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The Judgment of America

by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

The great dreadful days of the Lord have now come to America—the land and people who worship evil and indecency. Robbery, murder, rape, famine and deceit are the order of the day in America.

If there is anything like a God of Righteousness—if there is anything like a God of Truth—should not He raise himself up and take His place and put an end to such evil as is now going on in America?

People cannot walk the streets of America today without subjecting themselves to robbery, murder or rape. America is a wicked land...everyone is against the other.

Righteousness, justice and freedom are despised and fought against regardless to the clear knowledge of God’s hourly punishment and destruction of America by His divine plague of storms. But this is as it is written of America in the Book of Revelations, in the Bible... they continue their evil way and did blaspheme the God Who has power over the plagues.

They hated the name of Allah, the Great Mahdi...they hated the name of His Messenger ... but nevertheless that does not stop the judgment and the destruction of America. ...

The white man has had his way of ruling the Black people for so long that he thinks that he still has the power to do so, while in reality the white man has come to the end of his time of power to rule the Black people.

Regardless to Allah’s (God’s) Retaliation to the white man for his evil acts done to the Black man, the white man still keeps inviting the retaliation of Allah (God). The white man must remember that he cannot win today over Allah (God) and His Servant, for He has power over the fraction of an atom.

The judgment of America. Judgment has come to you America. Woe to you who seek to fight against Allah (God) and against His aim and purpose. Woe to you America. Allah (God) has made you blind to His judgment and therefore you are committing suicide. He made you blind to His Judgment and therefore you are committing suicide .He has made you blind on purpose ... to give you the full dose of His wrath, for when a man does not know the danger of fire, then he can fall headlong into it.

America has mistreated the Black man for four hundred years and she does not think that there is ever a God Who will accept her Black slave and return on her head the injustice done to her Black slave.

This is the day and time in which America could benefit from what Allah (God) has revealed to me and from the work that I am doing among my Black people...turning them from doing evil into righteousness. As it is written in the Bible, "Babylon could have been healed;" and there was a possible chance for her healing, if she had not gone to the extreme by making fun of the God of the Jews and their temple in Jerusalem and belittling the power of the God of the Jews, to retaliate.

The Bible prophesies of the plagues that would come upon America—and these plagues are falling on America now, and yet she will not repent. For America continues to kill and deprive the Black once slave of righteousness and justice. Even though the Black slave wants to go from America, she wants to hold on to him and America does not want to let her Black once-slave go. America holds the Black once-slave for a prey.

Woe to America. Her day has arrived. She would not heed the warning. I begged her to let us be separated from her on a little territory and a state to ourselves and to let us be responsible for our own survival, only to get out from under her injustice; but she refused. So it was with Pharaoh in the time of Moses. God went down to Egypt to make Israel and her enemies, the Egyptians, an example for a future people so that this may serve as a sign of what we see going on in America today.

The four (4) Great Judgments that Allah (God) promises to destroy America with are now coming upon her...hail, snow, drought, earthquake. Allah (God) has reserved His treasures of snow and ice to be used against the wicked country America in the day of battle and war. These are some of Allah’s (God’s) weapons, the storms that we see going on.

The white man of America is not blind and ignorant. He has known these prophesies of his doom for a long time before we knew it, for the white man translated the Bible and he knows what he put in his translation of that which was written in the Bible.

The judgment of America. "Babylon could have been healed but she was not healed."

America is just beginning to experience sorrow, mourning, grief and distrust from the anger of God and man.

According to both the Holy Qur’an and the Bible, there will be plenty more of the same. In these two books, one can easily find everything foretold that is happening today. The time will grow so troublesome that (according to the Holy Qur’an) children will become gray headed, and (according to the Bible) great heart failure will become a disease upon the people, who have the anger of God (the American people).

This America ladens the poor with heavy sentences—long prison terms—and refuses to let the prisoners go free. This is due to her heartlessness and lack of compassion for the Black man of America.

Woe to America, the murderer and deceiver of the people. The God of Justice and Truth has pronounced a judgment against thee—and by no means will you escape. You have made mockery of Him, God, and His people and His word, the truth.

You have been judged and found wanting to the so-called American Negroes, the lost and now found members of the aboriginal Black nation of the earth.

Come, unite with Allah, and me. Go to your own. You won’t have to go anywhere if you only will unite with your own. Heaven awaits you wherever you may be.

(Reprinted from "The Fall of America," 1973).



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