Why Black People Should Boycott The Lincoln Movie

By Sadiki Kambon -Guest Columnist- | Last updated: Dec 3, 2012 - 6:09:34 PM

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This republic known as the United States was established on the basis of “White Supremacy.” The so-called forefathers wrote the infamous Declaration Of Independence to claim their alleged freedom from their Mother England. Then there was the bogus United States Constitution that with all of its fancy words of freedom, declared an Afrikan/Black person as being “three-fifths” of a human being.

So, in reviewing White history, you would get the impression that everyone was equal, including Afrikan/Black people and “living happily ever after.” You remember your White history lesson in school, wherein the George Washington “cherry tree” lie was told. How about the bold lie of Thomas Jefferson being the loving father of the children of an Afrikan/Black woman, which in reality was nothing more than rape. But, wait a minute!!! We’re not both the aforementioned Jefferson and Washington notorious slave owners?

Like so many other untruths that have been taught through the years, they were nothing more than “white lies!!!”

Now here we are in the 21st Century and confused Afrikan/Black persons, in seeking the elusive love of White people, are trying to convince themselves that things are much improved racially. The reality is that nothing has really changed. Racism and White Supremacy are very much alive and well in this country, but with a different face and tone. We are now being lynched through imprisonment, high unemployment, inadequate healthcare, etc. Even modern day White story telling has a cherry tree-like flavor to it.

A prime example would be the recently released film called “Lincoln,” that is directed by Steven Spielberg of “ET” fame. I intentionally have not seen the film (boycott) and do not plan to do so. However, I have seen some television ads promoting the film and have had to hold my nose. Clearly the intent is to present an image of President Lincoln as being this deep and passionate thinker with a decent heartfelt compassion for enslaved Afrikan/Black people and the country as a whole. It could well be true about the latter, but his caring about the oppressive system known as slavery is a blatant lie! Abraham Lincoln was a strong proponent of White Supremacy and a racist to his core. He was not against slavery and in fact, made the offer to the South to continue this violent policy (slavery) if they would not secede from the union. When no agreement was reached, then the Civil War was launched.

Let’s be clear the Civil War was NOT fought over slavery! It was about Lincoln and his failure to preserve the union of South versus North. Lincoln considered many options available to him, including sending all Afrikan/Black people back to Afrika. In retrospect, that might have been a better option for us in the long run. However, due to millions of Afrikan/Black people being in limbo, Lincoln released the Emancipation Proclamation and not for humanitarian purposes.

This information is being shared with you with the hope that you will not, especially our young people, buy into and support this racist propaganda film entitled “Lincoln.” Although Spielberg is identified as a reasonable and “liberal” White man, he is nothing more than a product of a White supremacist society and is using the film “Lincoln” to continue the propaganda-type lie about the racist Lincoln. This is Spielberg’s contribution to maintaining the status quo of using the media as a propaganda tool to influence the mindset of Afrikan/Black people and to maintain the White supremacist-like mentality of superiority above all others.

Even President Obama in his lack of understanding of history considers Lincoln to be his hero. That fact alone supports the need for the message I am trying to deliver here. An Afrikan/Black man who is the selected/elected leader of this country idolizes a former president (Lincoln) who was a racist. It is time to educate and not speculate! We must reject the innocent “ET” image of Steven Spielberg and reveal his lie and racist “spiel” in his film “Lincoln.”

We in the Afrikan/Black community can make a statement of protest about this film called “Lincoln” by officially calling for a BOYCOTT against the film. This will not only hurt Spielberg and his mob in the pocketbook, but most importantly educate our youth and community about the real truth as it pertains to the racist Lincoln.

(Sadiki Kambon is convener of The Nubian Leadership Circle and is based in Boston. Read more from him at