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'Business Is Warfare': What is Required for Our Economic Independence?

By The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan | Last updated: Nov 12, 2013 - 9:02:05 AM

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‘The Time and What Must Be Done’—2013 Lecture Series, part 44

[Editor’s note:  Continuing with the theme of what Black people must know about supporting the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s Program and Position for our survival and economic independence—“Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint to End Poverty and Want (”—the following article contains a distillation of the address “Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility, Part 2” delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at Mosque Maryam on Sunday, October 16, 2011.  This message serves as Part 44 of his 52-week Lecture Series on “The Time and What Must Be Done,” which aired on Saturday, November 9, 2013. Click here to order this message it in its entirety on MP3, DVD and CD or call 1.866.602.1230, ext. 200.  Be sure to visit each Saturday at 6 p.m. CST (5 p.m. MST and 7 p.m. EST) to view the ongoing series.]

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

We give Allah (God) praise and thanks for His Mercy to all of the members of the Human Family; that when any member of the Human Family strays from His Straight Path and earns His Disapproval:  Before God punishes, out of His Abundant Mercy He always raises from among the people a prophet or a messenger to whom He gives what is called “Divine Revelation.”  And by means of that Revelation, He guides those who will return back to His Straight Path, and away from His Wrath.  We thank Allah for Moses and the Torah; the Israelite prophets that gave us what is called “The Old Testament.”  We thank Allah for Jesus who gave us “The Good News,” or “The Gospel”; and his Apostles who gave us what is called “The New Testament.”  And we thank Allah for Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah through whom Allah gave to the world His Final Revelation that would take us all the way up to The End of this world, The Judgment of this world, and The Doorway to The New World.  I thank Allah for Prophet Muhammad, and for all of the prophets.  Peace be upon them all.

I am a student of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  And I could never thank Allah enough for His Intervention in our affairs in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad, The Great Mahdi.  Who came among us and found one upon whose shoulders He could place a Weighty Word and a Weighty Assignment:  To raise us, the Black man and woman of America and the world, and then all of humanity, from a spiritual, mental and moral death, that we might be worthy to see that which is called “The New World,” “The Kingdom of Islam,” “The Kingdom of Allah,” “The Kingdom of Heaven.”

I thank Allah for the Honorable Elijah Muhammad whom I see as “The Eternal Leader of The Nation of Islam,”  meaning that what God has given to him for us now, in the past, and what will come down in the future:  We will be feeding on it and growing from it for a long, long time.  In this message, I am going to acquaint you as best I can with the greatness of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and why we are suffering today because we rejected him!  We didn’t pay adequate attention to him …  As a result, today, we are suffering great loss. 

Hopefully, there is time for us to reverse the loss. 

‘We Are At War!’:  The Future of Our People is at stake

The headline of the October 18, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 2) edition of The Final Call newspaper reads, “We Are At War!” 

Think about that:  If you don’t see that we are “at war,” then you must be raised in consciousness so that you can participate in “The War”—because “The War” is for Our Survival

As a people, we have to survive.  And if we are ignorant in a Time like this, then our ignorance will be the means of our destruction.  We are at war against forces within ourselves, and forces outside of ourselves, that keep us relegated to The Condition of poverty and want

On Saturday, October 15, 2011, and again, on the 16th Anniversary of the Million Man March (Sunday, October 16th), there was a great gathering on The National Mall in Washington, D.C. for the “March on Washington for Jobs and Justice.”  Reverend Al Sharpton, along with many other leaders of our people, led this march towards the new Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial statue, which placed attention, for the marchers and those who watched, on “the need for jobs and justice.” 

My question to us is:  To whom shall we look for “jobs” and “justice”?  Do you think that our president, as desirous as he may be, can provide enough jobs for the millions of Americans that are unemployed, and our millions too?  Does not History teach us that if jobs are needed by Caucasian people—and Hispanic people and Black people and Native Indigenous people—who will get the jobs first?  If they are producing the jobs, then they are going to produce the jobs first for their people; and if you are “lucky,” then one, two, three or four, or maybe even a few more might come our way. 

But History is teaching us!  Because we have been crying out for this for years:  “Jobs!  We need jobs!  We must have jobs!”—we agree with you, marchers.  But, you are acting like “children,” little beggars, who are asking somebody else to do something for us that with Right Guidance and The Will we could do all of this for ourselves, and earn the respect of the entire world! 

We are going to have to get up from where we are and go to work in order to survive, and in order for us to prepare a future for our children.

In Message To The Blackman in America, pages 56-57, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated nearly 50 years ago:  “As a people we must become producers, and not remain consumers and employees.  We must be able to extract raw materials from the earth, and manufacture them into something useful for ourselves.  This would create jobs in production. …”  Well, that sounds very intelligent.  But he goes further; he said: We must remember,” however, “that without land there is no production.”

So if we are not the owners of land, and lots of it, then we will not be able to produce the things that we consume.  So we will always be at the mercy of others who produce, and therefore we will be the consumer people rather than a productive people!  And that is how people earn “respect”:  By being productive.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad went on to say:  “The surplus of what we produce we would sell.  This would develop a field of commerce and trade as other free and independent people whose population is less than that of the 20 million”—at that time, but nearly 50 million today—“so-called Negroes who are dependent in America.” 

Now in those few sentences, he lays out what we are going to talk about in this message. 


We have to have land.  We have to have the intelligence to extract raw materials out of the land to make products that are useful to ourselves and others.  If we can produce products that are useful to ourselves, what, then, does the Honorable Elijah Muhammad mean by “sell the surplus”?  We look out for our own needs first, then whatever you have left over, you sell it to others!  This opens up a field of “trade and commerce.” 

At the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March (“The Millions More Movement” in 2005), we brought to us “Nine Ministries” that we must establish as a people; and among these Ministries was a “Ministry of Trade and Commerce.”  Here you have people all over the Earth who would do business with us if we had a product that we could offer them!  And if they didn’t have money, then trade; barter (“this for that”). 

What do you need?

What do your brothers and sisters around the world have?

What do they need that we can produce? 

Now watch how this will go … the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote this years ago in Message To The Blackman in America in the chapter “Program and Position”; in his “Economic Blueprint” on page 174, he instructed us to:  “Observe the operations of the White man.  He is successful.  He makes no excuses for his failures.  He works hard in a collective manner.  You do the same.”

‘The Muslim Program’ and the requisite for preparing to rule:  What do you want for self and others?

“Observe the operations of the White man …”  Does that sound like a “racist” or a “hater” to you?  Now, you can dislike White folk; that’s entirely up to you!  But Elijah Muhammad was saying, “get past that,” and “observe” the operations of a man that has captured the world, and made the world bow down to his way of civilization.  “Observe the operations of the White man.  He is successful.”  At least he was … he is not as successful today as he used to be.  But that does not mean that we should not observe him, and see how he went wrong; because if God is going to give us the opportunity to replace him … “Replace him” because he has ruined his right to the stewardship of land, resources and people.  He has abused the land, the air, the water, and the people on the Earth, so God is going to take it from him, and give it to whom He pleases!  And whether you want to believe it or not, He intends to give it to you, and then see how you act, because everybody “looks good” when we’re all “down in the barrel” together.  But when God raises you, and gives you power and authority over what you did not create, then He is trying us to see how we act! 

So if God replaces the wicked rule of the wicked husbandmen of the Earth, who have ruled with injustice and evil—and gives it to us to see how we act— then I ask you the question that I asked in Philadelphia during the Holy Day of Atonement (October 9, 2011):  If God reverses this and makes you “the head,” as you have been “the tail,” will you treat others as they have treated you and me?  Or will we thank God for trying us with power; and then proving to God that our hearts are purified, and we are worthy to rule? 

On the back page of Muhammad Speaks, and now on the back page of The Final Call:  In “The Muslim Program,” under “What The Muslims Want,” the first thing (Point No. 1) that “We want” is “freedom”; “a full and complete freedom.”  Do you want that for yourself?  If you answered “yes,” well, the question is:  Don’t you want that for others?  Because you are not a “Muslim” until you want for others what you want for yourself!

What do you want?  Point No. 2 states:  “We want justice. Equal justice under the law. We want justice applied equally to all regardless to creed or class or color.  Is that what you want?  Well, if God puts us in a position of rulership, would you be unjust to Christians if you are a Muslim in power?  Would you be unjust to Buddhists, or Hindus?  Or those who practice voodoo?  Or those who are animists (those who believe that things in nature, e.g. trees, mountains and the sky, have “souls” or “consciousness”)?  Or those who practice no religion at all?  The Bible teaches the sun “shines on the just, as well as the unjust,” so God doesn’t ask you, “What is your religion?”—and hold back from you sunshine!  God doesn’t ask you, “What nationality are you?” or “What is your color?” and holds back from you a cloud that will give you rain to germinate the seeds in the Earth!  God is not like that!  If God puts us in power and authority, how will we be? 

So all this “bitterness” and “hatred” over what we have suffered:  Our hearts have to be purified.  The Bible teaches, “I didn’t choose you for righteousness, because you weren’t righteous.  I chose you out of the furnace of affliction,” so this Process that we are engaged in now is a Process that purifies the heart.  So when you speak of “bitterness” and “anger” and “hatred,” and come into power, then you will do exactly to others as they have done to you—so you are no better than those whom God is replacing!  You have to be better.


“Observe the operations of the White man”—well, he was pretty successful—“He makes no excuses for his failures. He works hard in a collective mannerYou do the same.”  During my Holy Day of Atonement address in Philadelphia, I talked about “integration” and “separation.” 

Brothers and sisters:  You are the only people in America that is trying to force yourself on other people.  That is not what Dr. Martin Luther King wanted!  He wanted “equal justice” for us; he wanted America to treat us fairly—that’s what he wanted!  He wasn’t necessarily trying to get us to “live with them,” “marry into them,” no, no, no, no!   Look at all of the people that have come to America, from all over the world; and you see them learn civics lessons, and then take their Naturalization Oath and become a naturalized citizen.  And you see them waving the flag … They are happy!  And you’ve been here longer than anybody else, but, you are not happy.  Something is wrong with that picture.

‘Separation’:  Examples of how ‘the rejected’ benefit from accepting their own 

Now, when you see people reciting The Pledge of Allegiance—the newly-arrived, the new Americans:  They stand straight, with their shoulders back, hand on heart, and they recite with enthusiasm, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands.  One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  And if you watch them, they’re really happy!  But when The Pledge of Allegiance is recited, we are shaking our head, saying, “Naw … That doesn’t apply to us.”  What have they found in America that we have never found since we’ve been here? 

In cities all over America, the Chinese have a “Chinatown”:  They own the banks.  They own the stores.  They own the buildings.  They have created an entire community!  They love themselves, and they are happy living among themselves.  In America, they are integrated, though separated!  For example, anyone that wants a “Chinese experience” says “Let’s go to Chinatown!” and when you go in the store, you don’t see a Black man serving, or a Mexican serving, or Japanese serving!  This is China-town …  What do you expect to find in Chinatown?  Chinese people.

Right here in Chicago, there is “Greektown”:  You can go, you can eat in the Greek restaurant, and shop, “but then get out”:  “Don’t hang around too long after dark.  We don’t know what you’re looking for ...”  In other words, the people want to know “why” you’re in their community.  And if you are there to take care of some business, then you’re welcome.  But if you’re loitering and acting-the-fool, then you bring something out of people.  Well, there is also a “Koreatown,” right?   And Koreans seem to be very happy in their town.  Have you ever seen Koreans with a picket sign?  No?  Isn’t that interesting … 

No Japanese, no Chinese with picket signs!  Italians: They don’t have picket signs!  The Irish: They’ve got their own enclave here in Chicago, and the Polish have theirs.  They’re not picketing anyone.  They have earned respect, because they have done something for themselves!  They are not begging anybody else—they have their representatives in government looking out for them!  Black man and woman in America:  What about you?


Consider the image I gave in the Holy Day of Atonement address (October 9, 2011) of “sperm in a hostile environment, impregnating the egg”:  The body of the female wants to reject that now fertilized egg, because it is “something new,” it is “something “strange”; and so now it has to find a “firm resting place.” (And sisters, many of you lose your babies in what is called “a miscarriage” because of the products that you use; you have so damaged the walls of your uterus, that the egg cannot find a firm resting place in you.  So, it is “rejected.”)

When the Irish came, were they “accepted”?  No.  What about the Italians?  No.  What about the Polish?  No.  Wow …  What about the Jews, were they “accepted”?  No.  You mean they all suffered “rejection”?  But the question is:  What did they do?   They got their pushcarts … look at the Italians, look at the Jews, look at others:  They were glad to be in America, saying, “Thank God for America!  The Statue of Liberty, look at it!  Look at it!” And you, Black man and woman, have been here 450-plus years, say:  “That statue doesn’t mean anything to me!”  I’m not putting us down; but, every ethnic and racial group that came to America suffered.

What about the West Indians?  Were they rejected?  Black people, themselves from Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana, would say [ironically, in their own Southern accents] towards the West Indian:  “Who are these people with this ‘funny accent’?  They’re from ‘Jamaica,’ from ‘Barbados’—from places I don’t know nothing about!  They’re a strange people …  I’m not gonna like them at all!”  Now look, that is your brother!  But you didn’t even recognize him as your brother.  But when the West Indians came, they started “taking over”:  Go to Brooklyn, and see what you see; when they have “Carnival,” the whole town turns out, man.  And the best they can do for you here in Chicago is the “Bud Billiken Day Parade”?

When people come in the Black neighborhood, what do they come for?  “Well, I think I’d like some ribs, and a little hog maw and chitlins.”  Even rib joints have been closing down.  We used to have a few Black banks; but, Independence Bank is gone, Drexel Bank is gone—there are just a few banks left.  So I ask again:  What do they come to the Black communities for?  “Oh man, look, on 63rd Street?  Yeah, if you really want some good heroin, if you want to find some crack; or, if you want a luscious Black prostitute, let’s go ‘uptown’.”  Is that what we have to offer the world?  See brothers and sisters, you are here, and you are segregated—not “separated”! 

There is a difference between “segregation” and “separation.”  Separation is voluntarily done on the basis of two equals.  For example, “I’m Irish.  And I’m not going to live with the Italians, so I’m living over here in the Irish part of town”—as the Jews live in the Jewish part of town, and the Polish live in the Polish part of town.  They are not bothering anybody, because “We run our part of town!”  But when we go to ’hood, can you walk from one block to the other?  “Oh no, you can’t …  Don’t drive down that street; that belongs to the Four Corner Hustlers!  This street belongs to the Black Gangsters, or the Black Disciples.”  Look at yourself!  And you want people to respect you?  You, with your college degree—and you can’t produce anything for yourself or for your people?

When Master Fard Muhammad came, He was like “sperm entering a hostile environment”:  The “egg” that Master Fard Muhammad was looking for was in Detroit; and He didn’t find what He was looking for “uptown,” He found who He was looking for in Black Bottom Detroit.  But all He needed was a “fertile egg” that would accept The Wisdom that He brought, and grow into a new life and attach itself

“Attach itself” to what?  “The Constitution of the United States of America”:  Master Fard Muhammad studied it so well; that He attached, and we began to grow.  Just look now: Something is happening inside America; something different … 


When a woman finds out that she is pregnant—and you don’t know who the father is.  See, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a “virgin”—but bless your heart, Christians (and some Muslims, too!): You have it kind of confused.  The scripture teaches that “The Holy Ghost came upon Mary”—now look at the language, for it is a perfect language—“and she was found to be with child.”  Isn’t that beautiful language?  But have you ever seen a “virgin” have a baby, and still be a virgin?  You don’t even have to be a “scientist,” as many babies as we have made, to know that they may have been a virgin before we got there, but once she conceived, she’s not a “virgin.” 

Well, what does that scripture mean?  See, “Mary” is a Choice:  She is a [chosen] woman that has never known a man.  And that is why you are in the condition that you’re in, Black man and woman, because you have never known a man!  For if you knew a man you would act like a man!  If you knew a man you would be a man!  And if you knew a man, you would produce like a man!  But you are like a “virgin,” because once a virgin knows a man, new life starts germinating in the virgin!  So Mary was desired by God—and so are you. 

Mary was a “virtuous woman.”  Well, that isn’t necessarily us …  but, the Holy Qur’an says that Mary and her child, Jesus, were for “a sign”; (their history) was pointing to something else (to take place in the future).  Brothers and sisters, here you are: A people enslaved.  Everybody comes here making something of themselves, preparing a future for themselves and their children, while you “march,” you “sit down,” you “wade in,” you “cry in,” you “crawl in,” you “pray in”—and you still don’t have what you’re looking for!

The marchers asked if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was here today, “What would he say?”  What would he say?  Do you think he would be happy because we have a Black president—who never speaks of The Poor?  Would he be pleased with war going on, on five different nations?  Would he be pleased with the billions of dollars that are being spent to promote war, yet they don’t have enough money to build the infrastructure of America?  “Would Martin Luther King be pleased?”  I don’t think so. 

So, a part of “The Dream” we can say is fulfilled:  We have a Black president, a Black attorney general, a Black ambassador to the United Nations.  (Oh, aren’t we “getting up there”?)  But what about the masses of the people?  They are getting further and further behind.  Dr. King would not be happy with that ... .

‘Business is Warfare’:  Study the Jewish Exampleof the ‘once rejected’ who are now in power

I would like us to study the operations of the White man; and, “the White man” who is most successful of all of them is the Jewish people

To those of you who wonder, “Farrakhan, are you an anti-Semite?”:  Well, if I were, I wouldn’t be studying them.  See, it’s something about “hate”; that when you hate something:  You don’t study it enough to find out the value that’s in it! 

The Jewish people came here as immigrants; they owned pushcarts right in downtown New York.  And because the established stores did not want a Jew with a pushcart in front of their store, sooner or later the Jews united their dollars, and now most of the stores belong to them.  They used to go to Miami, and the hotels would reject Jews—but go to Miami now and see who owns it.  They didn’t start the movie industry, but they were being portrayed so badly by the Gentiles that started it, they took it over!  You want a job in Hollywood?  You have to go by them. Isn’t that something to study: “How did you do that?”

Regarding the “Occupy Wall Street” movement: Who is running Wall Street?  Oh, there are a few Gentiles and a few Blacks that are on the Federal Reserve Board, but who are the banking families that own the Federal Reserve?  Who are the banking families that have owned Wall Street?  Who owns The New York Times?  Who owns The Washington Post?  Who owns Time magazine, Newsweek magazine, U.S. News and World Report?  See, it’s Jews!  But you, Black man and woman, have been here longer than anybody else: What do you have?  Ebony-Jet magazine, Essence magazine, Motown, BET, Def Jam, Phat Farm …  You used to have it, but who owns it now?  We may own a little stock in it, but somebody gave us “an offer we couldn’t refuse,” because you think that “business” is something “nice to do.”  Business is Warfare:  Because somebody is vying for that dollar that you are vying for! 

So if they can outsmart you, if they can trick you—if they can give you an offer that you “can’t refuse,” then they will take your company from you because you don’t have soldiersWe have soldiers … and if you don’t have any “soldiers,” you will never be successful in business!


Elijah Muhammad and The Nation of Islam started growing in The Womb of America, pulling from what America had to make ourselves stronger and stronger; not ready to “separate” yet because you’re not “developed” enough. 

Ask your wife:  No matter how pregnant she is, you can’t be stupid and say, “I want to see my baby now!”  The best you can do is get an ultrasound and watch it in the womb developing.  But you have to wait on development:  Until when the tiny house (uterus) that holds that new life is outgrown by that new life. 

So when that new life has outgrown the uterus, which has grown to the size of a watermelon, then the baby starts kicking: “I want out of here!” and it starts moving about.  The feet are usually down at the opening; but in the last days:  the head turns down

Why?  What is that in nature?  See, your feet can’t “lead you out”:  You have leaders that are “feet”; and you are still where you are because you have not recognized “your head”!  But when The Head is ready, and turns down into The Right Position, then The Head Forges The Way To Freedom For The Body! 

So it is with us:  We are growing, now, in this “womb” called America.

‘Black History Lesson’ on ‘owning land and businesses’:  Two essentials for Black

advancement that The Oppressor developed systems to prevent

Do we need land?  Did you know at the beginning of the 20th century, Blacks had over 16 million acres of land?  Did you know that coming out of slavery, Black folk set up 60 all-Black towns in America? 

Did you know that to see “a White man with a hammer in his hand” was like seeing a naked woman running down the street?  It was an “oddity.”  Not so much today; but you would go to the window, “Come, look, see!”—that’s how odd it was for a White man to have an implement of building in his hand, because we were the builders.  We built the White House!  We were on loan to America from the slave master to help build the Congress, the White House; the fine buildings all over America:  You were the artisans and the craftsmen that did it!  

And when slavery was abolished, the White man did not have the skills.  We did!  But where is your skill level now? 

We were the carpenters, we were the plumbers, we were the electricians, we were the engineers; coming out of slavery!  We don’t know carpentry today.  We don’t know brick masonry today.  We don’t know how to work with metals today.  We had all of that coming out of slavery.  We built 60 towns!  We had over 600 state legislators; 18 congressmen; and two senators in the first 10 years out of slavery!  And White folks said, “We can’t have this!  If we allow these Blacks to continue like this, they’ll take the country from us!”  And that is when Reconstruction, Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan (the “Night Riders”): All of that came into play to push us back on the plantation as “sharecroppers.”  This is just our history.

We were betrayed by the government:  In The Wormley Hotel in Washington, D.C., on February 26, 1877, they developed a Plan: “The Compromise of 1877.”  Because when the Civil War was over, Union troops were in the South to make sure that we would be protected; but in that “Compromise of 1877,” in the Wormley Hotel, they agreed to draw the troops out of the South that protected us.  Yes … And they also agreed that all the rights and privileges that we had coming out of slavery would be reversed.

Did you know that when the “unions” were formed, it was not formed for you?  A Jewish man named Samuel Gompers started the unions; and the union was designed to keep our craftsmen out of work!  Then when the floodgates of immigration opened to Jews from Eastern Europe; when they came, the craftsmen from Europe got the jobs and you were pushed out.  And here, 140 years later, you do not have Black artisans and craftsmen anymore among us as a people.  Then they closed down the schools that were teaching us trades:  You had a great trade school here in Chicago!  It’s now gone …

Did you know, brothers and sisters, they were so angry at our potential rise, that when we rose up progressively they sought to destroy us?  This is why we are where we are today, in this condition:  Not because we are “inferior,” it is because a system was set up that you couldn’t break out of!  Because the Law—the Slave Codes, the Black Codes—kept Black people in a subservient position where you couldn’t own land and you couldn’t have business; because “land” and “business” would ultimately make us independent of White people!  And they always wanted to see us at their foot, begging for the crumbs that fell from their table.

Remember “Black Wall Street” in Tulsa, Oklahoma:  Black folk in Tulsa had it going on!  Up and down the street there were Black businesses; Black people with pride and dignity in what they had produced under adverse conditions.  But then a lie was told that a White girl, this “precious, pure thing” was raped by a “big, burly Negro”—(you know how they can make that picture look so ugly; they don’t even say, “a young man beat so-and-so up,” no; “it was a big, black, burly Negro”)—that frightens other White folk.  So they say, “We have to keep these Negroes in their place!” and so they bombed “Black Wall Street.” 

The first time a bomb was dropped in America, it was dropped on Black Wall StreetThen they cordoned it off where people could not escape out of it; and as they tried to escape, they shot them down in cold blood, striking terror into the hearts of our men and women!  So today, you’re just afraid now to challenge a system that has been put in place to keep you down. 

“We Are At War”—but you can’t be “at war” with no sense.  Here we are, [now “2013”], and we are still “marching,” desperately demanding:  “We want jobs!  Come on, Barack!  Give us jobs!”  I think it’s very unfair to Brother President for you to “load on him” what he can’t do. 

President Barack Obama wasn’t put there to fulfill a “Black Agenda.”  Now, if I’m a Jew and I go in Congress, “I’m going to look out for my constituents, but I’m going to always have a Jewish Agenda.”  But Black folk feel as though they have to show White folk, “Well, I am Blackbut I’m not that Black … ”—you always have to show White folks that you’re not as Black as you look; that, if they let you in, you’re going to have to look out for them, too!  (And you’ll probably look out for them “one”; and if there are any left, then maybe some for you.)

The late Chicago mayor Harold Washington was a good mayor; he had to give contracts to White people, but, he gave some to you!  What made Washington, D.C. mayor Marion Barry “so difficult” for White people?  It is because when he became mayor, he opened the city up for Black contractors to have some of that money, and they hated him!


So, what is “The Answer”?  Did you know that we are The People of God’s Promise?  And what is “God’s Promise”?  His Promise is that after we had served 400 years in a strange land among strange people, He would come.  And then what?  He Promised us Land. 

You say:  “Well, yeah, but people are on the land now.”  God doesn’t care “who” is on the land!  If He Promises land to somebody, then He has The Power to serve anybody an eviction notice.

If we want land, we’ve done enough to deserve it.  Do you know that the American government owns over 700 million acres of land?  And that it leases land out for agriculture?  Well, we could go to the government and say:  “Look how hard we worked for you:  310 years and never got paid … Look at what we did for you.  Would you lease us 100 million acres of land for a start?” 

“You mean that’s just ‘a start’?”  “Yes ... ”  You know how White folks do; they “start”:  They “started” coming in, but the Native Americans were here!  The Native shared something with The Newcomers, and The Newcomers were plotting all the time.  And they started taking this, taking that; they set up a fort.  They would move out, and take more; set up another fort …  They moved West; and when they got to the Mississippi River:  They killed the Indians, and moved whoever was left out! 

But when you study the history of Haiti revolutionaries, such as Toussaint Louverture, Jean-Jacque Dessalines, Henri Cristophe, Boukman, and François Makandal:  They rose up in Haiti and whipped Napoleon!  And the French, they were in “Louisiana,” and that area:  They got so “messed up” after Napoleon was beat down by the Blacks in Haiti, that they sold the whole “Louisiana Purchase” for $15 million!  We should be that lucky!

The scripture teaches in the Book of Numbers, Chapter 13 that Joshua was sent by Moses to “spy out” the land (“Spies sent into the land of Canaan”); and when they came back, they reported to Moses and Aaron:  “It’s a beautiful land over there, but there’s some giants in that land!  Oh Lord …  Do we have to fight the giants?”  Moses said, “Go.  Take the land”—that’s what he said!  And the people started “punking out”:  “We’re not going over there!  Not until you bring Jehovah down and get rid of the giants, then we’ll go in!”  So God said, pay attention to the words:  “Let these old ones that have been under Pharaoh too long:  Let them wander in the wilderness until they die out!  And we’ll take their children, and they will inhabit The Promised Land!”  These “old ones”:  They are afraid of “Pharaoh”!  They don’t believe that God will give them the land He Promised them; so they are holding back, now! 

Look in the faces of those who are up there in New York in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement:  Is it “old folk”?  Who made the revolution in Egypt in Tahrir Square—was it “old folk”?  They came along; but, it was the youth that started it!  Look at your young people: The Enemy has us killing one another!  But we’re going to stop that; we’ll show you, by The Grace of Allah and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, how we can put our young people to work!

Support Elijah Muhammad’s Economic Program and Position

What I want us to see is that “the time is up” for us to be ignorant and divided.  And The Time is in for us to pool resources to buy as much land as we can get our hands on.  Now I’m asking The Believers to help me … 

I see about 400, 500 acres in Michigan that I think we can own.  There’s land in Georgia, in Alabama, in Louisiana.  It will be easy to do if we follow Elijah Muhammad’s Economic Program.  He said 40 years ago that: “If 5 million workers put up 5 cents a day, 25 cents a week, 1 dollar a month, ‘5 million x 52’ would give you $260 million in a National Treasure in one year.”  So now, just look at what 16 million of us can do today with “5 cents a day, 35 cents a week, $1.40 a month, $18.20 a year”!  Do you know at the end of one year you would have multiple millions of dollars in our National Treasure?  And it’s painless

And imagine if, on our land that we purchase, we grew cotton, and had some cattle, and produced leather; and had some sheep, and produced wool?  My point is:  America got out of the business.  You buy suits now:  They come in from Taiwan, from China, from India, from Brazil, right?  Who makes the shoes?  When you get a nice pair of shoes, they’re made from outside. Imagine if we had hundreds of thousands of acres where you’re raising your cattle, you take their hides, you design shoes and we buy from ourselves?  We make the clothes, and we buy from ourselves!  After a while, in all-Black towns you’ll find in your own clothing store that we have made the garment, and we have produced the shoes!  Because the same animal that gave its hide to the White man will give it to us.  That is how you produce jobs. 

If you are going to “beg the White man,” you are not going to have a job.  But if we are going to go to work, then we will produce jobs. 

So in the famous words of our president who, when he spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus, said, “Get up!  Take off your bedroom slippers!  Put on your marching shoes…”—I say:  “No!  Put on your working boots!  Get up!  Stop whining!  Stop complaining!  Stop begging!  And unite as never before, and let’s produce a future for ourselves and our people!”

Thank you for reading these words.

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