5 Facts About UFOs That 'Experts' Won’t Tell You

By Ilia Rashad Muhammad -Guest Columnist- | Last updated: Jan 26, 2014 - 9:49:07 PM

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With the economic crisis and other daily obligations that occupy most people’s time and energy, the average person is probably not that concerned about UFOs. However if a little more attention was paid to this topic, the American public may become overwhelmingly intrigued over the relevance this topic has to world affairs, their tax dollars, and their daily lives. In fact, we would be quite amazed to know the truth about UFOs and probably more shocked to uncover the misconceptions that have been intentionally spread about them.

Before you assume this topic is for those eccentric people with tin-foiled helmets living out of their parent’s basement and nothing better to do with their lives, we’ve put together a super-simple list about UFOs that should prompt us ‘everyday folks’ to become more inquisitive about this worldwide phenomena.

1. The wheel-like planes that Minister Farrakhan represents do exist! These are the planes that other entities have labeled as ‘unidentified flying objects’ (UFOs), flying saucers, spheres, and disc-shaped objects. They are intelligently controlled and have technological capabilities that are incomprehensible by this world’s standards. In 2008 the Associated Press Poll reported that 14 percent of the American people have seen UFOs, which indicates that over 40 million U.S. citizens have actually seen these crafts for themselves. A 2012 National Geographic survey reported that 80 million Americans believe in UFOs. With millions of witnesses, thousands of videos, photos, and thousands of annual reports, there is no logical reason not to accept the fact that such planes exist. Several other polls show that nearly half of the American people believe in UFOs. This number has included many of the U.S. Presidents like Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, and others. Even President Obama’s senior advisor John Podesta is publicly calling for full government exposure and scientific analysis of this phenomenon.

Based on these facts, more people have seen these wheels than the number of people who live in the state of Tennessee (less than seven million). To deny that these planes exist would be just as absurd as stating that Tennessee doesn’t exist.

2. A Black Man introduced this reality to the modern world. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (eternal leader of the Nation of Islam) claims to have met the Supreme Being (God in person) who showed him this huge wheel-shaped plane along with its smaller crafts (now labeled UFOs). Since the early 1930s, Elijah Muhammad gave vivid firsthand details about these crafts and their purposes in the world directly from the source of these wheels. Interestingly all official reports, mass sightings, and governmental investigations of UFOs came afterwards. In fact, the terms ‘flying saucer’ and ‘UFO’ did not become a part of the world’s vernacular until the 1940s. The Nation of Islam (NOI) has always known the reality of these wheels and their divine role, which has strangely been ignored by many of those who claim to be experts in this subject.

Even more shocking is that Elijah Muhammad and his chief representative, Louis Farrakhan, have dared the world’s powers to disprove their relationship with these crafts. Surprisingly NONE have contended with them, not even their staunchest critics! This should tell you something.

3. There is a global UFO cover-up! World governments, military powers, and mainstream media work in collusion to prevent the public from knowing the truth about UFOs.  Instead of challenging Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan to prove their relationship with these wheels, the media deludes the public with images of fictitious aliens and monsters.  Unfortunately, this may explain why many people have been dissuaded from looking deeper into this topic.

After several decades of denial, the U.S. Government has just recently admitted that Area 51 exists. If the Government has lied about whether or not a geographical location exists, it would be highly irrational to believe they are telling the truth about UFOs. After all, the U.S. Government’s agencies initiated an ongoing disinformation campaign against both the NOI and the reality of UFOs.

Even persons who have worked within the government and the military have found tremendous difficulties when attempting to ascertain data concerning UFOs. It is a topic still considered ‘above top secret.’

4. UFOs have nothing to do with aliens—or any monstrous extraterrestrials we’ve seen in the movies. With all of the data that proves that UFOs exist, there is nothing that suggests that they are of alien origin. Largely due to Hollywood’s depictions, many assume they are aliens because they can’t believe that there are certain ‘people’ more intelligent and powerful than the power structures of this current world. Elijah Muhammad spoke of his personal relationship with many of the ‘people’ who control these circular crafts whom he referred to as ‘scientists’ or ‘angels’. That’s right, the angels you’ve read about are realistic people of extraordinary intelligence and power. You wouldn’t know them from the average person because they all have special assignments from the Supreme Being.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his servant, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, have further illustrated that the prophetic visions of the scriptures also show that these planes are not from “outer space.” The earthly origins of these crafts are demonstrated by the Prophet Ezekiel who saw these wheels being “lifted up” from the earth; he did not see them come down from “outer space” (Ezekiel 1:19)—that pretty much debunks the “Ancient Alien Astronaut” theory.

5. They have everything to do with the ‘Chosen People’, and the prophetic time in which we live. Religions have not been able to fully justify the origin and purpose of UFOs with their traditional beliefs, which is why most theological studies ignore the UFO topic altogether. Ironically, all of the scriptures give vivid prophecies about God and his angels operating from an earthly and celestial position. Yet, mainstream religions have had problems reconciling this phenomena with their traditional theologies. This is why the prophecies of the Bible and Holy Qur’an speak of God preparing one who would unlock the deeper meaning of the scriptures. If these planes exist as contemporary data shows, then religious scholars will have to admit that Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan have been right and exact all along!

The fact remains that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Louis Farrakhan don’t approach this subject as theorists; instead, these men give factual evidence that can be proven (and now seen) beyond doubt. Hence, they are the most authoritative sources on this topic capable of providing answers to this global phenomenon.

Though many religious leaders, academic scholars, politicians, and scientists have treated Minister Farrakhan’s association to these wheels like the proverbial “elephant in the room,” several people in these arenas are increasingly bearing witness to this profound reality. This is largely due to the noble efforts of Minister Farrakhan’s public broadcasts, The Time And What Must Be Done where he has made his position very clear on this issue, which emboldens those who have known the truth of the wheels, but didn’t have the courage to stand up for the truth.

As sightings continue to increase and questions arise, just know that Minister Farrakhan has answers to this worldwide phenomena. The more the public seriously inquires about this intriguing subject, the more they will realize that this reality involves a child of slaves who encountered the Supreme Being who produced these wheel-like objects for the salvation of his people and the destruction of their open enemies. Now it becomes understandable why world powers have deliberately attempted to conceal the truth about these wheels and their representative, Minister Louis Farrakhan.

Ilia Rashad Muhammad is part of the Nation of Islam Research Group (NOIRG) and he is the author of the recently released book UFOs And The Nation Of Islam: The Source, Proof, And Reality Of The Wheels available at