A Girl Like Me

By Director Kiri Davis | Last updated: Aug 11, 2010 - 12:05:22 PM

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Color is more than skin deep for young Black women struggling to define themselves and award winning young Director Kiri Davis illustrates this reality in her short film, A Girl Like Me.  Read more about Director Kiri Davis on her website @

About the Director: Kiri Davis knew from an early age that film was a medium she wanted to work in. Through her films she's found a way of expressing herself as well as telling the stories that are important to her. Kiri Davis began her career as an entrepreneur creating and selling specialty items and later designing her own jewelry line. She now continues to express her love of art through a variety of mediums including film. She has directed several short films including her first documentary "A Girl Like Me" which she made at age sixteen. (Read more @

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