Glenn Beck: A Minion of the Synagogue of Satan

By Abdul Arif Muhammad, Esq. | Last updated: Mar 10, 2012 - 2:54:56 AM

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Woe to every slanderer, defamer! Who amasses wealth and counts it—He thinks that his wealth will make him abide. Nay, he will certainly be hurled into the crushing disaster…  —Holy Qur’an 104:1-4

Although he never referenced the actual remarks of Minister Farrakhan concerning the unprecedented evil being spoken of against President Obama, he attempted to make an evil insinuation by misusing a past critique by Minister Farrakhan of the wickedness of Presidents who use lies and deception in foreign policy to start wars and assassinate leaders all over the world. 

On Monday, February 27th, Glenn Beck’s radio show webpage ran the headline: Farrakhan: Obama’s life in danger. Glenn Beck proceeded to make slanderous comments regarding the February 26th Saviours’ Day Address of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. 

Minister Farrakhan, speaking on assassinations of foreign leaders and wars started based upon lies, asserted:  “there are murderers in the White House.”  Mr. Beck in a bizarre inference to this statement made by Minister Farrakhan opined that it implied danger to President Obama from the Nation of Islam.

Mr. Beck is a minion of the Synagogue of Satan and as such represents the thinking of those used as their low-level pawns.  This group, Minister Farrakhan identified in his Saviours’ Day address, “…the Synagogue of Satan doesn’t mean that everybody in it is Jewish.  It’s a combination of people, Gentiles, Jews, Black and White that agree on an idea. And some on a lesser level do not know what those on the highest level are doing, but they always give you a noble reason for what they are doing.” Mr. Beck, a man who called President Obama a “racist” is now feigning concern for our Brother President.

Mr. Beck maliciously attacked not only the good name, reputation, integrity, and character of Minister Farrakhan, but also the over half century of redemptive work he has accomplished. The Holy Qur’an teaches Muslims to never be the aggressor in word or deed, but if attacked, we fight with those who fight with us. 

Minister Farrakhan’s actual words about the danger to President Obama were, “Never has a sitting president been spoken of in the manner that President Obama and his family have had to endure. Not just by the ‘Birthers’ and right wing zealots, but those in high places, people with great influence have spoken against him in a manner that has never been accorded to even the worst of America’s white presidents. They have called President Obama a ‘racist,’ an ‘anti-Semite, a ‘socialist,’ a ‘communist,’ a ‘foreigner,’ an ‘alien,’ and they’ve even called him a ‘terrorist.’  I’m going to take a few minutes now to show you and tell you some of the things that highly influential people are saying about our Brother.”   Minister Farrakhan then presented a panoply of visual images and verbal insults hurled against the President by numerous prominent and influential Americans such as Republican Presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, House Majority Leader, Rep. Eric Cantor, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, former President Bill Clinton and Glenn Beck, himself.  

In discussing the very real potential threat to the life of President Obama, the Honorable Minister Farrakhan discussed the historical comparison between President Lincoln and President Obama who both governed in a divided America.  He declared, “The anger of the South, the red states, against Obama [is] the same anger the southerners had with President Lincoln.  And this hatred ultimately combined with Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation led to his assassination.  A similar historical context exists with President Obama. Just as the southern states were not with Lincoln, President Obama did not win the southern states or red states in the 2008 election. The negative atmosphere and hatred created against President Obama has created a climate for his assassination.”

In further discussing the Obama-Lincoln parallel, Minister Farrakhan discussed President Lincoln’s strength in issuing three executive orders suspending habeas corpus in 1861 and President Obama’s struggle in signing the National Defense Authorization Act.  Minister Farrakhan conveyed, “President Obama today is in a similar position [to President Lincoln], he just signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act. This Act—this Bill—f unds the military, but there is a clause in it that deprives the American people of their constitutional right to protest their government if a war goes on and the people are against it.  In other words the people's right of dissent is taken away by this Act that President Obama signed into law.  When he signed it he issued what is called a presidential statement which said that his administration would never carry out that part of the bill. He was trying to appease both sides—the warmongers and the civil libertarians. When he said that, it was like signing his death warrant.” Minister Farrakhan asked, “Do you think they’re wicked enough to be plotting out brother's assassination as we speak?”

Minister Farrakhan then issued a warning to those who may be planning to harm our President, “So I’m warning you, [Donald] Rumsfeld and [Dick] Cheney—I’m calling your names. [Paul] Wolfowitz, [Richard] Pearl, [Charles] Krauthammer, all of you neocons. If you harm our brother we will break our agreement with you. And our agreement with hell will be broken and our covenant with a pale horse will be annulled, and then I'll be able to call you to let's build a nation of our own.”

Minister Farrakhan gave guidance and instructions to all people of good will to protect the life of President Obama.  He implored, “Brothers and Sisters… it’s our duty to protect the President. So when you’re at the job, listen to what people are saying. If you work in the boardroom, listen to what people are saying. Act like ‘The Spook That Sat by the Door’ and make mental notes, because they can’t do what they’re doing without talking about it [in] some way. So you that are in the police department, listen; you that belong to the FBI, CIA, ATF, sheriff’s department, listen! Keep your ear to the ground, and if you hear something that don’t sound right, we’ve got to report it, because it is our duty to try and save the life of the man regardless of whether we agree with him or not—he’s our brother, and [Michele Obama] is our sister, and those children are our daughters. And I beg you, President Obama, stand up for justice and the American people, and don’t send these children to war for the sake of Israel.”  

Mr. Beck, contrary to your dangerous and wicked inference, it is clear that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is, in fact, seeking to protect the life of President Obama from the evil plans of the Synagogue of Satan.

Mr. Beck continuing with his nefarious inference that President Obama faces danger from the Nation of Islam stated, “I’m telling you this is a clear and present danger to the president of the United States. Will someone in the Secret Service or DOJ investigate what is happening at the Nation of Islam?”

 The phrase “clear and present danger” is coded language.  This term originated from a Supreme Court decision in 1919 which held that a defendant did not have a First Amendment right to express freedom of speech against the draft during World War I. It is also the title of a movie of the same name by Tom Clancy in which the President tells his National Security Advisor that a certain group represents “a clear and present danger.” This authorized a covert military operation to assassinate the group.

Mr. Beck’s coded language here is a call for the U.S. government to target and destroy the Nation of Islam, and in particular assassinate Minister Farrakhan.  This is no different from the recently reported quote by the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times Andrew Adler. Adler wrote a few weeks ago that Israel should consider “giv[ing] the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president [Obama] deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.” 

Where was your appeal, Mr. Beck, to the Secret Service or Justice Department to investigate Mr. Adler?  This is hateful and racist hypocrisy.

As a truly righteous servant of Allah (God) Minister Farrakhan even warned and admonished misguided Muslims who would seek to kill Americans.  He stated, “Now, I want to talk straight into the Masjids.  You sit around in the Mosque talking about Jews.  And somebody hears you and gets next to you. “You know I think we can do something about this you know. After prayer we’re going to talk.” And they are a plant from the government of the United States. Just think about the crap that America's doing to Muslims and we’re dumb enough to fit in the pattern. You want to bomb a synagogue, you stupid thing! What can you do with a synagogue when God is present? Let me tell you what He's doing and what He's going to do that makes your punk stuff like nothing. Sit down in the Mosque and pray, and go on and do the work of Allah, and leave Allah to kill whoever He wants to kill.”  These are not the words of a man that is a clear and present danger to the country.

This truth spoken by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is what the Synagogue of Satan and their pawn Mr. Beck fear, the exposure of their thoughts and plans against our Brother President and also against Minister Farrakhan.  As he stated in his message, “… I want to talk to you and our President, because now they’re pushing President Obama to strike Iran. And quietly they’re pushing him to destroy Farrakhan. They want our President to deal with me and Iran and that would make the Synagogue of Satan happy. They're terrorized that somebody is bold enough to uncover them and tell the American people the truth.”

We will not allow such vicious assaults on Minister Farrakhan, a man whose prescient and consistent warnings could save this country. We will and must continue to respond to “anti-Farrakhan” attacks. He deserves and has earned the right to be defended. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is a divine gift raised as the Anointed Servant of Allah (God) and His Messiah, as a Warner to America, the World and Black people. He is a torchlight for America.

Atty. Abdul Arif Muhammad is General Counsel for the Nation of Islam, an historian, Student Minister and former Final Call Newspaper editor-in-chief. Contact him at [email protected].

Also contributing to the article were Ava Muhammad, Richard Muhammad, Cedric Muhammad and Alan Muhammad.