Be Yourself

By the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad | Last updated: Mar 11, 2009 - 9:11:00 AM

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Allah’s great teaching and warning to us (the so-called Negroes) is: "Be Yourself." What is our ownself? He answers that "Your ownself is a righteous Muslim, born of the Tribe of Shabazz.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

He taught us that we are the original people of the earth who have no birth records. He calls on us to submit to him that he would set us in heaven at once. He has made it clear what constitutes heaven on earth; freedom, justice, equality, money, good homes, and friendship in all walks of life. This Christianity cannot give us (not the Christianity that has been taught to us).

He greatly rejoiced over us and was very happy that He had found us. He said that He would make a new people out of us who submit to Him by causing us to grow into a new growth; not an entirely new body but a reversal of the old decayed body into a new growth which, He said, would make us all as we were at the age of 16.

There will be no decay in this new growth of life. He also stated that the next life is a life of unlimited progress.

He taught us the things that were and are and a glimpse of the things to come. His fiery warnings of the judgment of this world make one feel as though there will be a very, very narrow chance for any life to survive such a destruction. He taught us that our foreparents were deceived and brought into America by a slave trader whose name was John Hawkins in the year of 1555.

Just what happened to our foreparents and us, their children, after landing here in the Western Hemisphere would make a dog weep and fight that her pups were treated in such manner as our forefathers an their children were treated.

Our first parents who were brought here, he said, were killed after giving birth to their first babies to prevent them from teaching their children anything of self or of their God and people.

This act of murdering our forefathers (by the slavemasters) left their children to be taught and reared in whatever pleased the slavemasters and we are from those children. That made us blind, deaf, and dumb to the knowledge of self or anyone else and it stands true today that the American so-called Negroes don’t know themselves or anyone else and the worst of all is that they don’t know that they don’t know themselves or others.

We can’t be considered a free people as long as we are in the White slavemasters’ names; this the White man never advised the so-called Negroes to do, but yet he claims that we are free. He also refused to teach us the truth of our kind, their civilization before bringing us into slavery.

The knowledge of Allah, the Supreme Being, the true religion (Islam) had never been taught us by anyone before the coming of Allah in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad.

The whole of the Western White civilization is opposed to Islam, the only true religion of God; therefore they (devils) don’t teach of Allah and Islam to us. He said Christianity was organized by the White race and they placed the name of Jesus on it as being the founder and author to deceive the Black people in to accepting it.

After our first parents landed here they saw that they had been deceived by the devil, John Hawkins. He brought them here on a ship named "Jesus".

This ship was on its way back for another load of our people. Our forefathers started at the old slave ship as it departed, and they begged to be carried back. But it was to no avail. And our forefathers said to the Whites: "You can have this new Western world, but give the ship "Jesus" back to our people and country." This has now become a song among our people which goes something like this: "You can have all the world but give me Jesus."

But our poor foreparents did not know at that time that it would be 400 years from that day before the real ship Jesus (God Himself) would come and get them and their children and cut loose every link of the slave chain that held them in bondage to their slavemasters. This would be done by giving us a true knowledge of self, God, and the devil. And 400 years of tears, weeping, mourning, and groaning under the yoke of bondage to the merciless murderers would be wiped away.

The slavemasters’ children are doing everything in their power to prevent the so-called Negroes from accepting their own God and salvation by putting on a great show of false love and friendship.

This is being done through integration as it is called; so-called Negroes and Whites mixing together in schools, churches, and even through intermarriage with the so-called Negroes. And because of this, the poor slaves (the so-called Negroes) really think that they are entering a condition of heaven. But it will prove to be their doom. Today, according to God’s Word, we are living in the time of a great separation between Black and White. The members of every nation must go to their own, and the American so-called Negroes are the most handicapped in the knowledge of just what they should expect at this time.