The basis of a brand new world

By Jabril Muhammad | Last updated: Jun 18, 2019 - 12:51:03 PM

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Decades ago, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote in an article, which later appeared in the 34th chapter of Our Saviour Has Arrived:

"The Days of the Son of Man represent the Days (Years) that He will be Judging the world and punishing the world for her evil. The Son of Man is gathering, teaching, and training His people right in the midst of this wicked world. His people have gotten experience of the wicked world and He teaches them how now to avoid the wicked world and its teachings and yet live in the midst of it.

"Their living in the midst of the evil world and yet avoiding it proves their worthiness since they have gotten experience living in the evil world and now they turn to righteousness while they are still in the midst of the evil world. These people have an experience of both evil and good. Then if these are brought out of the evil world, these people are the people that he said He saved out of the Fire. The Holy Qur’an says that we were on a Brink of Fire."

Again, decades ago he also wrote in an article, which is in Our Saviour Has Arrived:

"Allah (God) makes it very easy in the next life, that new life. You will be happy all the days that you are in it. The Holy Qur’an teaches us that ‘He causes the righteous to grow into a new growth.’ The basis or pillar of that new world is when the old mind has been changed to a new mind or our thoughts are changed to a new mind or our thoughts are changed to a new thought or new way of thinking which brings about a change of the whole body."

In another article, a little over 40 years ago, he wrote of the future, in which he described a world in which love, unity, universal friendship, wealth, knowledge, understanding and infinite wisdom would be displayed all of the time and would be the order of the day. He gave picture, in words, of a future where there would be no murderers, not to think of hatred of one another. He described the future as one wherein the people would treat each other with genuine love; as if all were members of the same loving family, and that the principles that make for a solid or indestructible peace would be practiced every minute of every hour.

On still other occasions, both before and since that article, he both wrote and spoke of the world to come in which "every good faculty that is latent" in us "will be a reality and not a promise." On many other occasions he publicly spoke and wrote of the world to come in which everyone will enjoy good health. It would be a world void of hospitals and insane asylums.

As the Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke both privately and publically, and wrote on the same, he was working, under divine guidance, to make the future, mentioned above, real. He worked day and night to produce in his followers that brand new world, which was to come, according to the scriptures.

Such a world seems to most as spooky, nonsense, time-wasting talk; something that can never come to pass except in sick imaginations. Then what purpose do churches, synagogues and mosques serve? Why talk of God? Why talk of the Mahdi and the Messiah etc.? Why even talk of and strive to be, or become a good person, if Satan has always been, is now and always will be king?

Is not the future, touched on above, that future which Jews, Christians and Muslims expect to be brought into reality on this earth, at some point, by God Himself?

Well, regardless to what others felt, feel; thought, think; saw, see; or never saw and don’t see now, the process that continues in the work of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, which was begun by God Himself, and continued in the work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, is now producing a people qualified to be the basis of that brand new world.

Now, as he explained, years ago, Minister Farrakhan began the setting forth of study guides, and the setting up of training units, on the order of Allah, which were based on a speech he made in Phoenix, Arizona, September 21, 1986.

In his letter that introduced these study guides, he wrote: "Each study session is designed on the guidance of Allah to produce: self-examination; self-analysis; self-correction; and, to quicken in each of us, the self-accusing spirit. For, it is only when we are awakened morally that we have to face the self-accusing spirit which leads to our resurrection.

"Resurrection is that process that begins with the self-accusing spirit and does not end until we become one in perfect harmony or peace with Allah and His creation."

Of course, there is more that he wrote and has stated about this critical study. I intend to touch on an aspect of the practical use of this study material. Hopefully, I’ll present an aspect of the proof (beyond evidence) that these study guides are of Allah, via Minister Farrakhan, and that to reject or misuse them is to fight God Himself, which is sheer madness and is definitely a losing effort.

Meanwhile, let’s think. What study could be better than the study of how to become one with God Himself! Imagine, ex-slaves in America, studying how to live in absolute peace and harmony with God, each other and with themselves, in the place where the greatest degree of evil is thought and practiced.

Is this a miracle?
Both the Bible and the Holy Qur’an, which are read by well over two billion people every day, teach hard against self-conceited, vain boasters, who are arrogant and filled with false pride—traits which are ridiculous as they are dangerous.

It was these wicked traits that the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was working to help us get rid of and replace with their opposites, whether we were on his staff or in the general body of his followers, in the course of a talk he made nearly nine years ago, which is what he does every day of his life. Minister Farrakhan spends every day of his life helping others.

At the concluding section of his explanation of the greeting words of As-Salaam-Alaikum, or peace be unto you, Minister Farrakhan urged his followers to speak from our hearts, "Oh Allah, guide me on the right path, the path of those upon whom you bestowed favor."

Over and over again, Minister Farrakhan taught against and warned us of the consequences of false pride, bragging, arrogance and looking down on others.

He strongly condemned these arrogant wicked attitudes and he went on to say:

"All of us are the honored servants of Allah.

"Lesson Number Two, question number one asks: ‘Who makes Holy Qur’an or Bible? Will you tell us: Why does Islam renew her history once every 25,000 years?’ Answer: ‘The Holy Qur’an and Bible is made by the Original Blackman who is Allah, the Supreme Being, the Blackman of Asia.’

"I like this. Let’s hold on to this.
"See, your Lessons are the keys to open up the meaning of the Qur’an."