A Memo For Zionists

By Jackie Muhammad -Guest Columnist- | Last updated: Jun 28, 2011 - 12:40:21 PM

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To: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
From: Jackie Muhammad
Re: Your Washington, D.C. Meeting With President Obama

( - Twenty seven years ago the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan said, “Now that nation called Israel never has had any peace in 40 years and you will never have any peace because there can be no peace structured on injustice, thievery, lying and deceit using the name of God to shield your dirty religion under His holy and righteous name.”

President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talk in May at the White House. Photo: MGN online
'I have not seen a client, satellite state lecture its donor nation in the manner in which you lectured the head of the American Government. I, along with many Americans, was stunned at such a radical departure from accepted diplomatic protocol.'
As you know, Minister Farrakhan has explained, on countless occasions, that he was not referring to Judaism, a religion he is obligated to revere. He was referring instead to the dirty and unholy practices of Israel's Zionists and their use of religion to serve as a cover for such practices. More specifically, the Minister's words were a compilation of the language used by the Hebrew prophets to describe the behavior of the unrighteous Jews throughout their sojourn in ancient Israel and Judah.

Minister Farrakhan was universally criticized for his observations. The media excoriated him. The sting of that criticism is still being felt today.

However, it has now been more than a quarter of a century and the Jewish state still has not found the elusive peace it has been seeking. Thus, even with the passage of time Minister Farrakhan's words are as true today as they were in 1984.

Proof of this is your recent trip to America pursuing with President Obama the very same peace and security you sought ever since Minister Farrakhan first made his analysis.

As someone who has visited Israel and has spent an appreciable amount of time studying the events that have been unfolding in the Middle East and Israel for many years, I would like to express my concern about the dangers of the hard line positions you have taken with President Obama in your recent visit to the United States.

You have identified three areas of disagreement with the president, and, I might add, with the international community as well.

They are:

1. The issue of Israel's borders

2. The Palestinians “right of return”

3. The question of the division and ownership of Jerusalem.

First, for the record, no American president has done for Israel what President Obama has done. U.S. military aid to Israel will reach $30 billion between fiscal year 2009 and 2018, an annual average increase of 25 percent over previous levels. America, under the leadership of President Obama, has given Israel the most modern and up-to-date weapons, billions more in loans that are turned into grants, and over $3.09 billion a year in military expenditures a year. That does not include the cost of the transfer of technical knowledge to the Zionist state. It is estimated that the American taxpayer gives Israel an average of $7 million a day. (See The Final Call May 3, 2011 article titled The Unholy Alliance between The United States and Israel). In addition, with America's help, Israel has become a nuclear superpower.

The president delineated the litany of things he has done to provide Israel with unprecedented security and strategic military advantage over your adversaries in the region. Nonetheless, you are still not satisfied. It appears as if you want to break him in order to make him bend to your will and become more compliant. That's the same attitude that racists like Alabama's segregationist police chief Bull Conner, and the antebellum slave masters who controlled every aspect of the slaves' existence used.

After having been invited to the White House recently you publicly humiliated President Obama; you lectured him as if he was a schoolboy and after castigating him you drew a line in the sand and told the president what you were not going to do and what you would not permit.

I have not seen a client, satellite state lecture its donor nation in the manner in which you lectured the head of the American Government. I, along with many Americans, was stunned at such a radical departure from accepted diplomatic protocol.

Such actions on your part led many to question if your behavior had anything to do with the fact that Mr. Obama is a Black president? Would that same “Bull Conner” type attitude have been displayed had you been meeting with any other world leader? You demeaned, marginalized, berated and belittled the president.

Like Daniel going into the Lion's Den the president appeared two days later before 11,000 America-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) delegates. He bravely reiterated his “sacrosanct” support for Israel.

The president has gone beyond his stated military and financial support of Israel; he has surrounded himself with many Jewish Zionists in the White House, as presidential appointees, and as key representatives throughout the federal government. In addition, he has appointed a member of the Jewish community to head up the National Democratic Committee, and of course a recent Supreme Court Justice has come from that community as well. Jews have been dispersed in every key aspect of the running of the federal bureaucracy. With all of this, you and other members of the Jewish establishment continue to complain and say you cannot trust him.

The result has been that the Jewish community has done more to humiliate and insult this president than anything the Tea Party and Donald Trump could ever have accomplished with their infantile obsession with Mr. Obama's birth certificate.

You were very rude and caustic with the president as you rebuffed his concerns about reverting to the 1967 borders. As you know, the entire international community is united on this issue. The consensus is that Israel should revert to its pre-1967 borders, with mutually agreed upon land swapping as a caveat to resume negotiations. To many of Mr. Obama's Jewish inner circle of advisors, and with the backing of the Secretary of State, this was considered a reasonable and non-offensive approach. But you rejected this and said that the issue was non-negotiable.

However, neither you nor Mr. Obama has the right or authority to set Israel's borders. Israel's borders are to be set by God Himself. The Hebrew Bible instructs the Jews to wait on the arrival of the Messiah so that God will show them to their promised land, not the Zionist leaders.

Preceding Him on this controversial issue can only end badly. There are multiple locations in the Bible identified as the “Promised Land” and no two of them are congruent or contiguous.

Two of the many areas identified as the “Promised Land” (Ezekiel 47, Numbers 34) describe borders which include the whole of Lebanon and small parts of Syria. Does that mean that the Zionists should use the right of eminent domain, knock on the door of President Assad of Syria and President Suleiman of Lebanon and tell them that you and the Zionist army are there to confiscate land that was promised to Jews, and that the Syrians and the Lebanese currently living on that land would have to vacate the premises? Fear of Syria's military response is what is preventing the U.S. and NATO from invading Syria today and doing to Syria what they are currently doing to Libya. There will be no “humanitarian” invasion of Syria.

When you told President Obama that Israel will never agree to a divided city of Jerusalem, and that the Jews will always be in control of Jerusalem, you may have forgotten that Jerusalem is no longer a possession that belongs in the hands of the Zionists.

The Prophet Micah cursed Zion when he said that “Zion was built in bloodshed and Jerusalem in wickedness.” Moses told the Jewish nation that God would punish them for their rebellion; Jesus told them that the kingdom would be taken from them and given to another people.

Shortly thereafter, from 66-70 A.D. God permitted the Romans to remove the Jews from Jerusalem and they were scattered throughout the earth because of their rebellion and wickedness. That period ended the Jewish control of Jerusalem. The Jewish dispensation had come to an end, as the prophets had predicted.

Therefore, no political leader, regardless of political persuasion, can usurp God's authority and place the Jews in a position that only the Messiah has the authority to do.

Finally, sir, you lectured the president on the issue of the Palestinians' right to return to their ancestral homeland. Your position is that you will not allow them to return. Yet, you boast that Israel is the only “democracy” in the Middle East. You were quite direct with the president when you stated that the right of return, a right extended to Jews from as far away as Eastern Europe, is not an option for the indigenous inhabitants of the land, the Palestinians. In fact you arrogantly said to Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC that not even the great grand children of Palestinians will be allowed to come back to their ancestral home. This policy is both racist and imperialistic. How different are Israel's colonialist policies from the practices of your former ally, the White's only government of Apartheid South Africa? Yet you call Israel a democracy. This policy is what has caused Israel to be condemned by both Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa and former President Jimmy Carter in his book, “Peace Not Apartheid.”

The U.S., more than any other nation on earth, is principally responsible for the creation, protection, defense and maintenance of the State of Israel. If it was not for the United States and its myriad vetoes of UN resolutions condemning Israel for its violation of UN mandates, Israel would have the distinction of being the world's number one pariah nation. Yet you have the gall to confront, condemn and insult the president of the United States because he dares to seek a just resolution to one of the most pressing problems facing humanity.

If the most powerful nation in the world, the U.S., and one of the most powerful people in the world, the Jews, cannot assure a nation that is known as a nuclear powerhouse of a peaceful existence, then something is wrong. Israel is one of the most militarily powerful nations on Earth. No one in your neighborhood can stand up to your nuclear arsenal. You know it and they know it. Yet you want more military toys to play with. Israel's problem, therefore, is not military in nature. Israel's problem is spiritual, theological and religious.

Only men and women of keen spiritual insights and an objective interpretation of the scriptures can offer the solutions to the age old problem that your nation faces. Why not convene a meeting of the spiritually gifted from among your people, and leaders from around the world and remove the politicians from the picture? This issue has been in the hands of the politicians for over 60 years and there has been no viable solution, only more bloodshed and death.

Go back and examine Minister Farrakhan's words to you (and the State of Israel). If they are out of sync with the warnings issued by all of your prophets and warners then you may have an argument, and you can summarily dismiss him. But if they are not, then you may want to reexamine your position. Because no amount of American largess and no amount of F-35 Joint Fighter jets from Lockheed Martin costing $100 million each is going to assure the survival of Israel both you and President Obama are seeking.

My fear, however, is that since you have not listened to the advice of all of your previous religious advisers, prophets and warners, you have no interest in altering that pattern now..

(Jackie Muhammad is a former presidential appointee, member of the Oxford Round Table, educator, youth-trainer and businessman. He can be reached at jacrb519@aol [dot] com.)