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Who will survive the war of Armageddon?

By Ashahed M Muhammad -Asst. Editor- | Last updated: Mar 10, 2010 - 3:33:12 PM

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Min. Farrakhan warns America's time is up, forecasts increased divine chastisement

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan speaks March 7 at Mosque Maryam in Chicago. Photo: Michael Muhammad
CHICAGO | Mosque Maryam ( - “America does not have a future, and you have no future in her. I want you to hear me today because I can't hold back. I can't sweeten up the truth for weak hearted people. I have to tell it regardless of the consequences,” the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan boldly declared to thousands who watched from the grounds of the National Center of the Nation of Islam and thousands of others who watched his address via webcast in homes and venues across the country and globe.

Excitement filled the air March 7 inside Mosque Maryam, which was filled with a standing room only crowd on both sides of the sanctuary. Overflow crowds watched via closed circuit television at Muhammad University of Islam next door.

“America is to be taken and destroyed by God. She is offered a window to get out of it, but she is arrogant and proud. She thinks that her power can protect her against the power of the Son of Man,” said the Minister.

In his address, Min. Farrakhan again asserted the prophetic figure known as the Messiah in Christian theology and the Great Mahdi in Islamic religious thought were no longer to be expected but were in the world.

The Mahdi, Master Fard Muhammad, made his appearance in North America in 1930, and raised the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the Christ, the first begotten of the spiritually and mentally dead so-called Negroes of North America, he said.

This powerful human being is referred to as the Son of Man in the Bible, the Minister explained.

Lines stretched down the block as guests waited for the doors to open at Mosque Maryam to hear the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Photo: Timothy 6X
Dressed in an ivory-colored ankle length bejeweled garment and matching fez, Min. Farrakhan wasted no time, picking up where he left off a week earlier in his Saviours' Day 2010 message at the United Center in Chicago.

The Minister described the awesome reach of the world's only remaining superpower. America sends ideas and thoughts throughout the Earth, in addition to military weapons and personnel across the globe, he said.

America's dominant culture—fraught with decadence, violence and materialism in which evil has been made fair-seeming—is diametrically opposed to the establishment of the Kingdom of God, Min. Farrakhan said.

“Regardless to what you learn in church, in the mosque, in the synagogue, in the temples and in the cathedrals, it's not what you are being taught; it's the actions that we participate in after being taught and these actions are made fair seeming,” said Min. Farrakhan.

“Those of White skin, I am not your enemy. And you may not have anything to do with what your ancestors have done, nevertheless, it is Europe and America that have colonized and enslaved the entire planet.

“It is not that slavery did not exist before White people, and it is not that evil did not exist, but (your) governments—systems of evil—and an education that supports White supremacy makes White people sick and Black people sicker. All of this has to be done away with that we can fulfill our destiny and become human beings and reflections of the divine being.”

Throughout his message, Min. Farrakhan delivered deeper meanings to prophetic words that many in the audience had read their entire lives.

As he spoke, it became clear that whether it was the Old Testament, New Testament or Holy Qur'an, those mentioned in the books pre-figured and pointed to the appearance of Master Fard Muhammad, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and himself.

We are living in the fulfillment of all of the revealed books of scripture, he said.

The Minister also delivered more details about Master Fard Muhammad to the crowd, many of whom were sitting on the edges of their seats.

Master Fard Muhammad taught Charles Taze Russell and Joseph F. Rutherford, the early founders of what would later become the worldwide religious organization the Jehovah's Witnesses, said Min. Farrakhan.He also spoke of Master Fard Muhammad's father, who purified a woman from the Caucasus Mountains, and simultaneously decoded the meaning of the Book of Revelation 12:1 which reads: “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.”

“Clothed in the sun means that she was wrapped in the light of God and was pregnant with a child. Standing on the moon means that she was in fulfillment of what all the prophets have spoken, and the twelve stars represent the twelve major scientists who approved of this relationship that would bring the Son of Man into existence,” Min. Farrakhan said.

“You are reading the Bible looking backward, when what you are reading—75 percent is about a future man,” said Min. Farrakhan. “You would be living in the fulfillment of it and never see it because Satan has blinded your eyes because Jesus is to end his world.”

“Why did God come?” The Minister asked rhetorically. “He did not come to integrate you into your enemy. He came to destroy the enemy, and to separate you from the enemy and to make a great nation out of you.”

God came and empowered the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and has empowered me as well, Minister Farrakhan said.

The Wheel: Fulfillment of Ezekiel's vision

Referring to words in the Book of Ezekiel, Min. Farrakhan spoke of The Wheel—a dreadful looking object in the sky, a human-built planet a half-mile by a half-mile and on it are 1,500 destructive bombing planes. The Wheel has a dual mission, one, to destroy this world, and another to provide that which is needed to raise a new civilization. Launched in 1929, what this world calls a UFO travels at terrific speeds and is described in scriptures as “a cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night.”

“It's a weapon, but also on it is healing for the condition of our planet and its people. It's a weapon that all of the technology of the Western White world can't fathom,” he said.

The Minister forthrightly discussed his direct connection to The Wheel, retelling his 1985 vision experience aboard the Wheel and how some of the 1,500 Baby Planes from the great Wheel have followed him at times—one sighting of the Baby Planes was reported in the Arizona Republic newspaper.

At one point, he called his son, Mustapha Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam's Supreme Captain, and Leonard F. Muhammad, his chief of staff to bear witness to the reality of the existence of The Wheel and the smaller planes. The craft follow him and at various times during his spiritual journey have sent messages about danger, he said.

Though enemies and the media slander him, the Minister noted they have never called him a liar. He pledged to speak candidly about The Wheel and the judgment facing America, the power executing that judgment—and his place as a divinely backed servant of a divine man.

In a personal reflection, the Minister spoke of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad giving him the subject “On This Man Have I Laid the Key.” Min. Farrakhan represented the Hon. Elijah Muhammad on the national radio program for six years. After trying to speak on the subject three weeks in a row, and still not quite getting it over in the way the Hon. Elijah Muhammad wanted him to, the Minister said his teacher told him to go on to the next subject.

After Mosque Maryam filled to capacity an overflow crowd packed the gymnasium at Muhammad University of Islam next door. Photo: Timothy 6X
Minister Farrakhan's humility prevented him from seeing what his teacher was trying to show him regarding his value and importance to the teacher's mission, and place in scripture as a servant of God at the judgment of the world.

“He was telling me who I was and who I was to become!” Minister Farrakhan said. It was also this spiritual awareness and unswerving devotion to his teacher that made him the right man for the current time.

Speaking of the identity of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Min. Farrakhan stated solidly and with authority, “I don't represent a dead man. I speak like this because it is time now. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has been preparing me for a long time now.”

The patriarch of the Nation of Islam is the Jesus figure prophesized in scripture and has been empowered by God Himself to destroy America, Min. Farrakhan declared. God won't destroy America for her wickedness himself, but has raised one from among those America has destroyed to bring down the most powerful nation on earth, the Minister said.

Speaking on the so-called Jewish controversy

Predictably, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and the American Jewish Congress revived their hollow and specious claims of anti-Semitism against the Minister following his Saviours' Day 2010 address. Sharply worded press releases from both organizations followed Min. Farrakhan's Feb. 28 speech at the United Center.

Min. Farrakhan, said he would deal with his controversy with some segments of the Jewish population in his upcoming message on March 14, but told the audience his followers have no history of harming Jews, defacing synagogues or advocating boycotts of Jewish businesses. In fact, it was the Jewish Defense League and the Jewish Defense Organization who famously called for Minister Farrakhan's death and never has been the other way around.

In the Holy Qur'an, all believers in God are promised rewards from their lord, the Minister continued. The problem is not with those who follow the law of Moses but those who say they are Jews and are involved in unrighteous behavior, said Min. Farrakhan.

He also said President Barack Obama is being pushed toward striking Iran by advisors who “want to put a Black face on slaughter” as was the case when then Secretary of State Colin Powell was pushed out front by the Bush administration to make the case for the War in Iraq.

“I'm not moved because we have a Black president,” Minister Farrakhan continued. “Black people are suffering worse now than before. I'm happy for my brother, but I also know there is very little he can do to change Black suffering in America. That is something that we have to do.”

Leonard F. Muhammad told The Final Call it was a great honor to attest to the honesty and character of The Minister, and that many times, during the travels with Min. Farrakhan, the significance and the enormity of the event is not fully realized until a time such as today.

“It's an honor to have an opportunity to bear witness to some of the history of the Minister's work and his assignment from the Hon. Elijah Muhammad,” said Leonard F. Muhammad. “He has brought us to where we are today and none of us should doubt him because his record with us is the best record we can imagine. So if he's brought us this far, with the record he has with us and the truth that he has spoken that we all bear witness to, then we should be willing now to bear witness to what he tells us the future holds for us all,” he added.

M. Hameedullah Khan, editor of The Unity Times, the most widely circulated Pakistani newspaper printed in Urdu and English could barely contain his excitement as he spoke to The Final Call regarding Min. Farrakhan's message. “Very marvelous! I know that he's a very good orator and speaker! He speaks from his heart, he's a great leader and I believe Inshallah (God willing), he will have a long life to serve the community,” said Mr. Khan.

Carlos Muhammad, student minister at Muhammad Mosque No. 6 in Baltimore, traveled to Chicago to hear from the Minister firsthand. He was still trying to “digest what happened last week” with “more added to our plate today.”

“The expression that he gave last Sunday and the continuation of it this Sunday proves that the time is now (for) the whole world to know that God has come and raised up a Messenger-Messiah and that the Black man and woman will become the new world leaders in the very near future. The Minister has laid that out and we're going to continue Inshallah (God willing) next Sunday with this. I'm just enjoying myself.”

A capacity crowd filled the sanctuary of Muhammad Mosque No. 45 in Houston, Texas to watch Min. Farrakhan's message.

Milele Mawausi, an 8th grade school teacher who watched the webcast in Houston at Mosque No. 45, said Min. Farrakhan's words rang true. “His statement about us graduating from the school of functional illiterates is sad but true. These children are products of their environment. Min. Farrakhan is not holding back and I can tell by his tone that this is a serious time. Everyone who has access to his messages needs to take it out to everyone who does not. Today we will either sink or swim.”

(Jesse Muhammad and Andrea Muhammad contributed to this report.)