The Food and Its Eater

By The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad | Last updated: Apr 29, 2020 - 9:53:02 AM

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Neither I nor you can thank Almighty God Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, enough for going after the very mainspring of life; that which everyone loves to keep as long as he possibly can. Even animals, beasts, insects, fowls of the air, and fish of the sea want to keep their lives. And, I do not care how good a Christian you are, or how much you would love to see Jesus, or how much you would like to go to Heaven to see Jesus and to sit down beside him, as the Christians teach you will do (smile), you never make any preparations to hurry to go out of this life to find another life.


The only way that we can have life, keep life and prolong life, is by what we eat and how often we eat it. This is the way of life.

The very law of nature teaches us to hold on to this life and not let it go if we can help it. We only know of this life and not any other life. You strong Christians and lovers of life beyond the grave—and life somewhere in the skies that you imagine—never prove to anyone that you would like to leave this life for that life by killing yourself or telling the doctor not to come to administer medicine or any aid that he can give you when death is approaching.

Whenever death approaches, you want it to go back and let you stay. In view of that, the best thing to do is to try to preserve and keep this life that we have and know as long as we can and go when we cannot stay here.

The only way that we can have life, keep life and prolong life, is by what we eat and how often we eat it. This is the way of life. The Bible teaches us that God will prolong the lives of the righteous. But, there is no God Who can prolong our lives without checking on what we eat and how often we eat it.

We must not be confused, I repeat, with the various advice offered to us from the modern-day food and medical scientists. If you take their advice and try to eat all of the different kinds of food, cooked in their many different ways, at all different times of the day, and their many different suggestions on how much you should eat, you will most certainly die. Brother and sisters, I repeat: it will most certainly kill you—with the exception of the Orthodox Jews’ food, which is good.

According to the history of the White man by Almighty God Allah, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever for His life-giving words, teachings and guidance of us, the Lost and Found members of the aboriginal Black nation, the White man began eating meat. They had no stoves and cooking utensils as they had today, when they were driven into the confines of the hills and cavesides of Europe. They ate animal food, beast food, and whatever they could get of flesh to eat. This race with all of its modern, scientific knowledge of how to grow food and receive the best food the earth produces, are still great flesh eaters.

They have taught the world of man to eat as they eat. Their medical scientists have learned that meat hastens and destroys the life of man. But, they practice eating the very worst meat (the poisonous and filthy swine, wild birds, wild fowl of any kind, and even reptiles) and teach man to eat it. To follow them in everything they eat and drink means that you are absolutely inviting death. Even to seafood, they drag out in their nets the very scavengers of the water and advise you to eat it because they eat it.

We must remember that this race is conscious that they are not to live on this earth for very long. Therefore, eating poisonous food and drink and eating three and four times a day, will take you along with them very fast. This is the secret knowledge of the death that they caused us to suffer through foods.

The poor, blind, deaf and dumb Lost and Found so-called Negro will eat and drink anything he sees his white master eat and drink. But, I want you to stop doing this ignorant thing and eat the right food that you will find in this book. And, eat only once a day. I do not care what kind of work you are doing, eat only one good meal a day.

If your work is light office work or light housework, you could eat once every other day if you wanted to without any hindrance. Once you get used to it, your stomach will only ask for a meal at the time that you have trained it to eat.

In regard to you who suffer from sugar diabetes, fasting and staying away from sugar and starchy foods is far better than having your limbs cut off your body because of your foolish carelessness in eating sweets and starchy foods all times of the day. Cut out that sugar; do not use any at all. Use honey, but not the whole bottle full at one time. If you have too much sugar in your blood, be careful not to eat any sugar of any kind until you get it out.

Some doctors will tell you that you have low sugar. But just tell them that you will have “high life” in you. Do not eat any potatoes, beans, and bread. Eat vegetables. You may eat chicken if it is raised away from filth.

There are poultry raisers who raise chickens in clean places and give them good food such as corn, oats and other little grains that are not harmful to the chicken or to us. They also give them bread and milk. You do not have to fear eating chickens like these. But, if you can do without eating any kind of flesh, that is fine.


Whole milk that is clear of TB germs is best for us to drink. But, if we cannot get whole milk, we can drink the milk that the dairies have but we should boil it at a certain temperature in order to kill that probable germ.

Drink plenty of milk and eat butter instead of so much of this artificial butter made of vegetable fat, and you will have better health.

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live,” Book One, 1967.)