UFO Researcher and Journalist Jaime Maussan says: 'They are announcing that they are coming'

By News | Last updated: Mar 25, 2014 - 7:58:26 PM

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Jaime Maussan is a leading journalist in covering the phenomenon of UFO sightings in Mexico and around the world. During his hour-long presentation at the Open Minds 23rd International UFO Convention, the audience was spellbound by audio and video footage presented by Mr. Maussan, including a portion described as “The Hum” which are ominous sounds described by eyewitnesses as accompanying sightings and being emitted from the UFOs.

Jaime Maussan
Ashahed Muhammad, The Final Call (FCN): Mr. Maussan, I want to ask you a question about the sounds. That was really captivating; the sounds of the UFOs, or The Wheels. Could you just tell us a little bit more about that?

Jaime Maussan (JM): Since 2011, we have been hearing these kind of sounds; and they haven’t stopped—everywhere in the world! I think they are, somehow, announcing that they are coming—they are [makes a knocking sound with hands] “knocking at our door.” That’s what I think, because they continue. But I believe it’s very important! It’s exactly like the crop circles, which are—that’s for the eyes, and this [the sounds] is for our ears. They’re both for the brain! But they are trying to connect to us; that’s what I think.

FCN: Now it sounded kind of like an “air raid,” sort of. What are the people hearing this describing? The people who say that they’ve heard these sounds? What do they feel? Do they feel scared?

JM: No, they feel—they feel impressed; they feel impressed, like, ‘What is this? What is this?’—they feel nervous. Not as scared, not as scared, but nervous? Yes. Because, when you don’t know where that is coming from, you have to be nervous. That is all. But I think it’s a connection. Something is going to happen, soon. Sooner than later.

FCN: Now my last question: Since 2011 when you were with us in Chicago, have there been any new developments? Has anything changed, has anything happened that we can update the readers and listeners with?

JM: Uh, well, so many things! I mean, not just the sounds, The Motherships. Now we have so many sightings of The Motherships. We have so many invisible UFOs—now we know there are things that are probably—we have something there, but If we don’t use the special equipment*, we won’t see it. It’s very diffi cult for us to understand, but there is something going on—you know?

FCN: Yes.

JM: It’s so much! I mean, we would be scared if we knew how many are there, outside, watching us. And I think the new equipment— and I tell Minister Farrakhan— that I recommend to get this equipment, and be watching constantly! Because he is going to have the answers he is looking for—very soon!

(*Mr. Maussan is referring to infrared and night vision military grade goggles and scopes which were on display and available for purchase during the conference.)

FC: All right.

JM: Okay? Tell him: I really like him, and my blessings to him! Okay?

FC: Thank you. I will.

(At last year’s IUFOC Jaime Maussan, played video footage taken by people all over the world of sounds given off by UFOs. A link to that presentation is available at http://www. Forward to the 36:42 mark where “The Hum” Presentation begins.