Farrakhan and the Real Children of Israel

By Jackie Muhammad -Guest Columnist- | Last updated: May 24, 2012 - 4:46:08 PM

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( - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan caused considerable controversy in the Jewish community with his declaration that the Real Chosen People of God written of in the Old Testament are the Black people of America. He further stated that the Jewish people who currently hold sway in Israel and throughout the world do not meet the criteria to be the people who would wear that divine title, as established in the Bible. The Minister reasons that the Jewish people have never fit the Biblical description.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has boldly challenged four thousand years of traditional Judeo-Christian interpretation of Old Testament scripture by declaring that there is no biological, anthropological, historical, scientific or scriptural evidence to support the assertion that the Ashkenazi Europeans who today are called Jews are the Hebrews of the Bible—and he has offered his life if anyone could disprove his controversial claim. It is this claim that is stirring up a major furor on college campuses across the nation as The Minister seeks to stimulate the minds of the future leaders of America and the world.

At the root of this controversy is whether or not The Minister’s claim can be proved.

According to the accepted interpretation of Old Testament theology, the Jews were slaves in Egypt for four centuries. They suffered harsh, oppressive treatment, after which God told Moses to demand that the Pharaoh of Egypt release the captured Israelites or God would send plague after plague until the Hebrew people were set free. Pharaoh relented and upon being set free they wandered in the Sinai Desert for 40 years before being led to their new “Promised Land.”

The only problem is that no evidence exists to corroborate such outlandish claims. And this is conceded by some of the most respected Israeli historians and archeologists, such as Shlomo Sand, Ze’ev Herzog, and Israel Finkelstein. There is no evidence of housing units having been built to accommodate a million and a half people. No transportation system has been uncovered; no ancient utensils discovered. Nothing. What we have found is that the story presented to us as history is largely mythology.

This Biblical episode is actually prophecy—not history. No ancient nation in the world has as meticulously detailed a written history as has Egypt. We know the cuisine the average Egyptian enjoyed 10 thousand years ago, Egypt’s population, and the intimate details of almost every aspect of the Egyptians’ daily lives. And yet Egypt has no evidence of a Jewish nation living within Egypt for over 400 years. Absolutely none.

Another biblical parable is the story of the dueling twins in the Book of Genesis. Old Testament patriarch Isaac has two sons named Jacob and Esau. The twin sons are polar opposites in character, nature and behavior. Jacob, the younger son, is stealthy, cunning, oppressive, and dishonest. Jacob, in collaboration with his mother, Rebekah, tricks his older brother’s (Esau’s) birthright out of his dying father.

Jacob the imposter then wrestles with God and prevails. The King James Version uses the word God, but some scholars use the term angel. In any case, this Jacob fellow is a pretty audacious guy. Before the battle is over, God performs two acts: He cripples Jacob by injuring his sciatic nerve, leaving him with a permanent limp, and He changes Jacob’s name to Israel. This affliction of the sciatic nerve was God’s sign that Jacob would forever suffer a permanent disability and would never walk a straight path.

Esau, on the other hand—his birthright stolen—is made a slave by Jacob. However, the Bible promises Esau that one day he will break the yoke of his younger brother and he, Esau, will be the winner in the end.

God tells Esau of his future in Genesis (27:1-40) in these words: “By your sword you will live, and you will serve your brother. And it will come to pass when…you (Esau) will break his (Jacob’s) yoke from your shoulders.”

Farrakhan has been singled out by the white Jewish establishment (Israel) because he has the audacity to remind the world what has been done to us, and by whom. Their fear is that he will influence the thinking of untold millions who are unaware of the damage done to us by our Jewish “friends.” Their fear is that Black youth will be inspired by the truth of Minister Farrakhan’s teaching and Esau will break free of Israel’s control.

So we ask today, Who are the legitimate heirs of God’s covenant? The children of the Black slave, or the children of the white slave-master? This is the stirring drama that is being played out on campuses across the nation. The prevailing wisdom is that the winners will be The Children of Farrakhan .

(Jackie Muhammad is a former presidential appointee, member of the Oxford roundtable, educator, youth trainer and businessman. He can be reached at [email protected])