Journey to the Al-Tai Himalaya Republic: Meeting with Russian Scientists and Spiritual Shamans

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[Editor’s Note: The following article appeared in the Cultural Links publication dated January -March 2002. This article is being submitted while Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, accompanied by her son, Rasul Muhammad, are visiting with the Maori Nation in New Zealand during the annual festival of recognition to the Treaty of Waitangi which stipulated from the British Crown the rights of the Maori People, which have never been totally recognized to this day. Time is calculated there one day ahead of our current time in the Western United States.]

“And certainly We gave knowledge to David and Solomon. And they said: Praise be to Allah, Who has made us excel many of His believing servants. And Solomon was David’s heir, and he said: O men, we have been taught the speech of birds, and we have been granted of all things. Surely this is manifest grace.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 27, verses 15-16

Altai women welcoming delegation.

One of the highlights of this extraordinary journey was our meeting with both Russian Scientists and Indigenous Spiritual Shamans well studied in their particular fields of expertise. I was reminded of two earlier dreams I had in which the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was sharing with me some information about something that would be revealed in which he stated that we will see what the Scientists would think about that. In a second dream which occurred in the 1980’s, he instructed me to teach the Sisters about the Sun.

It is precisely this subject in particular, the Sun, and other Star Systems which were discussed by the Russian scientists and the Spiritual shamans in our journey. These encounters with the scientific and spiritual communities blended together has opened up the portals for greater understanding of mass communication systems that are now being put in place for such studies and investigations. New and Peaceful use of energies are now emerging from the cosmologists on a universal scale evolving humanity to a highly defined telepathic technology leading us to an awakening universal consciousness in which we are all interacting participants. We are on the cutting edge of the dawn and recognition of a unified force field that has always existed and is now being accessed, in part, through the Harmonics of the Discovery of the Law of Time and an Evolving New Vibrant World Culture of Peace now being developed and applied by many world scientists with dramatic results.

Nikolai Shadiev and wife in their Mongolian style Yurt pictured (right) with our local village host standing (left) with Mother Tynnetta Muhammad. He is a Cosmic sky Map Reader of the star geneology of his people’s recorded descent. He is also curator and historian of a local Museum near Ust Khan region.
In a 19-page report written by Jose Arguelles on the above experience and journey to Al-Tai, he refers to the spiritual transformation of the Shamanism of the past to the more enlightened system of belief called Ak-Burkhan, the White Faith. “Traveling with our Indigenous Guide, named Danile Mamiyev, who is head of the Tengri spiritual Ecology School, we made our way to a Buddhist Stupa. “After another harrowing bus ride through rivers and up a rough mountain road, we got out and climbed over a hilltop and into another sacred valley. There in the distance was a small, white stupa built just over four years ago by some Tibetan lamas. However, this stupa was in honor of Bo’or the Altai shaman who spent 20 years in Tibet some 250 years ago and returned with the message of Ak Burkhan, the White Faith. This system gradually replaced the animal sacrifices and beliefs of the older Shamanism, and in 1904 was declared the state religion.”

The Russian Cosmic Scientists, Dimitriev A. Nikolayebich and Vladimir Ponko interface with the Shamanistic view through their own cosmological studies about energies in space called Solar Plasma Energy on the one hand and cubical space theories on the other hand pointing to the origin of the Sacred kabah in the Holy City Mecca as the exact center of our Planet as it was aligned to certain star systems from some ancient period of the past as the starting point for this cubical measurement around our Planet. Add to the above, the continual sightings and interest in U.F.O. phenomenon overlapping into the psychic and telepathic world into illustrations and messages being received by individuals picturing this phenomenon and reporting these messages reveals a new Advancing Technology for the 21st century which is presenting a paradigm shift in our understanding of both the physics and the ethereal or spiritual aspects of our Universe.

Russian Scientists with the Arguelles and our Delegation.
The information of the Cosmic Scientist, Dimitriev A. Nikolayebich and Vladimir Ponko on New Solar Plasma Energy has been shared with top Nasa Scientists and has been illustrated through a native Psychic, Antonia Tudinova in her Book which contains her paintings of mystical encounters with fiery objects and Contacts being made on higher dimensional planes of spiritual consciousness.

While in the Al-Tai Republic, there were several persons who reported so-called U.F.O. sightings during the seven day conference held on the Katun River and in other places throughout our expedition identifying spaceships of interdimensional light. When we returned to America, I learned that there is a similar phenomenon manifesting throughout the Americas as indeed throughout the world at an accelerating pace. What the world will eventually come to learn in the course of our history is that there is a Greater Power and Force that is operating in the air above the power and might of military force of a New World Order more powerful than nuclear bombs. I thank the Arguelles’ for encouraging and hosting tour participation in The Journey to the Autonomous Republic of Al-Tai, where the soul can find rest in the tranquility of the heart in a land and environment of peace that is both Shangi-La and Shamballah!

“And his hosts of the jinn and the men and the birds were gathered to Solomon, and they were formed into groups. Until when they came to the valley of the Naml, a Namlight said: O Naml, enter your houses, (lest) Solomon and his hosts crush you, while they know not.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 27, verses 17-18

To be continued.