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Why Western Fashion isn't working for Black women

By Saffiyyah Muhammad | Last updated: Jun 19, 2014 - 6:34:11 PM

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“If we are ignorant in a Time like this, then our ignorance will be the means of our destruction.” --The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

 It is an actual fact that Black women are true mothers of the planet Earth, as well as goddesses of the universe, and yes, we are beautiful in every way. This is not an arrogant statement, but women the world over desire our looks, walk, attitude--you name it, they want it. Our very presence on the planet commands attention. When we walk in a room, all heads turn. We do this effortlessly and inherently. Then, if all the above is true and it is, why do we feel that we have to strip down to the bare minimum in certain social circles to get the attention we crave?

Did you know that the clothes we wear and even the clothes we don’t wear speak volumes about what we believe and what we don’t believe in?  There is a natural beauty that radiates within and around us when we put on modest garments to accentuate the goddess within.

However, when we don’t cover ourselves, wearing whatever, whatever; then there is something else at play; the goddess within is silenced; she is put to sleep. When the Black woman walks around half-clothed, she isn’t expressing the true, radiant goddess within, but what she is expressing is rebellion and opposition to Allah (God).

As females, we naturally crave attention and from time to time, we will do subtle and even blatant things to get it. I know. I have done it and I have lived it (Now, I know better, smile).

What is going on in our minds when we choose to come before the world exposing ourselves in see-through, sheer, organza, scarf-like fabric?  Who has stripped us of our shame and said it was okay to walk around like this?

Some may argue that nudity is an art form, but it can also be argued that partial nudity is nothing more than “sophisticated savagery” whether it’s done in open daylight or in the heat of the night.

Did you know that your clothing is your protection? Did you also know that we are living in a very dark hour and the more modest we are in our dress, the more protection we have. We must be mindful of the time and the hour that we are living in.

However, there are those who can walk around and feel quite natural without their clothing on. Marilyn Monroe, Lady Ga Ga and Miley Cyrus are not our examples. Western fashions including hairstyles and tattoos are not for us. For instance, all-colors-of-the-rainbow-hair coloring and the wearing of multiple earrings and tattoos are signs of a society on the decline. Western fashion is designed for a rebellious people who are lost and don’t want to be found. 

Did you know that Prophet Musa (Moses) civilized the savages who lived in the caves and hillsides of Europe? The Prophet forced the cave men and women to wear clothing that they might understand that civilized people do not parade themselves in public. Modest clothing dignifies the woman and gives her protection.

This world considers itself in “safe mode” as long as we are out here supporting it with our morals and our money. Let us not be found aiding the already disrespected and insane behavior that’s taking place against women all over the world with how we dress.

As we all know, disrespect of women in general is already at an all time high and we add fuel to the fire when we tease and walk around carelessly in our garments. Disrobing before the world is such a smack in the face to the God (Allah) and to the goddess within you.

Moral correctness has detached itself from the seams of decency and the more sheer the garment, the more we flock to the store to buy it.

This is not a cry of self-righteousness, or a finger-pointing campaign, but an outcry to say that moral decline is on the incline and adopting Western fashions are not designed to dignify the Black woman.

Refinement is not in the sultry, ratchet garments we wear, but refinement is in how we behave, think and yes, dress. In 1930, Master Fard Muhammad, the great Mahdi came to elevate the Black woman by giving her a knowledge of self which includes how to properly dress and take care of herself. God came that you might be placed in a state of refinement, and moral elevation and that you will remain this way.

So, no matter how much we choose to “strip” away our dignity before the world, just know that when you’re done, you are still a goddess and we will continue to invite each of you to a world of true beauty and refinement. May Allah bless each of us with wisdom and the light of understanding.

(Safiyyah Muhammad is copy editor for the Final Call newspaper and she is a member of the Nation of Islam.)