The letter sent to the president cites two recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) whistleblowers’ actions as clear examples of why a vaccine safety commission is justified and needed.

Student Minister Tony Muhammad, Western Regional Minister of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, said the Nation has been involved in the vaccine movement for nearly a year.

“Robert Kennedy, Jr. made us aware of the poisoning of Black boys,” Min. Muhammad said during a recent interview. “We’ve toured nearly 40 urban cities in the country, including Atlanta, Tulsa, Tampa, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Charlotte and Washington, D.C. This has been an issue for more than 15 years. In every city I’ve been to, it’s nearly standing room only.”

“The cry from mothers who knew something was wrong but who were bullied by doctors and nurses to allow them to give their children the vaccines is painful. It makes me want to hurt someone. This is validating how some of these mothers have felt. The doctors told mothers it was genetic. What really hurts the American public is that Congress passed a law in 1986 where you can’t sue.”

“Just like Black Lives Matter, this will be a major issue. Police are killing us and now they are poisoning our babies. We trust the doctors. Whatever the white coats and stethoscopes say, we believe them.”

“A group met with more than 80 members of Congress. But the Black lawmakers are weak. They have taken a lot of money from the pharmaceutical industry,” he said. “Elijah Cummings sits on oversight and Dr. William Thompson is begging them to bring him in to testify but they won’t.” Dr. Thompson is a CDC whistleblower who charges that the CDC dumped research findings that some vaccines were linked to increased cases of autism in Black male children.

“We’re going to have to go to Black congressional districts and tell them they are killing our babies. I think this will end in our favor. It is a serious uphill battle but so much pressure will be put on Congress. Do you know that it only takes four days to make a vaccine? And it has formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury is in it. Big Pharma makes more than a trillion dollars a year but they won’t stand behind what they produce. That’s gangsta, criminal and wicked that (we) have to pay.”

Mr. Ramirez and Ms. De Guzman cautioned parents to ask questions and be persistent.

“Do the research, be cautious. What I’m trying to demand is transparent private studies with no involvement from the government and the pharmaceutical companies,” Mr. Ramirez said. “We want actual, real scientists because all the research that’s been done is corrupted.”