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What will 2012 bring to America, The World and Black and Oppressed People

By the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan | Last updated: Mar 1, 2012 - 1:07:08 PM

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[Editor’s note: The following article is the first installment of edited excerpts from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day keynote address delivered Sunday, February 26, 2012 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Click here to order the message in its entirety on MP3, DVD and CD or call 866.602.1230, ext. 200.]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

Today, we want to look at the year “2012” and see what is in the prophecies for the world, for America, and for Black and oppressed people throughout the world.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Photos Mikal Veale
In the Holy Qur’an, Surah 5, verse 67, Allah (God) says to His Messenger Muhammad: “O Messenger, deliver the message. If you do it not, you have not delivered the message. But if you do it, surely I will protect you from men.” There’s a degree of danger attached to telling the truth to those who have been deceived by lies and falsehood. There’s a degree of danger that every prophet had to meet in a world ruled by Satan. But the prophets never shrank from their duty to deliver the message.

For 44 years, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad never, ever, took a “back step” in delivering The Message that he received from The Great Mahdi, Master Fard Muhammad. And being a follower of his, I, Louis Farrakhan, can’t take a “back step” in delivering The Message; and I seek Allah’s Protection in delivering that Message.

The 61st Chapter of Isaiah (NIV, verses 1-4) reads like this: “The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God, and to comfort all who mourn, and [to] provide for those who grieve in Zion—to bestow on them”—and that’s you—“a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. [And these] will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of His splendor. They will rebuild the ancient ruins, and restore the places long devastated. They will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.”

All of this, by The Grace of Allah (God), will be accomplished in this message from Allah and His Messiah to you today. This is my spirit for this lecture today; and everything that Allah will cause me to say will fulfill those words of Isaiah.

You cannot make God’s prophets ‘liars’

I don’t wish to be on “the opposite side” of my brother Barack Obama, who is the president of the United States of America. However, when he said in his State of The Union address on January 24, 2012 that: “… America is back. And anyone who tells you that America is in decline, or that our influence has waned, doesn’t know what they’re talking about. …” I must take issue with this.

Crowd at the United Center in Chicago
I want to say to my dear brother: What you are saying is that you and your administration have the power to make God’s prophets liars. It is not that we, alone, are saying that “America is in decline”—the prophets of God have said it, prophesied of it; and the world is now seeing it. And for our president to act as though this is “not real,” that is being delusional, and disallows him as president to tell the American people the truth; that he may unite them on the basis of that truth to correct the existing problems of this nation. So, I guess the duty falls on us to tell the truth to the American people.

So, with deep respect for our president and for the great nation that I and we are blessed to live in, I have to point out the prophets’ predictions, and how America is fulfilling them. And how America is indeed not only in a decline, but in a great and steady fall from which she does not seem to have the ability to stop. There’s a very small window of opportunity for America, and I will tell you, by The Grace of Allah, what that opportunity is. And if you avail yourself of it, you can extend America’s time on our planet.

America is on her deathbed. The vital signs of America are not good. America is lost, and your scholars and scientists have lost the ability to guide you out of the problems that your policies and your way of life have created for you. You have rejected Elijah Muhammad and Master Fard Muhammad as a “Mahdi” or “Divine Guide,” and in my humble opinion, this is why your nation and the world is in great confusion and decline.

Master Fard Muhammad, as The Great Mahdi which means “Self-Guided One,” comes to guide us that we may straighten out the crooked things that need to be straightened. He comes to make the rough places plain and the crooked things straight. Don’t you want to see America “straightened out” since we live here? Well, we’re going to give you a Guidance today to straighten it out.

Not only does America need to be straightened out, but all of us have to look at the crooked things in our own lives that need to be made straight, and the rough places made plain.

America and world’s financial condition deteriorating

The debt in America has now outgrown the Gross Domestic Product [GDP]. What does that mean? Many of your top economists are worried about the economy and are telling us, soon, that this bubble is going to burst.

Mother Khadijah Farrakhan (2nd left) with family members and guests. Photos: Mikal Veale
Didn’t the Honorable Elijah Muhammad warn us of such? Didn’t he tell you, Black brothers and sisters, that the factories would close? The gates would be locked? And there would be long lines, looking for jobs? Didn’t he tell you that America was going to have “millions of unemployed”; and “would not be able to provide for our unemployed”—that we had better “unite, pool our resources, and get up from the foot of White people and do something for ourselves”! Do you remember him saying that? But we haven’t done it. And now we’re steadily going down, deeper, into The Valley of Poverty and Want.

According to reports, the national debt of the United States of America has reached over $15 trillion; but with other obligations such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, combined with the “IOUs” to government retirement and other programs, the debt is really as much as $70-80 trillion. The debt is so large it could actually be greater than the value of all the land, the resources, the structures, its industries and all they produce.

Mr. President: If America is not in decline, why is our government, and state governments, selling off the assets that belong to the government and the American people? Why are you selling government buildings in Washington? The big FBI building was up for sale; and if someone buys it, the FBI will rent from them! My God … We’re selling bridges, toll roads, and sea ports!

Is a “renter” equal to an owner? And yet, you say that America is not in decline? Clearly, we can’t continue like this. As Muslims, in our prayers we say this: “O Allah, I seek Your refuge from being overpowered by debt and the oppression of men.” This prayer links “debt” with “oppression,” which the dictionary defines as “prolonged, cruel or unjust treatment.”

There are many parables in the Bible that Jesus makes of “the debtor.” The Bible always shows that the person who is owed the debt is never good to the person who owns the debt. Debt destroys the spirit of the debtor. Debt gives great power to the one who is owed that debt. Debt undermines liberty! Debt undermines the pursuit of happiness! Debt strangles the spiritual energy of life itself!

America’s debt has surpassed the value of everything under its foot, and it continues to rise.

America and world impacted by worsening weather conditions

And even as America’s financial condition worsens, so, too, has the weather. Remember what I said last year at Saviours’ Day 2011? “Watch the weather.” Well, in 2011 America and the world had the worst weather in recorded history. And this year, 2012, portends even greater calamities and hurt for the American people, and also Europe.

Community leaders and dignitaries listen to Min. Farrakhan on Feb. 26.
Did you know that according to scientists, they called 2011 an almost “Biblical onslaught” of twisters, floods, snow, drought, heat and wildfire? There have been more weather catastrophes in 2011 than there were in all of the 1980s! More than 1,000 people were killed, and it caused over $52 billion in property damage.

So far this year, Europe’s weather has been catastrophic: The freezing of the Danube River which cuts through six European countries is beyond anything that Europe has experienced. Record-breaking cold is killing livestock; snow is so high it’s up to the roofs of some of the buildings so that people have had to dig their way out of their homes—and some are trapped in their homes and are dying there because nobody can get to them, and they can’t get out! And they have not prepared for this type of calamity. One hundred and thirty-one [people] were killed in the Ukraine; 53 have died from exposure in Poland. Heathrow Airport in London has been partially shut down. Emergency helicopters are rescuing people in Bosnia cut off by snow drifts. In the Czech Republic, temperatures have reached minus 40 degrees centigrade, the lowest since the 1980s. Moscow recorded temperatures at minus 20 degrees centigrade, the lowest in 60 years. And snow even fell on parts of northern Africa!

But you have not seen anything yet. This year it will be worse. God is not going to let up on America and the world.

America’s political environment: White slave-master mentality revealed

The political environment, like the weather and the economy, is has deteriorated. Never has a sitting president been spoken of in the manner that President Obama and his family have had to endure. Not just by groups like The Birthers and right-wing zealots, but those in “high places”: People with great influence have spoken against President Obama in a manner that has never been accorded to even the worst of America’s White presidents! They have called President Obama a “racist,” an “anti-Semite,” a “socialist,” a “communist,” an “alien.” And they’ve even called him a “terrorist.”

Just some examples to show you some of the things that highly influential people are saying about our brother: Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has said: “Obama’s policies are a very serious threat to our way of life… The secular socialist machine represents as greater threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union once did.” Jewish Republican congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia said: “In an effort to ingratiate our country with the Arab world, this administration has shown a troubling eagerness to undercut our allies and friends… The dispute jeopardizes America’s national security.” Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a leading Republican on the Foreign Affairs Committee said: “The Obama administration undermines both our allies and the peace process while encouraging the enemies of America and Israel alike.” Kansas Speaker of the House Mike O’Neal, in a forwarded email to fellow lawmakers, called Mrs. Michelle Obama “Mrs. YoMama”; and included a photo comparing her to “The Grinch.” Also, he referred to President Obama in a Bible verse, Psalms 109:8: “Let his days be few, and let another take his office. May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow. May his children be wandering beggars; may they be driven from their ruined homes. May a creditor seize all that he has, and may strangers plunder the fruits of his labor. May no one extend kindness to him or take pity on his fatherless children.”

Now, this speaker of the House forwarded this “prayer” with his own message, stating to its recipients: “At last—I can honestly voice a Biblical prayer for our president!” asking those he sent the email to, “Look it up—it is word for word! Let us all bow our heads and pray. Brothers and Sisters, can I get an AMEN? AMEN!!!!!!”

These are White folks! Now, you would think this is from senseless, stupid, uninformed, ignorant White folk, but this is from the group that has been voted into political power. Not “little,” “dumb” people from the backwoods of Mississippi—these are people with influence! But they are not talking about you, or me. They are talking about the president that most of us voted to elect.

Minnesota State Senator Mike Parry—a GOP Senate candidate was found to have scrubbed several “tweets” from his Twitter account including one that described Obama as a “power-hungry, arrogant Black man”: “My opinion is that our president is arrogant, and angry. The fact is that he’s a Black man.”

It seems that all you have to do to be labeled “arrogant” is just stand your ground. All you have to do to be called “angry” is to say “I disagree.” See, they have slave master mentality, and they don’t recognize that slavery is over, baby! And you’re gonna have to get used to Black people angry, peaceful, beautiful—however we present ourselves to you, you’re going to have to accept it, or deal with it!


All over America and the world there have been posters, billboards, etc., which have in some cases depicted President Barack Obama dressed in a Palestinian kufia with the words “anti-Semitic Jew-hater” (a poster in downtown Jerusalem); or, his face over the term “Democrat Socialism” (as in the case of North Iowa Tea Party’s billboard), next to images of Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin. And in the Birther Movement, protestors with signs that state: “The zoo has an African lion, and the White House has a lyin’ African,” and “President or Jihad? Birth Certificate: PROVE IT!” This is the climate that is being built up in America for our brother.

Do you remember The New Yorker Magazine’s cover (July 2008) depitcting our sister Michelle Obama with a heavy afro, military clothes on, and an AK-47 and bullets over her shoulder, greeting her husband “Barack Hussein Obama”—with a picture behind the two of them of Osama Bin Laden? Now, this is New York magazine put out by Jewish people! I’m not anti-Semitic. I’m just telling the truth.

So, I ask would like to ask a question: Why is it that some Jewish people must link every Black man of strength with Adolf Hitler? Just as Mayor Edward Koch in New York called me “The New Hitler”: Anyone who speaks out against misconduct, or unfair treatment by members of the Jewish Community: Instead of dealing with the truth of what we say, you label the person an “anti-Semite.” And the stronger they are, you call them “Hitler.” Now they are doing it to President Obama.

There are numerous images depicting your president with a Hitler mustache and hairdo. Now, listen: If you were Jewish, and somebody painted the president of the United States as “Hitler,” what would be in your heart for the president knowing what Hitler did to the Jewish people? This is about the lowest that a man can get! And to take that brother, and paint him with a swastika or a mustache to make him look like Hitler…

Well, you may say that “these are just some silly individuals” who do this. But I would challenge The Press, because I notice how when White people rape our women, the press just states, “Oh, he was drunk. He was horsin’ around.” You love to make excuses for your people. But I intend today to close the door on excuses, because if you join wrong, then the punishment that comes to the wrong, and you support it, you die with them!

So if the press is wondering if that is a threat: Yes! There’s never been a Messenger of God that delivered a Message that wasn’t accompanied by a threat! It’s not “me”; I am just telling you what God is about to do…

To be continued.