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The Divine Nature & Value of Women

By The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan | Last updated: Mar 22, 2016 - 7:30:33 AM

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[Editor's note: The following article contains only excerpts of the inspirational message to women delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on Sunday, September 11, 2011 before a packed audience full of M.G.T. and G.C.C. Vanguard and female guests at Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois and simulcast live via the internet. Click here to order CD/DVD of this entire message or call 1.866.602.1230.]

Student National M.G.T.&G.C.C. Capt. Sandy Muhammad poses with members of the M.G.T. Vanguard Class who came to Chicago for a major retreat and fi lled Mosque Maryam during Min. Louis Farrakhan’s powerful message on the divinity and importance of women. Photo:
In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

There will never be a Righteous Kingdom until and unless there is a Righteous Woman. Where there are no decent women there are no decent men. For the woman, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches the Black woman in particular, is the Mother of Civilization. So I want to talk about The Divine Nature and Value of Women.

No matter what your color, or race or ethnicity, you have never looked at yourself as a part of The Divine. After this message today that view of yourself will change.

We live in the Creation of God. Whatever God creates is of Himself.  If God is the Author and Source of Divinity, how could He create a Universe and that Universe not be Divine? You can’t improve on anything that He created, for He created it perfect. He didn’t create the Sun “in His image”; neither the Moon, nor the Stars. He created nothing in His “image” or “likeness” but the human being, so how could you be “in His image” and “after His likeness” and not have His Divine Nature?

Student M.G.T.& G.C.C. Vanguard Capt. Kabasa Muhammad of Chicago with some of the 1,300 Nation of Islam women and girls who came to the Chicago-area for a special retreat and attended services at Mosque Maryam. Photo: Courtney X Powell

I want you to think with me! Some of my brothers and sisters who are Islamic scholars: They don’t want to think that the human has Divine qualities. We can wrangle over that with any scholar in the world by asking the question:  “Why are you justified in wearing The Attributes of God if you cannot reflect those Attributes that are Divine?

We want to acquaint you today with your Divinity. And then call on you to be yourself.

The Essence (Character) of  One Who Belongs to God

In the Holy Qur’an there is a Surah (Chapter) titled “The Women” (Surah 4). But that isn’t the only one dedicated to women for there is a whole chapter in the Qur’an dedicated to Mary, the Mother of Jesus (Surah 19: “Maryam”).  In that chapter, The Angels were in dispute among themselves as to who would have charge of Mary.  Mary, according to the Qur’an, was the best of women. Not the mother of Abraham, not the mother of Moses, not the mother of Muhammad, but the mother of Jesus.

Now let me help you to know why Mary is an example for women: She was not an unchaste woman, even though the Jews charged her with fornication and even referred to her offspring as an “illegitimate child.” Mary had to be secretly put away because the Jews, at that time were immersed in the Law of Moses: If they saw the woman pregnant, but not with a man, they would have charged her and killed her. So God protected her, and the Qur’an says, “Jesus and his mother were a sign.”  A “sign” is pointing to something bigger than itself.

In the 4th Chapter of the Qur’an, the first verse reads like this: “In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. O people keep your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single being, And created its mate of the same (kind), and spread from these two many men and women. …”  Some translations of the Arabic don’t say “being,” but instead uses another word called “essence”: “Surely God created you from a single essence, and created the mate of the same.”

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
Well, what is the essence of something? According to the dictionary, the essence of a thing is the “intrinsic nature,” or “indispensable quality” of that thing; especially something abstract that determines its character. Here’s God, now, creating a human—the first human—from a single essence and created the woman of the same. If God created us from the same essence, then what is that essence that determines our character? The essence of you is God Himself. The essence, that which determines your character, is your connection to The Creator of the heavens and the earth, Who is also your and my Creator.

You have never looked at yourself as “belonging to” God; you only see yourself in the light of what The Enemy has made you to see yourself: As “ex-slaves” or “Black people of no worth or value or purpose in life.” The Enemy never taught you the true knowledge of who you are. And, I don’t blame him because he was given power to rule. But his time is up, and your time has come! And now God has come to bring you back to yourself! You must be introduced to your intrinsic nature; the essence that determines your character, which is God Himself.

The meaning of “character” is “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual (human being).” That’s very, very heavy! Because if your moral character and your mental character is of God, then you have to ask yourself: “What happened to us as a human being that our morals are not where God wants them to be? That our mental qualities have been curtailed, brought down—or even killed?” “What happened to women and men that we are so far down and away from the essence of our own being where we, now, are not even a caricature of what God intended?” Here is where I want you to study the Book of Genesis.

I know you love the Bible, but you don’t read it enough. It is not a book that should be in your house as if it’s something that you put up to “keep devils away.” It is a book to be read! It is a book to be studied! It is a book to be acted upon!

The Book of Genesis is telling us about “the beginnings” of things—and that is what “Genesis” means, “Beginning.” This first chapter starts with the creation of the world and every living creature in it. It records the first marriage, the first sin, the first consequences of sin, and the first reference to God’s Future Plan to redeem humanity. And after it recounts the stories of “The Flood” (Chapters 6-8) and “The Tower of Babel” (Chapter 11), Genesis also tells the story of “The Birth of a Nation” (Chapter 22).

We are now in our Genesis. So in reading these things from the Bible, it helps us to see our Divine Nature.

Male and Female Both Created in God’s Image

In the New Living Translation, Genesis 1:27 teaches:  “God created human beings in His own image. In the image of God created He them; male and female He created them.” So when you’re looking at Adam as the “offspring of God,” look again at yourself, because it wasn’t just man that was created, it was man and woman.

And if you go to the Genesis 5:2 it teaches: “Male and female created He them and called their name Adam,” so when we talk about “man,” you can’t even talk about a man unless a woman is present, because there would be no man without a woman!

Now let’s deal with this: When God created this man and this woman, He gave them assignments. He didn’t tell them “go to the nightclub,” “hang out in the bar,” “get drunk and fornicate.” He gave you instructions that come out of the very nature of your creation: “Be fruitful and multiply.”

Women enjoy message Sept. 11, 2011 at Mosque. Photo: Courtney X Powell Maryam.
What do you think that means? If He created the cattle, and they reproduce cattle; the birds reproduce birds, the fowl reproduce fowl, the beasts of the field reproduce beasts of the field, what did He create “man and woman” to do? Well, as with everything else that He created, He created the human being to reproduce themselves! But if you are in the image and the likeness of God, then He, too, is being reproduced every time you properly reproduce!

God tells the male and female: “I’m giving you dominion”: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” You can’t be “stupid” and rule.

God vs. The Enemy: Whose Desire Will the Black Woman Obey?

God never intended for a woman to be ignorant! He never intended for a woman to be unlearned, uneducated because if you are unlearned and uneducated, you cannot fulfill your destiny.

The Enemy wanted you dumb! The Enemy wants you to think nothing of yourself, so The Enemy strips you of your real nature. He has denatured the female—and the male! And anytime somebody de-natures you, they have de-valued you! So right now as a Black woman or as a Black man: You are not valued. And the worst part of that is you don’t value yourself because The Enemy has made us to think so little of who we are.

My dear sisters: We are the children of slaves. The slave-master had a purpose for us that was not the Aim of God. When we were on the plantation, the slave-master had freedom to go in and out of us, sexually. Whether we wanted to give ourselves or not, he took it from us, right?

When you look at yourself on the screen today in Hollywood, and other places, how does Hollywood portray not only Black women, but White women as well? According to what I have read from one Jewish author who described in his book about how “Jews invented Hollywood,” they keep the Black woman looking like a “tart.” Do you know what a “tart” is? It’s something sweet and nice; delicious, delectable, delightful, as in an “after-dinner tart.”

What they want to make of you, a woman that was created in the image of God, is to make you in such a way that you will come down—way down; and bring your man down with you. And they also want you to teach your children in a way that they, too, will be down. They want you to look at yourself in your nakedness, and enjoy seeing yourself in a degraded state.

Consider what I have stated about our beautiful sisters RihannaBeyoncé or Nicki Minaj: When you think that your bosom and your backside is your “stock and trade” that makes you “valuable,” then when you will strip down and show “miss booty.” In 2008 when President Obama was elected, there was a Black woman in the papers who talked about the First Lady of the nation, Michelle Obama that, “She’s got back.”

What in the world are we thinking about that we measure the Value of a Woman by the shape of her backside? Is this who you are? Is this what you want to be? Or do you want something better than what the White man has made of you?

The Divine Nature and Value of a Woman

What does it mean when you see a man get down on his knee, get out his ring, and propose to a woman? It means that in that act the man recognizes your Supreme Value. For a man to get down on his knee, with honor and respect, indicates that you are so valuable.

He wants you to come to him; he wants you to give yourself to him, so he will act in a way to make you give yourself. But a man should never “have you” just to have you! He’s got to be worthy of you, or he’s not worth having you! And there is hardly a man out here today that’s worthy of you giving away yourself to him.

Now, there are some out there that are worthy; but if you’re not looking for “worthy,” you’ll get what you get! Sisters, you don’t look for somebody who is worthy of you because you have no self-worth; so any man that “looks good,” any man that “talks good” can get you to lie down with him.


Almighty God created everything out of the Dark Womb of Space—everything; and He gives you a womb that resembles the Darkness of Space out of which everything is created. Man doesn’t have a womb—it’s you, woman. And what is your womb for? Your womb is the Workshop of God. Every king, every ruler, every prophet, every wise man or woman, every scientist, every general, every person of value came through The Womb of a Woman.

And the Most Precious Womb was the Womb of Mary. Her womb was the Worship of God because God from her womb produced that one which would reconcile the whole of humanity back to Himself.

Your womb is a special place. The vaginal tract of the female is The Entry to The Womb, and that is sacred. That tract is protected by a thin piece of flesh, and it’s not easily accessible. There’s pain and there’s blood when you enter that Sacred Chamber.

I know you have never heard any preacher preach like this and as my father Elijah Muhammad said, “They couldn’t preach it because they didn’t know it.” But today, you will know that I have a Teacher that I am a Student of, who loves you so much that he is training us, as men, to protect you with our lives!

This Sacred Passageway … if you look at the Panama Canal: It took billions of dollars to create from the Isthmus of Panama a canal that would link the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean so that the travelers would not have to go all the way around the tip of South America. So that channel is so valuable, that armies protect that channel. … Geopolitically, gulfs and other strategic waterways are so valuable that people will fight for the advantage to be in those places so they can govern, monitor, control and even keep ships—that they don’t like—from using those waterways. That’s how valuable channels are.

The Channel to the Womb is a Sacred Channel that must be guarded. The Qur’an says, “Guard your chastity”—guard it!—because when you leave that canal, that channel, “unguarded,” you may open yourself up to diseased men; people that don’t care or have any value for you! But will just use you as a “pleasure tool,” and then throw you away!

Some of you do not think that you’ll get a man unless you lay down and open your knees to that man! If you have to open your knees to get a man, he is no “man” and he is not worthy of you!

When you are “easy” for a man to get, you are not the woman that he will want to marry and spend his life with. He is the man you will come to when he wants pleasure, but he is not the man that will give you the type of lovehonor and respect that you yearn for. And you will never get it if that Channel is like a “free” Channel.