The Twitter War Against Farrakhan—and Truth

By Richard B. Muhammad, Editor | Last updated: Jan 22, 2020 - 10:47:51 AM

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It was not surprising but it was disturbing to find the Twitter account of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam removed from the platform.

Twitter already had the dubious distinction of banning the Minister in July 2019. The ban drew thousands of complaints and resulted in timelines being flooded with the truth about a man who has spent over 60 years of his life devoted to freedom, justice and equality.

The “mistake,” as Twitter called it was somewhat rectified Jan. 18 when the account, still under suspension, was brought back.

We are in a time of war between truth and falsehood and darkness and light. And, the first casualty in war is truth as enemies line up against one another. So the enemy continues to spread the lie that the Minister is an anti-Semite, while in the last 44 years of his teaching not one Jewish person has found themselves hurt or threatened, their businesses boycotted, their synagogues desecrated or their rights violated by a member of the Nation of Islam.

That’s a fact.


While the evil ones twist and present a false interpretation of what this gifted spiritual leader has stood for and taught, they can present no facts to justify their assaults against him.

It is the ability of Zionists and Whites, who hate him, to exert power over platforms they control and use disinformation to color a man who has devoted his life to truth and who has never been arrested for as little as spitting on a sidewalk.

If a man teaches hate, it stands to reason that there would be some practice of what he teaches.

Yet, no hateful acts by followers of Min. Farrakhan in 44 years and in his 65 years of ministry.

While Whites in a country where White supremacy and the oppression and subjection of Black people is endemic hate him, Black America loves Min. Farrakhan. They see a man who is bold, fearless, compassionate, insightful, gracious, charitable, fair and committed.

He convened one of the largest public gatherings in the history of America, the 1995 Million Man March. He can draw thousands to speeches and appearances. He has taught generations of Black people from college students and almost every Black professional or fraternal group to community activists, street organization members, entertainers, athletes, politicians, pastors and religious leaders, inmates and Black leaders and Black people around the world.

Why don’t we hate Min. Farrakhan?

We see him as he is, coming out of a tradition of truth telling and a God-centered effort that seeks to unite our community, and, in truth, a man with a love of humanity who refuses to abandon his own suffering people.

If social media is to help people understand one another and if it’s proper use to impart information, it is a place and a space where Min. Farrakhan’s presence should be applauded and desired.

What better space for debate and correction than the public square—if you have truth that can defeat his arguments? It has been said that the best way to dispel evil is to inject sunlight, so if your charges of evil were true (and they are not), the best thing is to expose Farrakhan. Your problem is you fear exposure to Farrakhan. The enemy fears a message he cannot defeat and a man he has been unable to stop. Despite congressional repudiation, despite a literal three-year-old daily anti-Farrakhan deluge in the media, despite the power of Jewish enemies, the fear of socially and politically acceptable Negroes, a 40-year-old campaign of intimidation aimed at anyone who would help the Minister or the Nation of Islam, we are still here.

Under his leadership, we are still working to uplift the most abused, the most forgotten, the most exploited, the most debased and the most targeted people in America—Black people.

You hate him because he loves us.

You hate him because he dares to embrace us with all our faults and tries to make us better.

If he is successful, you can no longer use us as tools and slaves. You would no longer be able to delight in our misery as you exploit and humiliate us.


He helps us see you as the enemy that you are. We understand your anger and rabid hatred because we know you. You are Satan himself and his imps. You hate the man and the mission of God to raise us, the despised and rejected, inside the house where we were once slaves. But, you can’t stop our rise. It’s prophesized that we will rise and the word and will of God will accomplish its purpose. We fit the biblical prophecy of the children of Abraham, who suffered in a strange land, under a strange people for 400 years until the coming of God Himself. We are that people and we are living in that time.

On your anti-social media we can tune in to gossip, violence, sexual acts, acts of personal perversion and enjoy license to consume all the evil you can offer. But none of that will uplift us, none of that will make us better and none of that will free us from your physical clutches and mental and spiritual enslavement.

Was there ever a slavemaster who thought a liberator was a good man or a good woman?


Should we fear you? Emphatically not. “Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, But those who deal faithfully are His delight.” Proverbs 12:22

We are assured victory and will fight for his right to spread truth on every platform. But we will press ahead with this platform that the Minister founded, The Final Call newspaper and our digital outlets, some 40 years ago. Nothing will stop him, and by God’s grace, nothing will stop us.