Planning assassination in the name of Western assistance

By News | Last updated: Jun 10, 2011 - 12:26:10 PM

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Former South African President Nelson Mandela (left) clasps hands with Libyan leader Col. Moammar Gadhafi during Mr. Mandela's arrival in Tripoli, Oct 22, 1997. In the background is Mr. Gadhafi's house which was attacked by the U.S. during an April 1986 assassination attempt which killed the Libyan leader's daughter. AP Photo/Mohamed El-Dakhakhny
( - Massive disasters in the United States have pushed the war in Libya off the front pages and out of the lead spot on TV news broadcasts, but the crisis continues to unfold and the shameful motives of those involved is becoming clearer and clearer.

The United States and her allies in NATO, which is managing the assault, want Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi dead and want to feast on the flesh of the wounded North African nation.

Between the bombardments on his compounds, fatal strikes that killed his son and grandchildren and the diplomatic double speak, “we dropped bombs on his home but weren't trying to kill him,” is shallow logic and a clear plot for regime change through assassination.

The United States, France and Britain led the chorus of “Gadhafi must go,” and despite the Libyan leader's repeated calls for a ceasefire and his early call for observers to keep sides in a civil war apart, a political settlement has never been considered. Military action and brute force are being applied as the solution to a problem, removal of an unwanted enemy and the way to access Libya's prized oil once the smoke clears and the murder plot is fulfilled.

Not only is such action a violation of international principles and treaties, it is also a violation of divine law when someone is killed without justice and the killing is driven by lust for power and wealth.

The United Nations, kowtowing again to the United States and European powers, is allowing itself to be misused in a terrible plot to kill a revolutionary leader in the name of humanitarian assistance.

Recent reports say that even Russia, a member of the UN Security Council, is agreeing that Col. Gadhafi must go, but talking about a departure out of the country. Conventional wisdom says the Russians see the handwriting on the wall and if Col. Gadhafi is going to be ousted, the Russians want an “in” with the Western-backed rebel forces who may eventually control the flow of oil.

So at the end of the day, humanitarian aid and saving the lives of civilians don't really matter, the desire is for access to oil and wealth and an opportunity to use Libya's deserts and cities as a laboratory for sick experiments in killing and destruction.

All of this lays the groundwork to exploit a divided Libyan society if the West succeeds in its murderous plan. If Col. Gadhafi is killed or removed, this will be the first civil war—others are likely as the rebel coalition is not tightly bound by a common ideology or vision for the future. Does this sound like Afghanistan to you?

“War furthers many interests. Each war is a laboratory for testing the next generation of weapons. It is well known that the Iraq war led to more civilian than military victims. … In Libya, the debate is over facts. It points to the fact that the US and NATO are perfecting a new generation of weapons, weapons meant for urban warfare, weapons designed to minimise collateral damage,” Mahmood Mamdani, a professor and author, wrote in a piece published on Al Jazeera's website.

“The objective is to destroy physical assets with minimum cost in human lives. The cost to the people of Libya will be of another type. The more physical assets are destroyed, the less sovereign will be the next government in Libya,” he predicts.

Following the money yields more insight into Western motivation: “Libyan assets are mainly in the US and Europe, and they amount to hundreds of billions of dollars: the US Treasury froze $30bn of liquid assets, and US banks $18bn. What is to happen to interest on these assets? The absence of any specific arrangement assets are turned into a booty, an interest-free loan, in this instance, to US Treasury and US banks,” Prof. Mamdani observes.

Meanwhile there is evidence the UN resolution which prohibits ground forces in Libya has already been violated. News media in the United Kingdom reported that Special Forces soldiers, out of uniform, were apparently in the country and were captured on film by Al Jazeera. Previously it was reported that U.S. personnel rescued a pilot whose plane went down in Eastern Libya's rebel-held area.

The UK-based Guardian newspaper said May 30 that potential plots to send former Special Forces soldiers and other experienced troops to Libya as workers for private security firms, paid for by Arab nations, to train anti-Gadhafi forces were in the works.

South African President Jacob Zuma was visiting Tripoli at Final Call presstime in another attempt by African leaders to find a negotiated settlement to the conflict. But the African view is not the European view: “He (Col. Gadhafi) will go sooner or later,” British Defense Secretary Liam Fox said May 29. “And the calculation for those around him is how long they continue to invest in someone who will ultimately be a loser,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

With attack helicopters already in the country from France and Britain, the Times said Britain is readying 2,000-pound bunker buster bombs to target Gadhafi compounds—but there is no plot to kill the leader?

Between targeting his homes and trying to incite his inner circle to deadly action, there is ample evidence that the West is pressing more and more for the murder of Col. Gadhafi. Despite all of the NATO air strikes and support from the West, the rebels have not been able to take the country, so the U.S. and her allies see his death as a final solution.

While the United States and Europe may revel in their plans and glory in their weapons of war, there is another power in the world. Whether the West will succeed in its murderous plot in Libya is yet to be seen, but how can such evil go uncontested and how long will powerful countries crush weaker nations? “America can sit down ‘tyrants' but who can sit her down?” asked the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in a May 28 message to 500 spiritual leaders in New York. The public is deceived by the media about Col. Gadhafi, he said.

When lies are used to send U.S. troops into war that is murder, the Minister said.

But there is one present who will destroy the powers of this world, with America number one on the list for her evils, in fulfillment of prophecy, the Son of Man. While her evils to the Black man and woman are the cause for her destruction, America will also reap the violence and evil she has sown throughout the earth. Like the empires of the past, her evils cannot go unpunished and unless she repents, America will suffer the fate of Babylon and her sister nations, as the Bible warns.

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