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Statement from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan regarding his trip to Iran and message to Iran and America

By The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan | Last updated: Nov 14, 2018 - 9:16:41 AM

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[Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, a U.S.-based religious movement, recently traveled to Iran and spoke to Iranian students and others. Below is a statement he issued regarding that trip and correcting false and inflammatory media reports.]

TEHRAN, Iran - I am not and have never been an enemy to America, nor the people of America. However, I love America enough to speak unpleasant truths that are in the best interests of an erring nation that perhaps she may change her conduct and course. I have an abiding love for the right to free speech, the right to a free press and the right every human being has to hear the truth. It is only truth spoken in season that can bring us what we desire of freedom, justice, equality and, ultimately, peace.

I was invited to Tehran University to speak to students and engage in a dialogue with Iranian students. I was also invited to meet with other members of Iranian society for discussions about their concerns for their nation and concerns about world affairs, in particular the sanctions placed on Iran by President Donald Trump and his advisors.

I never led a chant that called for the death of America or Israel, contrary to misreporting in U.S., British and Jewish publications and the intentional, malicious and false reinterpretation of my words. There is nothing more important than truth today. The truth of anyone and anything is enough to condemn any individual or institution. But to make media mischief by altering my words from their places is a betrayal of the right to free speech, the blessing of a free press and a violation of the people’s right to know. It is wrong and shameful that journalists and news organizations that should seek the truth would traffic in such lies.

I never led a chant calling for death to America. To say otherwise is a blatant falsehood and an attempt to paint me as an enemy in a very dangerous time as tension rises between America and Iran and nations around the earth reject unjust sanctions and heavy-handed U.S. foreign policy. I asked a question about how to pronounce the chant in Farsi during my meeting with Iranian students and an examination of the video shows just that. My point was to engage students in a talk about what gives a nation perpetuity versus that which undermines and destroys a nation. Evil, falsehood and violation of divine law doom nations to destruction, and the holy books of the world’s three greatest monotheistic religions warn us of such. So if Iran is moving as a nation to obey God’s law, to respect and educate women and to pursue righteousness, she is on a right course. And, if America has violated the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the indigenous people and destroyed them, and if she has done the same for the Black and the Poor, America has not only violated Constitutional principles, she has disobeyed divine law and stands to be judged by God for her wrongdoing. And, American democracy, unfortunately, has always leaned toward and protected the interests of the White, the Rich and the Powerful.

So to stand with Iran against unjust sanctions and mass punishment is to stand in the proper place. To warn America that these sanctions—which have been rejected by the European Union, France, Britain, Germany, Russia, China and other countries—are wrong is to stand in the proper place. I am trying to help America face the error of her ways and see the enmity she is sparking across the globe alongside a growing loss of friendship. This is not good for America, nor the world and only marches us steadily to acrimony, conflict and the final war of Armageddon spoken of in the bible. America can no longer act unilaterally in the world and be successful. Success can only come from righting old wrongs and purposing just and progressive policies.

Some 40 years ago, Iranian students threw off the yoke of American domination through the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, a brutal dictator and tool of U.S. foreign policy. While the Iranians have problems to solve, as do every nation and people on earth, they are a proud and independent people. They do not wish to be under the thumb of America again. As I said several times in Tehran, the U.S. sanctions are a mistake. And, while dialogue should be a good thing, the U.S. has a history of lying and breaking her commitments. To survive, America must turn away from yesterday’s policies, go forward in a new spirit and seek a new direction.

America will never be undone by the angry chants of Iranians, or others who suffer under U.S. foreign policy. No foreign enemy will destroy America, but she faces divine judgment from God Himself. She faces an internal rot with her huge fiscal deficits, her fractured political system, her ugly political and public discourse, her frayed social networks, her rejection of spiritual values and a penchant for violence and mass shootings. She is a troubled nation. Her leadership is spiritually blind to the hour at hand and it appears as though they have the hearts of beasts.

 Despite U.S. efforts to foment disunity and rebellion inside of Iran, the Iranian people may not be as gullible as America believes. Iranians have the right to resolve their own problems without outside interference, just as the U.S. has claimed its right to conduct elections free of Russian influence. Self-determination is a right of every nation.

The Muslim World needs unity and must find the path to reconciliation despite efforts to pit Muslims against one another. Satan seeks to divide Muslims and wants them to kill each other, while Allah God tells us in the Quran to be united.

It is also shameful that my visit to Iran was used by political hucksters and cynics to try to affect the recent political elections in the United States. The demonization of Louis Farrakhan will not solve serious U.S. problems and will not heal serious political and social divisions. So despite Donald Trump Jr.’s call for Democrats to disavow me and unjust criticism of me from some Democrats who reject me based on lies and political expediency, America needs a clear warner, who will speak the truth without compromise and without fearing the censure of any censurer. I am neither Right, Left nor Center. I stand on the side of Truth and wherever the Truth may be found. No political party or political leader has an exclusive lock on the Truth. They should stand for Truth whatever the Truth brings. Standing on truth is what will bring America perpetuity and if she refuses to change, she is destined for days of suffering and sorrow.

When God raises a Warner in a powerful nation, it is a blessing and a mercy. But rarely do the powerful rulers of such nations see the Warner or the Warning as valuable until it is too late. May Allah bless the powerful ones in America and those who control America to heed this warning. Medicine often has a slightly bitter taste but when taken in the proper dosage medicine can bring about a healing. The United States, a sin-sick nation, needs a healing and Allah God is offering a healing today provided that His guidance is followed and his Warner is heard.

The choice, however, remains with the American people and those who are in leadership. May Allah God bless this people and nation to make the proper choice.