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Sharing light in the ‘Belly of the Beast’ in Michigan

By Michael 2X | Last updated: Aug 14, 2019 - 9:05:12 AM

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Muhammad Mosque No. 1 Prison Reform Ministry team toured the state of Michigan visiting prisons with Student National Prison Reform Minister Abdullah Muhammad. Muhammad Mosque No. 1 Prison Reform Ministry representatives, Brothers Karl X, Abdul Rahman Muhammad, Corey X and Student Minister Troy Muhammad helped facilitate a great weekend that brought inspiration and hope to numerous inmates throughout Michigan.

From Left: Student Minister Abdullah Muhammad, Brother Abdul Rahman Muhammad and Brother Leonard Omar Muhammad
Student Minister Abdullah Muhammad was received with great welcome amongst the inmates at Lakeland Correctional Facility and Kinross Correctional Facility. Lakeland Prison study group coordinator Jawan X Hayes was very excited and enthusiastic about their Saviours’ Day celebration, which he helped organize. He shared that he felt the words of Brother Abdul Rahman Muhammad and Student Minister Abdullah Muhammad was spirit-filled and with time for every inmate who was present.

After Lakeland facility it was off to the Kinross facility. The brothers felt great to have someone travel so far to see them.  The inmate group coordinator at Kinross Correctional facility Dyson X Slater said, “Minister Abdullah Muhammad’s Saviours’ Day 2019 message and presence made our job in this facility of mentally resurrecting our incarcerated brothers that much easier.”

He added, “After our Saviours’ Day celebration with Minister Abdullah our group attendance has risen exponentially.”

The following day the morning started off with a radio interview in Detroit on “The Final Call Hour” hosted by Student Minister Troy Muhammad.  Student Min. Troy Muhammad was also formerly incarcerated and attributes the Nation of Islam Prison Ministry for helping him transform his own life.

Student Minister Troy Muhammad

“I’m honored to host Minister Abdullah Muhammad on my show to talk about the work in prisons throughout America. I’m honored to bring to the airwaves the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad as taught by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan,” said Student Min. Troy Muhammad.

The call lines were flooded as many people called in to share support for Student Min. Abdullah Muhammad and the work of the Nation of Islam Prison Ministry. After the show Student Min. Abdullah Muhammad visited Muhammad Mosque No. 1 for a meeting with former inmates.  The discussion centered around creating programs to help the inmate population as well as their families. 

After productive discussions the brothers hosted Student Min. Abdullah Muhammad and his assistant Brother Leonard Omar for dinner. Great brotherhood and friendship was displayed. Many walking past commented on how great the brothers looked and how joyous the group appeared.

In another part of the state, Jackson Prison was being touched by the Nation of Islam Prison Reform Ministry as well. Student Ministers Marcus Muhammad, Victor Muhammad and Sultan Muhammad all attended the inmate Saviours Day celebration, delivering a valuable word from Min. Farrakhan. Men were definitely being freed mentally and spiritually in Michigan prisons during the weekend.

Brother Karl X stated, “Being a former inmate it felt great to be a part of this historic weekend. The message delivered by Minister Abdullah Muhammad was received and I’m sure will transform many lives. I just want the Brothers to know that we, the Nation of Islam love them and will work hard to show our love.”

Brother Corey X who also aided in facilitating the week of work said, “For me it was a privilege to help Minister Abdullah help the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. This teaching saved me, and I want to get it to others.”

On the outside Student Minister Troy Muhammad spoke at an event titled “Faith, Family and Friends”, that was centered around welcoming home those who have been incarcerated. Maurice Munson was one of the men being welcomed home after 27 years. He thanked Student Minister Troy Muhammad for his words and work. He also felt blessed to be able to shake the hand of Student Minister Abdullah Muhammad who inspired him while he was in prison.

The ministry visited Chippewa, Newberry and Macomb facilities next. At each facility Student Minister Abdullah Muhammad was well received and very much appreciated. Additional applause must be given to these brothers who traveled through some very harsh weather conditions, going to a couple prisons that have never seen outside representation from the ministry.

Brother Abdul Rahman Muhammad visits prisons on behalf of Muhammad Mosque No. 1 and said he was happy to bring the message to these brothers; the message that each brother is valuable and that “the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan loves them.”

Overall it was a fantastic week of work for the Nation of Islam Prison Ministry of Michigan’s Muhammad Mosque No. 1. Minister Abdullah Muhammad and the Prison Ministry of Michigan visited eight prisons, inspiring those incarcerated in the way of change.

They were also able to do some proactive work in the community. To all of the above, Student Minister Abdullah and his staff in Michigan says, “All praise is due to Allah!”