Homosexual Behavior as Population Control?

By Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad -Guest Columnist- | Last updated: Dec 14, 2012 - 10:25:42 AM

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The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been falsely labeled “homophobic” by some critics because he dares to promote lifestyle choices that are sanctioned by God. Of course, there are those who do not believe in the God of Abraham and His laws as stated in both the Bible and the Holy Qur’an. There are others that claim that homosexual behavior is a result of some people having a genetic disposition for sex with the same gender and therefore to condemn such a behavior is cruel.


Does “genetic disposition” suffice to excuse a behavior that may be antisocial? Do White people have a right to subjugate Black people because Whites innately believe that they are better than Blacks? Are White people’s feelings of superiority and racist actions toward Blacks excusable because they may have a genetic disposition to dominate and destroy Black populations?

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has uncovered documents that prove that former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger promoted a policy of population control where billions of humans were to be eliminated. A sure way of controlling or reducing population would be to eliminate the sexual relationship between males and females. Black males and females are overly represented in prisons where there is a proliferation of same-sex behavior. Homosexuality would then lead to sure genocide or “desolation,” as described in the book of Daniel in the Bible.

Is sexual preference simply a question of “genes” or is it culturally determined? Does homosexuality have a beginning or has it always been with us? Can a society increase the number of homosexuals through chemicals or social engineering?

A review of history shows that the ancient Greeks are known to have practiced and condoned homosexual behavior. In fact we know that at least one Greek city-state, Sparta, is famous for its homosexual warriors. The Greeks claim that their race came from the isles in the Aegean Sea, and the Cretans claim that the major Grecian god, Zeus, was born in a cave on the Greek island of Crete. “Pederasty”—the practice of older men “turning out” or sexually overpowering young boys—was widespread in early Sparta and a widespread practice in Crete.

According to the Encyclopedia of Birth Control, the Greeks traced the origin of “pederasty” to the ancient Minoans, the inhabitants of ancient Crete. Aristotle argued that the people on Crete institutionalized the custom to cut down on the population explosion. The practice seems to have been reserved for the aristocratic elite, and it was a “recognized public institution connected with the education of young men in military virtues” and athletics training. As the historian Strabo records it:

[The Cretans] have a peculiar custom in regard to love affairs, for they win the objects of their love, not by persuasion, but by abduction; the lover tells the friends of the boy three or four days beforehand that he is going to make the abduction; but for the friends to conceal the boy, or not to let him go forth the appointed road, is indeed a most disgraceful thing, a confession, as it were, that the boy is unworthy to obtain such a lover; and when they meet, if the abductor is the boy’s equal or superior in rank or other respects, the friends pursue him and lay hold of him, though only in a very gentle way, thus satisfying the custom; and after that they cheerfully turn the boy over to him to lead away; if, however, the abductor is unworthy, they take the boy away from him. And the pursuit does not end until the boy is taken to the andreion [a building where men took meals together and were trained in the warrior arts]’ of his abductor.

After being abducted, the “boy spends a time with his older “lover” (erastes) in the wilderness of the countryside, where he is taught how to hunt and fight militarily and engages in male-on-male sexual relations. The man and boy become open lovers. At the end of the 2-month period in the countryside, the “lover” presented his “beloved” with a set of military armor and equipment, a drinking cup and an ox for sacrifice to Zeus (these are the gifts required by law), among many other presents. According to the Roman biographer and historian Cornelius Nepos, “In Greece it is considered an honor to young men to have as many lovers as possible.”

Some may argue that this is all myth and fairytale, but archeological findings point to the actual Greek homosexual practices. A number of these archeological finds have been interpreted as documentation of the Cretan pederastic rites of passage. At a sanctuary or shrine dedicated to Hermes and Aphrodite in eastern Crete on the slopes of Mount Dikte (long claimed to be Zeus’ birthplace, among other places, according to Greek mythology), archeological excavations have uncovered numerous bronze objects offered to the deities, together with remains of animal sacrifices.

Among these were found bronze figures of youths from the Minoan period (before 1100 B.C.), indicating this to have been a long-standing sanctuary site. Such figurines were offered over the course of many centuries. One set, dated to ca. 8th-7th century B.C. and presently in the Louvre depicts a male couple consisting of an older bearded male and a younger male with long, flowing hair and curls in front. The older partner grasps the younger by the arm and draws him close. They are looking intently at each other, their legs and feet are touching, and the genitals of the younger male are exposed.

So was the young Cretan male somehow genetically confused or was he turned? In fact Strabo also indicates that it is the boy’s masculinity that consigns him his lover:

They regard as a worthy object of love, not the boy who is exceptionally handsome, but the boy who is exceptionally manly and decorous.

Therefore the youth exhibits masculine, and not feminine, traits before being abducted. He therefore was “turned.” Fortunately for the Cretans, this behavior was mostly practiced by the aristocracy, because if all of the men turned to men, there would be no one left to procreate. For the aristocracy taking a wife was for child-producing purposes, while taking a boy was for pleasure. In fact, the Greek philosopher Plato stated, “I cannot say what greater good there is for a young boy than a gentle lover, or for a lover than a boy to love.” Lesbianism was also practiced on the island of Crete and in Greece and the name itself comes from the name of the island of Lesbos in the Aegean Sea.

The Bible authors try to give an explanation for the three major categories of man or races. The human race was destroyed by a flood. Only Noah and his three sons and their wives were saved. After the flood the earth was divided and populated by his three sons—Shem, representing what are called the “Semites,” Ham, whose biblical descendants were identified with the “Cushites,” or the Black nation, and Japheth, traditionally viewed as the ancestor of the “Gentiles,” or White race. Japheth is said to have populated what is called in the Bible the “isles of the Gentiles” (Genesis 10:2-5). The “-iles” part refers to the mountainous islands in the Aegean Sea.

So the Bible gets it right in this instance and places the home of the “Gentiles” in the Aegean Sea, but it is The Honorable Elijah Muhammad who gives us the exact location of the place where the White race was made through a process of genetic selection or grafting. The birthplace of the White race was the island of Patmos in the Aegean Sea. It took 600 years to graft the White race from their original Black stock. This process was started 6,600 years ago which has been verified through genetic research done by Dr. Jonathan Pritchard at the University of Chicago. More on these findings can be found in a Final Call article titled “Myth Or High Science: Is There Evidence of Mr. Yakub?

So maybe those who want to promote a heterosexual lifestyle should separate from those that want to live a homosexual lifestyle, so as not to offend the “gay population.” All aspects of the media—television, music and movies—seem to promote the acceptance of homosexual behavior. So maybe the parents who do not want their sons or daughters “turned” should separate themselves from a society where homosexuality is becoming sanctioned by the state. Of course the strictly gay society would not last beyond one generation unless they get babies through adoption or abduction or recruits from the heterosexual community. “Pederasty” is that recruitment process.

(Dr. Ridgely A. Mu’min Muhammad, Agricultural Economist, National Student Minister of Agriculture, Manager of Muhammad Farms. He can be reached at [email protected])