We want to know the Truth about the Assassination of Malcolm X

By Dr. Ridgely A. Mu’min Muhammad | Last updated: May 7, 2013 - 11:37:58 AM

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At the end of February 2013 we started a petition to open the government files surrounding the assassination of Malcolm X in response to the false accusations made in a February TV movie called “Betty and Coretta” implicating the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Thus far over 2,000 signatures have been collected and many who signed gave reasons for signing. A few of the reasons are listed below: they show that the people are waking up to the divide-and-conquer tricks of our open enemy.


Ilia Muhammad - “Because many innocent members of the NOI have been falsely accused of a crime that the US Government is guilty of.”

James T. Muhammad - “I have much love for Malcolm, Martin and the Truth”


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Noni Williams - Let the people know what really took place with the Murder of Malcolm X. When our people find out, it makes it easier to put our money together to secure a land of our own!”

Denise Shabazz - “As Salaam Alaikum Family, We sign this petition to defend our Minister that we Love. Minister Farrakhan had nothing to do with the murder of Minister Malcolm X, We know it , and the government knows it. We in the Nation, must breed in our children for generations the truth, in defense of our Minister (Nation), just as Satan will continue to breed this vicious lie in their children for generations to come.”

Kendall King - “Because the FBI and the Federal Government of that time and now continues to lie.”

Jason Ilori - “The TRUTH shall set you FREE!”

Kasima Farrakhan - “Slander is a serious crime and causes harm to the innocent. Withholding the truth is just as serious as telling a lie. Since our tax dollars were used by the FBI to denigrate and destroy Black leaders, we have the right to petition the government that supports this agency to be transparent.”

Reuben Muhammad - “The American People — particularly BLACK People — Deserve to know the TRUTH! If the FBI Files are Consistent with TRUTH, then they have nothing to fear from RELEASING them!”

Adria Moultrie - “This is important to me because the name of my brother is being slandered and the family of Malcolm X and those who love him are in pain not knowing the truth behind his death. The public is tired of wondering who the responsible party is and frankly I’d like to see it put to rest so that healing can take place. The Black community is divided and remains separate over this issue. Separate from each other and separate from the government because we believe the government knows the truth but keeps it hidden to fuel this breach in the Black community.”

Bridge Muhammad - “Minister Farrakhan is the last and only true voice the poor and oppressed have.  He has been maligned in the media because he represents the end of this world of evil. This has been used (unsuccessfully) as a deterrent against his growing influence among young people. They can’t find a living person as an alternative so they re-hatch the misinformation campaign about the murder of his friend and mentor.”

Joycelyn Lewis - “I am tired of hearing the lies being told on our leaders, if you have nothing to hide America, then tell the world the truth about Bro Malcolm.”

Carol Muhammad - “Truth is the only thing in the universe that is of GREAT value. Period!”

Sylvester Harris - “So many of our lives have been destroyed from the lies.”

Raquel Brown - “The truth always needs to be revealed! Don’t let an innocent man continue to be implicated in something our and your government actually had set up to be committed.”

Adrian Milton - “The government knows why, open up the files UNREDACTED on Malcolm X and let us see what you’ll are hiding!”

Vincent Glover - “Because I always have felt that there was a greater power behind his death, MLK’s death, and JFK!”

Ishmar Muhammad - “Let the American People know what COINTELPRO & the FBI did to our Movements! But the KKK is still around?”

 Mary Wardell - So the truth can be proven to set the record straight for our children and the people & of our future it’s the right thing that should be done...we have the right to know.”

Timothy Muhammad - “This case like others is important to me because as a Black man I have been deprived of an important figure. Additionally, the assassination of Malcolm X and its implication of The Nation of Islam especially Minister Louis Farrakhan has caused serious damage.”

Michael X Vincent - “Because it’s an open wound in Black America that tries to pin something on Minister Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammad, when both are successful and if they did conspire to do something so evil, why would God bless them to be so successful?? Do to get the truth out, instead of continue to pin lies on Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam to the delight of members of the Jewish community who hate Farrakhan for teaching the truth, and really don’t care for our President but desire to use him to do their bidding. Peace”

Jeanneie Muhammad - “Because every prominent Black leader that we have had goes through the gauntlet of slander. It is unjust to on many levels, let us who are awake hold the government accountable and her agencies. There should be a law that if the accuser/slanderer brings a charge and cannot prove it, he should foot the bill for both parties involved. The burden should not be on the Innocent.”

Jane Bush - “It is just the right thing to do, telling the truth used to be natural now it is “optional”.

Shonetta Femming - “We Must know the Truth! I’m Black in America, America’s Lies Have to be Exposed to its people to give them all a choice to keep following lies and deceit or to follow what is True and Righteous! We need to be separated from such a Monstrous society of beings!”


Tricia Hannah - “History is bound to repeat itself until it corrects itself. Therefore we need to know this history to prevent it from reoccurring.”

Blair Gray - “We the people want to know the truth of this matter, we want to identify who are the real co-conspirators in the assignation of El Malik Shabazz and MLK. How much knowledge did Coinintel have towards black people, How much betrayal, how much backstabbing by the government towards Black people, how much subversiveness (sic) who are the collaborators, who are the plotters, did Canadian Government have any details and involvements there, if so what, who, when, where are they? We know the why!”

Samuel Jacobs - “America should not be the kind of country that has to hide its history from it’s people.”

Vic Thompson - “This is important because so much is at stake, let the truth be known. So many of us never thought we would live and see a black president, now we have one. Let the files be released so innocent souls can rejoice and rest in peace.”

Jerric Sampson - “What we need is our own nation! The sooner the better, as this government is not worth the time! Hotep/Salaam”

Mary Bradley - “We need our own nation!”

P X Vance - “We need to Exodus from this greedy racist warmongering loving nation!”

Sean Muhammad - “Let The TRUTH shine on this most critical issue in not only Black America but America in general. This question is the “basic basic” of all healing in the poor communities in America.”


Those who love Minister Farrakhan and Malcolm X are united on this issue of opening up the files. Minister Farrakhan has publicly asked that these files be opened on a number of occasions since 1991, but the government has refused.   The mass media will not promote this cause until the grassroots beat on their doors, so email--tweet--text--facebook--call a friend to help spread the word.

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 (Dr. Ridgely A. Mu’min Muhammad, Ph.D., is an Agricultural Economist and member of the Nation of Islam Research Group. Visit them online at and join the conversation on and Twitter @ NOIResearch.)