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Libya's ex-premier flees to Europe after ouster

By PressTV | Last updated: Mar 21, 2014 - 12:53:50 PM

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Ali Zeidan
Former Libyan prime minister, Ali Zeidan, has fled the country to Europe, shortly after the parliament deposed him over his failure to stop illegal oil sale by militants.

Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said the plane carrying the Libyan former prime minister had a brief stop in the South European country on March 11 to “refuel before proceeding to another European country,” without confirming Mr. Zeidan’s final destination.

Official sources in Malta said he had left via a private plane bound for Germany. However, the German authorities could not confirm his arrival.

On March 11, the Libyan parliament passed a vote of no-confidence against Mr. Zeidan after a standoff between the government and a group of militants in the eastern port of al-Sidra, which is controlled by the militants.

On March 8, militants at the rebel-held port managed to load oil into a North Korea-flagged tanker, dubbed the Morning Glory, which had docked there without government permission.

Libyan authorities later said they had taken control of the tanker and were prepared to unload the crude once it reached a western port, and then launch legal measures against the buyers.

However, the tanker broke through the naval brigade during inclement weather early on March 11.

Tripoli has made efforts to end a wave of protests at oil ports and fields across the country that has slashed oil output to 230,000 barrels per day (bpd), down from 1.4 million bpd in July.

Libya heavily relies on its key oil and gas sector, which accounts for the vast majority of hard currency receipts and government revenues, and the disruptions to the sector have badly influenced its economy. (