Zionists try “Anti-Slavery” for deflection

By NOI Research Group | Last updated: Mar 16, 2012 - 12:40:02 PM

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A Jewish group calling itself the American Anti-Slavery Group has focussed its attention on an alleged trade in Black slaves in Africa. Better late than never, even if they are tardy by a century-and-a-half.

This Massachusetts-based "organization," consisting of one Charles Jacobs, a stack of stationery, a fax machine, and the combined power of the Jewish press, call themselves "new abolitionists." While their efforts have freed not a single "slave," they still have time to perform their true function which is to attack The Hon. Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. The Nations of Israel and Egypt, the closest countries to the area in question and which receive much American military aid (from tax money collected from Nation of Islam members) have not joined the "movement" either. Though they are militarily capable of ending the "slave trade," they, as of yet, have not done so. 

Arab slave trade has Jewish roots

The origin of the extensive slave trade in Black flesh, conducted by Arabs at roughly the same time as the trans-Atlantic trade, is worth examination. The predominant icons of Jewish philosophy, Judah Halevi and Moses Maimonides, both harbored the most vile anti-Black beliefs and encouraged among the Jews the Curse of Ham myth which asserts that the African is black-skinned and subhuman as a result of a divine curse, appropriate only for service to White people. The coveted Maimonides Award is given annually by the Anti-Defamation League.

According to Dr. Harold Brackman, the esteemed historian of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Arab Muslims used the Jewish developed myth to justify their own racist pursuit of African slaves and fully adopted this pernicious myth which soon became custom. Winthrop Jordan concurs in his seminal work, White Over Black. This Negrophobic canon of Black inferiority, Brackman maintains, might have been the only point on which the scholars of Judaism and Islam could agree. An open and public repudiation by Jewish and Muslim clerics of this wicked teaching upon which racism is based might help rid all communities of racist exploitation.


'The real reason Mr. Jacobs is attacking the Nation of Islam has nothing to do with saving shvartses (niggers) and everything to do with the long-overdue correction of Black/Jewish history in The Secret Relationship.'

But the real reason Mr. Jacobs is attacking the Nation of Islam has nothing to do with saving shvartses (niggers) and everything to do with the long-overdue correction of Black/Jewish history in The Secret Relationship. Lee M. Friedman, past president of the American Jewish Historical Society, wrote that in Brazil, where most captive Africans went, "the bulk of the slave trade was in the hands of Jewish settlers." Marcus Arkin wrote that the Jews of Surinam used "many thousands" of Black slaves. Herbert I. Bloom wrote that "the slave trade was one of the most important Jewish activities here (in Surinam) as elsewhere in the colonies." Cecil Roth, writer of 30 books and hundreds of articles on Jewish history, wrote that the slave revolts in that region "were largely directed against [Jews] as being the greatest slave-holders of the region."

But this is all a lie, say some Jews, even though it all flows from the pens of their own scholars. In a clumsy attempt to obfuscate the historical reality [that Jews were heavily involved in the Atlantic slave trade] they simply call the descendants of slaves in America, "slave traders." Though it is beyond the outer bounds of all that is stupid and irrational, they will simply marshal their media moguls to flood the world with this idiotic claim. Abolition by press release has never freed a single human being.

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