What is Behind Berkeley's Jewish Onslaught?

By Tingba Muhammad -Guest Columnist- | Last updated: Apr 3, 2012 - 5:53:09 PM

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( - Black students from many California campuses converged at U.C. Berkeley for their ninth annual Afrikan Black Coalition (ABC) Conference, but they had to have been mystified by the onslaught of Caucasian

Julius Kahn
(Jewish hate that greeted them. Showing great courage and wisdom beyond their years, they invited the oracle of truth—the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan—to keynote the event, and just as one would expect, The Minister’s remarks garnered international attention.

Addressing the Jewish scorn-mongers, Minister Farrakhan pointed out a curious phenomenon to the youthful gathering: the protesting Jews only got interested in having a relationship with the Black students, when the Black students got interested in The Minister. He then strongly advised them to study The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vols. 1 & 2, “before you have a dialogue with them.”

While the Black students eagerly received that advice, the Jewish student agitators followed their leader Noah Ickowitz, “The Zionist Voice at U.C. Berkeley,” down a familiar Caucasian Jewish road of race hate and White ignorance (no Black Jews were protesting the event).

Ickowitz opened the floodgates of vituperation against The Minister, who he charged was “hateful and horrible” and “cannot be tolerated.” Taking on the Black students, he scolded, “It is unfathomable that [they invited] such an abjectly offensive speaker to campus.”

And since Noah Ickowitz apparently has not read his own Babylonian Talmud or The Secret Relationship, he has done himself and his minions a real disservice. Let’s start with the Zionist provocateur’s own biblical name, Noah, to illustrate how ancient his own racial insolence actually is. For it is in the Talmud that the ancient rabbis chose the Story of Noah to insert race hatred into the practice of Judaism. They rewrote the story of the ark-building patriarch of Genesis to assert that Blacks were CURSED black, with “kinky hair,” “swelled lips,” and “elongated penises,” and that these “traits” were punishments from God Himself! Noah of the Bible never said it—but the Jewish rabbis inserted this supreme racial slander into their doctrine through the story of Noah. They invented the “divine” directive that Black people specifically were forever destined to be the “hewers of wood” and “drawers of water”—that is slaves and servants— for all other races! Indeed, thanks to Jewish rabbis, the targeting of Black Africa for the slave trade found religious sanction in this so-called Curse of Ham myth.

Mr. Ickowitz could simply ask one of their Jewish Ph.D.s at University of California Dr. Harold D. Brackman about this Jewish invention of racism. Brackman concluded in his 1977 dissertation, “There is no denying that the Babylonian Talmud was the first source to read a Negrophobic content into the [story of Noah] episode,” and, he added, Jews have always had their own “special mix of unflattering allusions to the color and character of dark-skinned Africans.” U.C. gave Dr. Brackman a Ph.D. for this remarkable statement of fact, but castigated Minister Farrakhan for showing it to be the truth.


“The San Francisco Chronicle could not resist joining the Jewish onslaught and said that The Minister 'used gibberish' when illustrating a point about the admirable work ethic and unity of Chinese Americans. It was not so long ago when yet another Jew, Michael H. De Young, the owner of The San Francisco Chronicle, wrote: 'the mass of our people strongly favors the development of America exclusively by the Aryan races.' He targeted the character of Asians in San Francisco Chronicle headlines.”

Unfortunately, U.C.’s Jewish president, Mark Yudof, also refused the Master Teacher’s advice to read The Secret Relationship, and proceeded instead to call him “provocative” and “divisive” and his speech “vile.” But U.C. has its own unkosher history of Jewish “intolerance” that Yudof is determined to conceal. The Minister spoke at Wheeler Auditorium, named for former U.C. president Benjamin Ide Wheeler, who served with Jewish politician Abraham Ruef on a special committee to deal with the aftermath of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Their aim, it turns out, was to forcibly evict the Asians from their homes and restrict them from rebuilding their destroyed neighborhood. Ruef, a Jew, said, “the Chinese must not be allowed to return to the desirable area that Chinatown occupied.” The committee itself was a collection of political arch-enemies whose only common ground, according to a scholar, “was abiding racism and hatred for the Chinese.” Ruef later tried to segregate all Asian students from White so that, according to his school board’s reasoning, “our children” would not be “affected by associations with pupils of the Mongolian race.”

Just over the bridge in San Francisco is the Julius Kahn Park, named for an American Jewish icon and member of the U.S. House of Representatives. A prominent affiliate of San Francisco’s Temple Emanu El synagogue, Julius Kahn authored the Kahn Exclusion Act, explaining to Congress that the Chinese were “liars” and had “a duplicity that is almost unparalleled among the nations of the earth.” He called them “satanic” and even referred to them collectively as “The Chinese devil.” Kahn’s legislation banned Asians from coming to America for twenty years! The only other place such legislation is found on the books, is in the long vanquished Nazi Germany of Adolf Hitler. Offensive speech and vile action by Julius KAHN—Not FARRAKHAN.

Many may find Kahn’s wicked words and deeds to be despicable. Mr. Yudof wrote in his “open letter” that when “public figures … engage in hateful commentary,” he has a “right and duty … to condemn these merchants of hatred when they come into our community.” But the Judah L. Magnes Museum, on the U.C. Berkeley campus, keeps a large archived collection of the family papers, documents, and correspondence of the “hateful” anti-Asian Julius Kahn. In fact, the museum leaders deemed Kahn “[a] scrupulously honest politician.” Will there be an “open letter,” Mr. Yudof, denouncing Kahn’s (or the museum’s) “hateful commentary”? Will there be a petition, Noah Ickowitz, “opposing his hateful words and character”? Of course not. Of course not.

The San Francisco Chronicle could not resist joining the Jewish onslaught and said that The Minister “used gibberish” when illustrating a point about the admirable work ethic and unity of Chinese Americans. It was not so long ago when yet another Jew, Michael H. De Young, the owner of The San Francisco Chronicle, wrote: “the mass of our people strongly favors the development of America exclusively by the Aryan races.”

He targeted the character of the Asians in these actual San Francisco Chronicle headlines:

Japanese A Menace To American Women

Brown Artisans Steal Brains Of Whites

The Yellow Peril—How Japanese Crowd Out The White Race

Brown Men An Evil In The Public Schools

Crime And Poverty Go Hand In Hand With Asiatic Labor

And joining Kahn and DeYoung in their vicious racism were four of San Francisco’s leading rabbis, who supported “Asian exclusion.” One of them, Rabbi Judah Weschler, warned that “The Chinese element…[is] an injury to the further development of any city.” The San Francisco-based Jewish labor unions got involved in the hate fest, as did the man described as “the most accomplished and admirable Jew in American history,” Samuel Gompers. He proclaimed: “These Asiatics [love] to live in filthy surroundings, throve on damp cellars, vermin, moldy food, open cesspools, stinking sinks and urinals. It all came so naturally to them, being Yellow Men … [E]ither we exclude them by law or they … will be driven out by force of arms.” A professed devotee of the Talmud, Gompers warned his fellow White Americans of the “hordes of ignorant Blacks” in their midst and then worked through the union he ran, the American Federation of Labor (AFL), to successfully evict Black working men and women from the American labor pool!

Samuel Gompers
Why this cloudburst of Jewish hatred targeting the Asian? Mr. Ickowitz and Mr. Yudof have no answer, but The Secret Relationship, Vol. 2, which extensively footnotes all of this history, surmises that the Asians represented a true economic challenge to Jewish dominance of trade and commerce; consequently, Jews marshaled their political power to exterminate the challenge—or what they termed “the Yellow Peril.” And this is exactly what Blacks faced after slavery in the cotton South, and what they continue to face from the Jews today. Minister Farrakhan has an ECONOMIC plan for Blacks—not an ANTI-SEMITIC one. Indeed, he spent a good portion of his lecture discussing the chosen majors of the gathered students and emphasizing the importance of math, science and engineering for economic independence and self-sufficiency. He also knows that ANY Black leader who strayed from a social and political agenda and veered toward the economic sphere has faced the same kind of Jewish wrath that the Asian suffered. Black leaders have endured personal attacks on their character, intelligence, and culture, because Jews were/are afraid to lose their economic dominance and control over the Black man and woman. The Secret Relationship meticulously unravels this parallel history of how massive Jewish wealth was built in the very same places in the Deep South where Blacks suffered the worst and most depraved forms of plantation slavery.

So, young men and women of the Afrikan Black Coalition, now that you have recognized your SPIRITUAL and ECONOMIC potential through the Nation of Islam’s mighty message, the efforts to destroy your strength and resolve your cultural unity are emerging once again to suppress your rise. It is an attack that is centuries old and comes from the very people who have always claimed to be your “best friends.”

Your strength is that you have recognized the Black man and woman’s TRUE best friend for more than half a century—THE HONORABLE MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN—and he has acquainted you with a divine source of knowledge that frees you from your oppressors and enslavers. The ADLs, the Tikvahs, the ASUC Senate are all there to protect a dying world of White supremacy—and to take all of the Righteous to the grave with them.

The Minister asked them, “Are you still in the mode and the mind of a slave master that you think we should bow down to you and you tell us who we should listen to? That’s a mentality of the former slave masters [and] I would hope that Berkeley is not another plantation....”

The brilliant students of the Afrikan Black Coalition’s 2012 conference said very loudly and clearly, “Let our TRUE education begin.”

Tingba Muhammad is a citizen of the Nation of Islam.

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