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Nation of Islam opens Delaware Valley study group

By Michael Z. Muhammad -Contributing Writer- | Last updated: May 8, 2018 - 1:01:43 PM

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COATESVILLE, Penn.–The last Sunday in April marked the reemergence of the Coatesville Study Group through the efforts of Student Coordinator  Lyle C. Muhammad.

Coatesville is nestled in lily-White Chester County, 39 miles west of Philadelphia. It is anomaly as the only majority Black city in the county and was a stop on the famed Underground Railroad. Blacks escaping slavery got off in Coatesville on the way further north to escape bondage.


The inaugural meeting was held at the CYWA Community Center and, hosted by Delaware Valley Student Regional Minister Rodney Muhammad of Mosque No. 12 whose subject was “The Attack on Black Youth.” The well-attended event was full of youth, who hung on the words of the articulate Muslim minister. Student Minister Rodney Muhammad laid a foundation grounded in Bible scripture which made Exodus come alive. “Pharaoh planned to murder Black boys,” he thundered. “The story has perfect congruence with us.” Student Minister Rodney Muhammad educated the youth present on the real meaning of manhood, accepting responsibility and social training, saying they had been taught to devalue themselves.

“You have been given a definition of manhood which emphasizes physicality, bravado, and crudeness,” he said. “You are institutionalized in hell, and it is time for a jailbreak.”

Coatesville native Niron told The Final Call he came out to support the Black community. The Nation of Islam student minister taught him a lot that he didn’t know. “He changed my mind about a lot of things, and I see the world much differently,” said the young Black man.

Student Coordinator Lyle Muhammad told The Final Call the purpose of the meeting was to resume Nation of Islam classes. “I don’t say this is a rebuilding effort or restarting effort, this is a resuming of the classes … class is back in session, and Brother Minister Rodney got us started,” he said.