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Jr. FOI in historic Ramadan Quranic Recitation competition in New York

By Daleel Jabir Muhammad | Last updated: Jun 5, 2018 - 8:26:35 PM

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Jr. FOI of Mosque No. 7 came out to support their brothers in the Quranic competition. Back row (l-r): Bro. Sadat, 16; Bro. Storm, 14; Bro. Yusef, 16 and Bro. Khalil 15. Front row (l-r): Bro. Aameer, 15; Bro. Shahid 14; Bro. Joshua, 15; Bro. Elijah Shabazz Bah, Arabic instructor at Mosque No. 7 and Shakh Rasheed who served as host at the competition.

NEW YORK—Masjid Khalifah in Brooklyn, New York held its 20th Annual Ramadan Quranic Recitation Competition on the 11th day of Ramadan May 26. It was open to all Muslim participants from various Muslim communities. 

Resident Imam Adib opened up with a brief welcome and a dua (short prayer) for all that gathered. The Mumin (Believers) participated in various categories based on age: 12 years old and under, 13 to 16 and 17 to 21 with an open category for adults over 21 years old.  Two Jr. FOI from the historic Harlem Muhammad Mosque No.7 competed in the event which is the first time various Black Muslim communities from Masjid Taqwa, Masjid Muhsi Khalifah, Muhammad Mosque No. 7 and many Sunni participants from Pakistan, Guinea, India, Kenya and other West African countries came together to vie one with another in righteous competition reciting the Muslim Holy book in Arabic. 

Left to right: Bro. Joshua Muhammad, Bro. Elijah Shabazz ah; Arabic instuctor at Mosque No. 7 and Bro. Aameer Muhammad. Bro. Joshua and Bro. Aameer competed in this year’s Ramadan Quranic Recitation Competition.

Students from Muhammad University of Islam and Mother Clara Muhammad Schools were in attendance and were reciters of the Glorious Holy Qur’an.  Jr. FOI competitors in the 16 and under group included Joshua Muhammad and Aameer Muhammad who are students of Mosque No. 7 Arabic Instructor Elijah Shabazz Bah. They did very well and were supported by members in the audience from their drill team, FOI, MGT, parents and teachers.  

The event had five judges who judged the participants in five categories which included Tawheed, Qiraat, Presentation, Pronunciation and Dress code.  Maajeida Abdus Salaam, mother of Tawfiq Shareef Bah who competed in the 12 and under said  “we need to herald our young Muslims who competed and are keeping the tradition going.  I think next year’s competition will be even bigger and better with the youth.” 

She went on to say, “I was proud to see all of these demographics being represented today and I hope each group connects more with each other and benefit from each other.”  Sister Bahidah, the secretary of Masjid Khalifah shared that “the Ramadan Quranic recitation was held in the Honorable Elijah Muhammad Enlightenment Cultural Center” in honor and respect to the eternal leader of the Nation of Islam.

Organizers and competitors for the 20th Annual Ramadan Quranic Recitation Competition in New York. Photos: Daleel Jabir Muhammad