Libyan Uprising Is a Family Problem —the U.S. Allies Must Stay Away

By Ali Baghdadi -Guest Columnist- | Last updated: Mar 8, 2011 - 12:54:11 PM

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( - The packs of Western hyenas are ready to jump on their prey. Their jaws are wide open. We all can see their revolting and murderous teeth. We spot their sharp claws dripping with human blood. They are ugly and brutal.

U.S. amphibious assault warships USS Kearsarge and USS Ponce have left the Red Sea for the Mediterranean, and are moving closer to Libyan shores and only oil is on their minds. Libya is the richest country in oil on the African continent. It floats over a lake of sweet oil of the highest quality in the world.

Ali Baghdadi
Western “concerns” for the people of Libya, and Western support for “democracy and human rights” in an Arab and Muslim country are outright lies that even Arab, Muslim, and African children can comprehend. Western powers may dupe some of their own people.Certainly, they cannot fool the people of Africa, Asia and Latin America, who have suffered from Western military invasions and occupations for too long and continue to suffer until this day.

Paul Craig Roberts is not a Muslim “radical,” and certainly does not belong to Al-Qaeda. Certainly, the man is not a Muslim period. He is an associate editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and many other credentials. Mr. Roberts is one of the few American writers and thinkers that the Israeli Zionist lobby couldn't buy, scare or blackmail. Read what he says:

“The utter hypocrisy of the U.S. government and the population or much of it (is that) we've been hearing all this about concern for human rights in Libya—and this is from a government responsible for… 4 million dead Iraqis. And we have all these concerns for 1000 dead Libyans.

“Now we're going to invade Libya to save Libyan's from Ghadhafi's mercenaries. That's not even the tip of the iceberg. The hypocrisy is just massive.

“American government people have no shame, no integrity. They do not represent the people.”

If the U.S. government is concerned for human lives, why did it allow tons of bombs to rain down on helpless men, women and children in Gaza? Why did it allow the Israeli military to destroy mosques, churches, schools, universities, homes, apartment buildings, and food storage, and even United Nations facilities? Why did it provide the Israeli military with cluster and white phosphorus bombs, and other illegal weapons intended to burn, kill and maim innocent civilians?

Gaza has been under siege by land, sea and air for several years.Almost two million Muslim and Christian Palestinians lack adequate food, water, medicine, fuel and electricity. Instead of forcing the Jewish settler state to lift its barbaric siege, and allow the Gazans to travel and trade with the outside world, the United States paid for and engineered an underground iron wall that separates Gaza from Egypt in order to prevent the Palestinians from constructing tunnels from which they might get things for their basic need to survive.

The world has witnessed the “democracy” that the United States and its NATO allies have brought to Iraq. The millions of Iraqi widows, orphans and refugees, as well as the millions of unemployed and homeless that we see today are living examples of this democracy. Iraq is in ruins. The Iraqi regime that entered Iraq behind American tanks, which earned the “Nobel” prize of being the most corrupt dictatorship in the entire world, is a case in point and an exemplifier of this imported democracy.

The world by now knows U.S. “humanitarian” efforts. Those efforts were manifested in al-Faluja, a town north of Baghdad. To revenge the killing of a handful of U.S. Blackwater mercenaries responsible for the murder of Iraqi civilians, the whole village with its population was leveled to the ground. We have seen U.S. troops “humanitarian” work. Injured civilians in mosques were shot in the head at point blank. Apparently, George W. Bush, a “Christian” and a crusader, who told us that “God” had ordered him to invade Iraq, didn't want them to “suffer.”

We know the Western governments inside and out. We heard and saw their lies coming from their own mouths. Former U.S. President Bush (the second) and his “poodle” former Prime Minister of Britain told the world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction capable in five minutes of destroying Western civilization and to prevent this calamity Iraqi President Saddam Hussein ought to go. There were no such weapons.The UN inspection team made this clear long in advance.

The people of Libya have made it clear they absolutely oppose any foreign intervention. They made it totally clear to fight if their country is invaded and their soil is desecrated. America and its colonial allies must stay away.

Fighting foreign invaders is not something new to the people of Libya. Italy occupied the country in 1911. Half of the population sacrificed their lives in their struggle for liberation. Libya survived.If compelled, Libyans are prepared to do it again. The American, British, and French governments must grasp this lesson and keep out.

The Islamic World Conference, which consists of 55 Muslim states, has emphasized that it fully supports the Libyan people's demands, no Western troops, and no Western intervention.

What is going on in Libya today is a family problem.The solution must be a family solution. Whether Muammar al-Gadhafi remains the head of this family or not, is for the people of Libya alone to decide. Col. Gadhafi has been in power for almost 42 years. Now he is promising the people real change: a constitution, a parliament, civil institutions, freedom of expression and assembly, and many other goodies. The Libyans alone have the right to accept or reject.It is their country. It is their land.It is their destiny. Western crocodile tears are phony.

(Ali Baghdadi is editor of the Arab Journal. He can be reached at [email protected].)